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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

there is nothing but the bike

and things to buy about the bike


Anonymous said...

Especially the day after Thanksgiving!

velogirl said...

so, what's the URL?

funkdaddy said...

Personally, I'd prefer a One Less Fixie T...

Brij Lunine said...

Amen to the above. Also thought of the CX t-shirt for riding on trails--One Less Mountain Bike--this past summer. Not as snappy as the Fixed reference though.

Cross on the brain:
Anybody know why the USGP U23 leader Danny Summerhill was DQ'd Sunday. Just curious.

And how about them Berries, nice rides all around..

Grey said...

I don't know where to get a t-shirt, but I do know where to get the sticker I have on my truck.

For me the sticker is literal--when driving I'm riding neither of my fixed wheel bicycles.