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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Katherine the Great

As some might attest ... i'm a serious admirer of women's athletics. Not sure when/where the bug crawled in me ~ or when i turned away from the everyday-americana love of gridiron and pine tar ...

While running through the adventures of the young ~ i was one of these catwons who checked sporting columns daily ... scouring over batting averages and punt return yards and All-Star votes ... yipping out exclaims of joy or disgust at the previous days hits and runs and calculations.

A scrawny, ragged-brown boy scambling down frozen or baked morning steps to scavenge the neighborhood of the moment for a sporting fix of data. boise or rapid city or cheyenne or riverside or oxnard or torrence or ...

I was a ballsport yute.

Until ... i saw the '84 olympics. That stunning strength of Mary Lou Retton and the women's gymnastics team. The robotic Mary Decker running collision course with bare-footed Zola Budd. And, of course, Connie Carpenter - a person i'd be honored to meet one day. That Carpenter/Phinney family seems just kick-ass in my book.

And so ... nowadays, my vision tunnels two-wheeled a bit too much, some would suggest. And when i focus on the kind of pedalers to be admired ... honestly, a huge percentage of them are women.

Compton, Olds, Carey, Barbarella, Greer/Gomez, Carroll, Abbott, Rais, Lloyd, the Lunas, Kerlin, biscuit (too busy with marriedness), 'Tash, Thorburn, Neben, Patella, Mactier, McLaughlin, Ash, HARPER, Dombrowski, KatTobin, Pic, vanBodyGilder, Suzy PRYDE, vHowelings, Eaken, mints & bellas, CRANMER, zell, Sato, Lauraleen Fenech ... to name a scant few of those admired.

And so, back to Katherine the Great.

I've read her words, seen her race, and even given her a few good-natured heckles as she dieseled her way through a cross course, or three.

I loved watching her at Sea Otter this year - she Cah-RUSHED that mtb short track race. Holeee crap ~ there was some serious ball-shrinkage going on amidst the boys in the crowds as we watched Compton THROW herself down the slickery-dickery-dock descent. So impressive.

But more impressive to me, was that she got up the next day and raced the two-lap sufferfest that is the SeaOtter X-country race. During that race i had planted myself on one of the lonely peaks a few miles from the finish, collecting racers' faces of pain and resilience as they humped it up those final agonizing climbs.

Compton is the kind of rider I'm drawn to ... fierce on the bike, but good humored and professional ... and downright homey every step of the way. She bristles up to challenges and doesn't appear to crow too throaty when the inevitable success settles into her iron grasp. She is a conquering giant that probably would be the first to spot you a beer & burrito if you forgot your wallet back at the pad.

at least that's what i want to see.

being a fan kicks ass.

But, there are those who are going to gauge her bone-shattering success and perhaps wonder at the size of her proportions, and perhaps question a sponsor like "spike."

or the associations with other faces of Spikedom ...

i just won't think about it. it is what it is, mon' amie.


Velo Bella said...

...Testosterone Nation is a philosophy, a way of life. It’s where there are no excuses and no apologies; where men are free to be men. It’s where the noble aspects of Testosterone rule.

And, apparently, where men grow boobs.


I know all too well how hard it is to lure sponsorship money to women's athletics. We hold our hands out for the crumbs and then say thank you.

I do not know what Compton's connection with Spike is. Its unnerving to have a sponsor that dances on the fringe of what is currently the biggest problem in our sport. But its not like women's sports can be too picky.

jAndy donka-donk said...

I am not sure how you find all these riod screenshots (spending too much time on the roid sites)....

but that read was better than the whole post. So awesome to see some idiot doper being told that he will have tits for life.....


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i hope Compton will be able to sign any dotted line she wants next year.

and why isn't there a "titlenine" women's pro/elite team again?

pretty straightforward search.
start here,
then to the forums
then the steroids topic ... all to itself
and then of course, the man-boob post catches the eye rather quickly.

i'd say the entire search took me 28 seconds. the graphic capture, 12.

that's how easy it is to get steroids these days?

fuck these people and their pecs and abs and guns and whatever the fuck else they need to get an erection.

Anonymous said...

