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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

business hours

too busy today. too, too busy.

Randoms on order for mental stir-fry later today (hopefully) ~

  1. 2007 Women's Racing in review ... from Cherry Pie to BermudaPrix, i wanna spread some flattering lies and misrememberations about who did what and which punches were thrown and ducked.

    and then i want to do a pre-view of the 2008 season ... BUT, most of the teams haven't been officially roster-launched ... so, i kind of have to wait and see on that score.

    TIBCO's fancy new squadra has been announced ... and it is impressive ... but, i didn't have an 'official' inside scoop on that breaking story ... i guess my sources only go so far.

    anyway ... that's on le menu.

  2. Sheila Moon SuperSale ... There's a Dec 8th warehouse sale of Moonies

    daddy want.

    778A Brannan Street, SF 94106. 11am to 4pm.

  3. Cross Nationals ... this is going to be one crazy-ass year for cross natz.

    wish i could go sooooo bad.

    not to race ... just to report on (create) the hooliganism.

  4. NPR DemPres debate yesterday

    got 10 loads of commentary on that action.

more later.
gotta pay back the man now.


Velo Bella said...

are you wearing your bizness socks?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's why they call them bizness socks