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Friday, November 02, 2007

turning Friday PR around

PROMAN Racing Team - UCI(press releasey type thing)

PROMAN is proud to announce their 2007/2008 UCI Track Team. The roster is headed by current National Scratch Race Champion, David McCook. McCook leaves Kelly Benefit Strategies to join the PROMAN UCI Racing Team. He has been racing on the professional circuit since 1993 and consistently been one of the most dominant field sprinters in the U.S.

2007 breakout rider Shelley Olds recently achieved 2 podium spots at the U.S Track Nationals, including bronze in the team pursuit and fifth in the Points Race. She was awarded Fixed Gear Fever's "Most Exciting Rider to Watch." Shelley is one of the founding members of the PROMAN Women's Team and has gone from a beginner road racer to a World Cup competitor in less than three years. Shelley intends to focus on track racing in pursuit of her Olympic dream.

Shelley will be joined by time trial and Track endurance specialist, Kele Murdin (Ultralink). At this year's Track National's, Kele joined Olds and Heather Albert to score a bronze medal in the Team Pursuit. Murdin also nabbed a stellar 5th place in the Individual Pursuit. Murdin's focus will be the Pursuit and she will also compete in Points and Scratch races. Kele recently attended a training camp in Burnaby, British Columbia as part of her preparation for the Sydney World Cup.

Roman Kilun (Healthnet) will primarily focus on individual pursuit but will also compete in both the Points and Scratch Races. New to track racing, Roman posted a silver medal in the Team Pursuit with the composite team of McCook, Jacques-Maynes (Bissel Pro Cycling) & Jamiel Danesh (Kodak/SierraNevada). Kilun was also ninth in the Individual Pursuit.

Both McCook and Murdin have been National Team Members and McCook is a natural at coaching, working closely with Roman and Shelley in their World Cup preparations.

"I am extremely happy to be racing for PROMAN and to have the opportunity to compete in World Cup events. I'm really enjoying preparing my teammates for international racing." ~Dave McCook
David McCook is also looking at opportunities for riding on a road cycling team for the 2008 season.

Nicola Cranmer, founder/manager of the PROMAN Racing Team, will oversee logistics and travel with the team to World Cup events. Cranmer anticipates gaining valuable experience in 2008, helping her secure longevity for the PROMAN Racing Team.

"It is exciting to see fixed gear riding as a rapidly growing segment of the bike industry. At the team's local velodrome (Hellyer), we have seen a significant increase in participation for beginner classes, clinics, and races. Many road specific athletes are realizing the value of training on the track and how it can compliment their road racing. Track training is great for power and bike handling skills. As a beginner, track racing is a relatively inexpensive sport to participate in as most velodromes rent bikes and offer clinics." ~ Nicola Cranmer
Cranmer was introduced to track racing by her teammate and multiple-California State Champion, Lorraine Jarvis. Jarvis will also lead the Masters Division of the PROMAN Women's Team. The Master's Division plans to compete at US National's and World's in 2008. Lorraine will be joined by PROMAN riders Emily Zell, Tracey Ford, Kelly Barthlomew, Helene Drumm, and Nicola Cranmer.

Training camps will be held both at Hellyer Velodrome, San Jose, CA and the Home Depot Velodrome, Carson, CA.

PROMAN Racing Team is looking forward to gaining international exposure for its sponsors. Race clothing by Voler and casual clothing by Capo Forma. The team is finalizing equipment sponsors.

David McCook (USA)
Shelley Olds (USA)
Roman Kilun (USA)
Kele Murdin (USA)

Team manager - Nicola Cranmer (GBR)

Nicola Cranmer - Manager
PROMAN Professional Track Team - UCI
PROMAN Women's Cycling Team


WarrenG said...

FYI, as a UCI pro track team the riders can attend the World Cup races even if they are not selected to do so by USACycling.

PROMANgirl said...

thats why we formed the team. Even if make the talent pool selection, chances are you will only attend 1 world cup race, this way they compete in all four

Robin Horwitz said...

This is great. The only thing I'm wondering about is the only one endurance spot available to each team. How does this work out with the roster?

Brian Peterson said...

Awesome! Sounds like a great roster.

I think track cycling in the bay area is going to have an incredible 2008 season.

Anonymous said...

Roman will focus on pursuit at world cups, McCook points and scratch.

PROMANgirl said...

yes - see anon above. some UCI track trade teams have as many as 9 riders on the roster not sure how they work that out.

velogirl said...

you're a smart girl, Nikki. Congratulations!

Hooptie said...

Stay tuned for World Cup tune up/fundraising points races @ Heyller. We are going to try to do a race just before each World Cup to help Dave and Shelley hone their form.