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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Randoms return

I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They're beautiful. Everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic. (Andy Warhol)

Santiago Botero signs with Rock n' Repubics

"The team is hoping to be invited to contest the Tour of California and the Tour of Georgia next season after persuading Botero." And they're adding in Victor Hugo Pena and Caesar Grajales?

all of a sudden i feel like taking back all the bad things i've said about the Rockin'Repubes. I mean, this team is looking more East LA than Rodeo Drive.

and that means something.

let's hope none of them get popped next year.

12 Hours make a difference

I love this time of year. I love overtraining and monster hours (for me, anyway) and not giving a shit that you're overtrained, over-extended, and overcooked.

During the road season, i'll be lucky to get in 5 or 6 hours of riding during the week. It sucks, but that's the case for the past couple years. I'm the kind of guy that sets his training on automoton once February arrives and I'll do the same 3 days/week of workouts for 8 months. Just wacking away at myself, building form and pleasures throughout the season as best i can.

but ... during the fall ~ when cross season is playing messy little tunes in my heads on weekends, I'll go out during the week and ride my chamois dry. Recently i've put in more than a few 4+ hour rides and it's ... well, it's just sex on a stick.

i love riding. i love being exhausted and blown and asking more from yourself for no other reason than it feels good to go hard, go fast, and go big.

i love training.

Horner gets Bruyneel'd

worth a quote:

VN: Just a few months ago you were fairly outspoken about Armstrong and his previous Tour teams, saying, "You can't have a leader's team getting to the final climb with five guys on the front, like every year from three years back all the way back. It is impossible to ride the front with your whole team and get to the final climb with most of your team still on the front - and be ready to come back and do it day in and day out.... I don't believe it to be possible."

Now you're joining a team run by Johan Bruyneel, the director of a team that was doing things a few years ago that "didn't seem possible." How will you reconcile that?

CH: I think there has been a change in the sport in general. From everything I've seen, the speeds in the field versus the past, everything has changed. I believe the sport is becoming better and better, from the riders' organizations to the UCI and WADA, everyone is doing everything they can to eliminate as much of the drug problem as possible. I don't have any problem going to Astana. Sure, they had problems last year with two of their biggest riders, but the addition of Johan Bruyneel changed the whole team completely to avoid those issues.

As far as the years past, well last year with Johan's team you weren't seeing five guys going over the last climb together. What may or may not have happened in the past is completely different than what you're seeing now.

I honestly believe that every team is doing what they can to stop what was happening in the past. I know Johan was asking riders for their blood results from the past, to make sure he's not getting riders who have been at a 49 hematocrit for their whole career. I had to show him my past blood results, which he asked of everyone when he was looking into riders. It was the same with CSC. I also talked to Bjarne Riis, and when I was talking to CSC he wanted to see all my blood results, what was happening in the past. I think everyone wants to see this left behind and no longer an issue. I know the riders don't want to see it; no one wants to see any more problems. The sport doesn't need to live through another nine years like the last nine years. But just look at Rabobank at the Tour - they threw out Michael Rasmussen. In years past I don't know if a team would have done that. And I'm pretty sure Johan Bruyneel isn't going to put up with anyone just disappearing for a month.

Have to admit it ... i loves me some Horner. Back in the day, when he signed for Webcor and ruled the US circuit that year ... he made a believer out of me. So cool under fire, so firey when the finish line arrived, so much love for the bike.

right on.

and now he's on the big screen, never seeing his bags or wondering if the meal will be ready while with Bruyneel. that says something, too.


my gawd, gimme some track racing. Friday is the first World Cup fundraiser for the PROMAN UCI team heading to Beijing and Sydney. Racing starts at 5pm for this first one, track opening at 3pm.

i won't talk about how upset they didn't offer me a slot on this squad.

really, who's gonna look better in a PROMAN kit ... mcQuack? RKillit? puh-lease. they need some more eye candy on that squad.

see you at Hellyer on Friday, folks. it's a party and you're all invited.

and ... i can't wait to head down to lo-cal and race the $10K Encino weekend with a 400 lap Scratch Race.

can't let Hooptie have all the fun.

