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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

writings resume after playings



Bored at work said...

nice to have you back OV!

mor.ganj said...

Tell me a story, please.

Janelle said...

Mike -

Sorry to be off-topic (cycling that is), but we are trying really hard to get the word out about beach cleanups and trainings. Could you please post this link: - this is the SF Baykeeper blog, and peeps can sign up to receive information about the oil spill. For those keeping track: Number of birds received at OWCN facilities: 774 live, 587 dead as at 3:40 pm Tuesday. Thanks so much -Janelle

Nome Agusta said...

Another reason why this country needs to put an end to its oil addiction.

No oil in, and no oil would be spilled.


Anonymous said...

The cargo ship spilled fuel oil (i.e. the stuff that the ships engines operate with), not raw crude oil. We are not talking the Exxon Valdez here.

Anonymous said...

I heard it was cooking oil from the ships kitchen area, you idiot.

Nome Agusta said...

What was spilled in the Middle East?