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Friday, November 02, 2007

up! you roady scum ... prepare thyselves, for it comes

from the Purnell,

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to pass on information for the Pro Ladies portion of the 2008 Sequoia Cycling Classic. They have put in for NRC for the ladies with the following:

Time Trial: 40k
Purse: $10,000
Same course as last year, just takes you a little further into the valley before the turnaround

Crit: 90 minutes
Purse: $10,000
Faster course; same one just changed the backside of the course

Free Pro ladies dinner on Friday evening with VIP's.

Live web broadcast with ISBN sports (same company as Manhattan Beach)

$20,000 for two garden....Dave Towle....Sportsbase online....Ladies as the Main Event!!

Sheri Clark is the race director; Ran by a lady for the ladies....

so write it down, 3rd week of March....

oh yeah. i'm so there.

So, if Merco doesn't go NRC this year ... you know, we'll still have a lot of big teams in CA looking for great racing. I wonder if Merco would be interested in being part of a NorCal Series. I'm thinking a non-NRC, all NCNCA spring link-up of races - wonder if a title sponsor would bite on that idea? Merco, CVC, then maybe even culminate with the Sequoia Classic? (dual podium, NRC then series finale?)

that's be cool.


JonE(ropkin) rumbled up another sponsor for our VOS Racing Team. Jon and I approached Martin Wolff (head of VOS) about the possibility of grabbing a couple of young riders and encorporating them into our racing team.

Martin said "run with it" and we did. JonE secured a Fresno homebuilder, Zane Hammond Construction Inc., as the sponsor for the two young riders we'll add to the team.

We're in talks with the young riders right now to try and swing them over to our side, but nothing has been finalized yet. That said, if you're a p1/2 rider age 18-25 and would like to shoot me a note of interest in joining the VOS Racing Team, please email to pedalhome(at)

We're trying a slightly different approach with our young riders. They're going to join VOS as full-fledge racers for our Elite events. With Dan Martin, we have the returning Elite champ at Cat's Hill. So you can imagine how we're rather motivated to show respect to that race and defend full nails. Hopefully this year they'll be at least 2 women's categories there;)

VOS's core group of riders is based down in the Monterey Bay area. They are a classy, hot-diggity crew of riders that I have a TON of respect for. You ride once with a guy like Scott Hennesy (or Wolff, or Gile, or Gordon, or franZ, or ....) and you'll know that these fellas can pedal bikes like nobody's bidness and there is shit to be learned.

Our new two riders will have all of these guys as resources, as well as knitting into one of the strongest teams in California. The 45VOS crew are going to stride equal with the new MorganSpinely uber-squad. We'll do our usual damage in the 35s (but mostly crits for me), and swing big in elite road races and crits.

i can't bloody wait.


fuji rider said...


Merco, CVC, and Sequoia are going to have a Hwy 99 Series of the three races. More info to follow December 1. $2500 purse for the top three of the series on top of the usual race earnings....

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

show off

Anonymous said...

Already prepared. Why don't you scumeth over the Madonnas and do battle with us. As a last hurrah, wear your un-safeway garb. If you are not fully healed then send one of those new P12 cohorts of yours.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

is there racing past the Madonna?

other than cross or maybe a wee bit of trackyness.

Can anyone confirm the ENCINO Velodrome 400lap race in early december?

i mean ... if they're having one ...

Hooptie said...

It's going to take more than a few young riders to defend Dans Cat's Hill title...muhahahah.

The Encino 100k Points race is so on. Better start doubling up at the cross races to hone your long game.

Emily said...

Your young rider plan is RAD.

I can't wait for the VOS battles to begin next season. Makes for great cycling entertainment.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hooptie, count me in. my plate comes out monday and i should be healed from surgery and ready for a nice long track sufferfest.

emily - it's gonna be huge fun!

dr-nitro said...

Seeking to corrupt the young minds of the peleton with your whiley ways, aye Father Olaf?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

it's count olaf

dr-nitro said...

Mentors. Young impressionable boys. Father Olaf.

That, or you could be a blood sucker, too. You choose. Come to think about it, a masters team on the recruit for young'ns. Something cult-like to that. And hey, didn't Lost Boys take place in Santa Cruz? I can see it now, the young recruits being taken on a night training ride, and lured into some dark cave. I think my mind has been corrupted with this whole Halloween thing.

jAndy donka-donk said...

sometimes you wish you were old enough.... I mean young enough....

or a lil of both.....

31 blows, not old enough to be old, not young enough to be young. You start showing wrinkles and hair loss, but still get carded if you shave.....

WarrenG said...

The Inferno at Encino...

Qualifying heats because ONLY 50 riders make it to the final-should be fun on a 250m track. 5 riders on the back will be pulled every 50 laps. 400 laps to fortune and glory. Feeding will be allowed.

"It's just so crazy, it just might work."

Anonymous said...

Aren't you new to VOS for next year?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Norcal Master's racing's gonna miss that hard hittin', pipe swinging style of the SAFEWAY Black Attack of the last three years. But, next year should be full of all new tactics from a host of changing teams. Good luck VOS and all.

ddt said...

Ah, Encino! Earned my first win there, love the steep, cracked concrete, the tiny frogs that's hop onto the tarmac on cold nights, the softball field next to it, the roar of the nearby Ventura freeway. Grew up within model rocket distance of that place.

By the way, that's the REAL "Valley". None of this Silicon or Central pretenders.

Rock on, all you century racers. Remember the chamois cream.

Anonymous said...

VO5 has the best hair spray in the world. And the best for the NorCal masters with no hair.

Anonymous said...

With three of the four best 45 VOS guys heading over to Webcor, and an already beefy MS squad getting a Spinal injection of Uberoids, Vo5 taint going nowhere's but down.