~ lates.


Velo Bella said...

Happy Birthday to the loveliest, sexiest, wittiest, silliest and humpa humpaiest man ever.


CyclistRick said...

Geez, I did not know Sabine knew it was my birthday, but she is a day early ....

Wished I could come and play with everyone on Friday @ Hellyer, but I will be doing the in-law duty down in SLO town. Ride a couple extra races for me!

Anonymous said...

Proman needs a self centered, self glorifying little biotch to not qualify for a single final on their team, and you da man!

Anonymous said...

Rock and Drug Republic

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

thanks dahlin'. and i get cake tonite, yeah?

rick, i'm your man. i'll try and take some pics to share, too. have a good time down in SLOtown.

anony1, that's what i'm talkin' about. why don't they want me?

anony2, as long as they limit it to NON-performance enhancers, 'tis good in my book.

yup, i turn 37 years old today. i have to say, it just doesn't register anything at all on the philo-poetic side.

maybe i'm just too looking forward to this afternoon's rides ... and then the turkey trot up Kennedy tomorrow.

hope Brock trucked up another couple cases to the top o' the mtn this year. i'll bring what magic i can up in the backpack...but, there's no way i could hump what they did last year.

no way. but ... i will partake if it's up there.

marscat said...

happy b-day!

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

happy birthday!!!
enjoy the riding...

oh, and happy b-day turkey day to you, c-rick! enjoy SLO!

L. Christmas said...

Happy birthday Mike!

Freddy Rod.. suppossed to have signed on Rock too. Not just East LA, East Bay!

Anonymous said...

Happy B Day.... Tylers b day is today too :)

So that is what Dirk Copeland was talking about when he said he was training for encino... I did not know what the hell he was talking about


chatterbox said...

happy birthday, ov! Glad to see your ramblings back. You've been working too much!

We'll post about our weekend adventures in SLO town when we get back.

jen said...

That's some funny quotin' from Horner. Astana = yuck, but good on him for getting himself a few euros. I'll just sorta try to forget who he's actually riding for.

Have fun with the birthday doin's and all!

CyclistRick said...

Happy Birthday Hernando. 37 is so, so young. We will not even go into how old I will be mañana; too depressing.

MarkS said...

Happy day your gonna turn 38 come Jan 1st though :)

Just rememebr I'll always be older than you so take that for what it is.


Anonymous said...

sooo, it's hernando's bday today....joyeux anniversaire jeune homme!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Botero and Kayle can open an in-house drug strore for the boys.

Rock is riding a very thin line.

Anonymous said...

Now your using quotes from velonews, what will be next you coming out of the closet?

dr-nitro said...

Happy birthday old man. Maybe now that you are older you'll lose that squeaky, high pitched, pubescent voice.

Anonymous said...

"Yikes! Botero and Kayle can open an in-house drug strore for the boys."

Interstate distribution is a federal crime, right?

lauren said...

happy birthday.

what a great time of year for a birthday. the weather, the festiveness, cross season, pretty leaves, pumpkin pie for breakfast, long mtn bike rides.

so, so nice.

perspective gets so much better as we age.

enjoy your birthday week! you get a whole birthday week you know.

TreBone said...

"well, it's just sex on a stick."- ouch....

"i love being exhausted and blown"- me too, nothing beats that

"it feels good to go hard, go fast, and go big."- that makes me feel all tingly inside.

Happy Birthday!! I should have given you a gift, but I realized that I've never met you and don't really know you so... that would have been awkward.

NEway... hope you have a great day and enjoy all the tasty food.

Anonymous said...

your the best ever! the most wonderful, the greatest and most fabulous!
i love you.

Anonymous said...

Repubic is a motley crue. I would not want to be on that team. too much drama and shit waiting to hit the fan.

russellp said...

Horner just wants to ride on the team with the biggest TT helmet.

Happy birthday!

Chris said... mighty young to be writin such heavy lyrics...

Anonymous said...

They'll fit right in, in East SJ too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday crumpet!

Ippoc Amic said...

I was a week or so early and now I am a week late...happy belated b-day!