All Dopers should get bitch tits. I mean how cool would it have been to have seen Fuentes show up to a race back in the day all aero'd out (knowing he would go solo all day)with tits flopping in the wind??

Anonymous said...

Moobs(man-boobs)for life on the pencil-d..k bodybuilders. That's priceless poetic justice. Now the plastic surgeons installing silicone counter-weights (to offset missing brain-mass) on the Hollyweird Barbies who date them will have a brand new practice niche in re-moob-al.

jen said...


That forum bit was fabulous comedy. Some sort of poetic justice there. I sorta snicker when I see dudes, who I know might have been dabblin' at one time or another, lookin' a little girlish. Ha!

jen said...

On a more serious note, it's sad how readily available and how widely abused this sh-t is. Walk around the university - any university - and it's a bit shocking to see how many dudes show signs of either using or having used. Yoiks.

Little_Jewford said...

well there is a forum for man boobs:


Velo Bella said...

I found it by going to the Spike website.

They are each others #1 friend on myspace.

TreBone said...

Cheers to female athetes!! Once the cycling bug bit, it was a group of women racing to the Olympic Gold in Mission Viejo that had me jumping and screaming.

I've been inspired as much by Carpenter, Twigg and Longo as by Phinney, LeMond and Hinault.


As for Moobs and the dumbasses that think Super Sizing their pecs and shrinking their nuts is MANLY...eff em.

yellowbug said...

holy cow that was funny! I am in no way calling her a doper, but that podium picture is not doing much to convince anyone that cycling is a clean sport.

Brent said...

did you read whats in that shit?
This is like the guy from Santa Cruz that just got booted off an NFL team for taking an over the counter GNC pill to stop producing estrogen...

How would you like to have the best workout of your life – every time you train?
How would like to have the energy of ephedrine, without the jitters?
How would you like the mental clarity and mood elevation of amphetamine, without using a controlled substance?
How would you like all of this, without negative side effects: no addiction and no down-regulation of receptors requiring ever-increasing doses?
Well, bubba, you can have it all with one bad-boy . . .
His name is Spike! . . . and he'll blow your freakin' head off – with ammo to spare!

"If it doesn't show up in doping controls, it's not doping." -Dr. Michele Ferrari

I am not saying Compton is a doper.. but man you might as well have Amgen DYNEPO all over your jersey.

Captain Poppycock said...

Uhhh. Lets not get worked up over marketing BS. Spike is to Redbull as 'Screaming Yellow Zonkers' are to 'Fiddle Faddle'. Or Hernando is to a Trick-Tranny.

And who cares what some meatheads say in a Forum. She (Compton)has gotta worry about what she says/does and what she puts in her body. AND pay the bloody bills. Its not as if its "Amgen" or something. Could you imagine that, A rider or major tour sponsored by Amgen! Oh that'd be a hoot.

What she is doing right now for American Cross is Huge and for what its worth, I think shes clean.(I dont know her personally).

Anyhoo, party on

teamwelliver said...


Chics rule and boys with boobs drool.

dino dante said...

1976 - Nadia Comaneci.

biscuits and gravy said...

Tanya Harding still gives me a big rubbery one.

Beth said...

...another sad day for cycling: all the recent amgen layoffs probably mean they won't be handing out free EPO at the tour of calfiornia. bummer.

sydney_b said...

From the interviews I've read, Compton seems personal, friendly and I'm a real fan of what she's doing for 'cross, so here's to hopin she's clean. And... as a woman cyclist working to score some sponsorship.. it's hard and I'm pressed to think whose travel cash I'd turn down.

Anonymous said...

Do you all remember Tammy Thomas? She was far more feminine looking then Katherine. Sometimes you don't need tests to tell you whos doping.

JHL said...

I waited a while before saying this, but now I cannot resist: I think the rider is getting a bit of a raw deal in a lot of these posts. As VB points out, it can be pretty difficult to come across sponsors. Also, it's difficult to draw any association between a rider's values and their sponsor. It's even more of a stretch to associate a rider's conduct and their sponsor. If someone rides for a big construction company, does it mean they support sprawl? If they ride for a major grocery line, do they support genetically modified corn? As for the comments about someone's looks/appearance, it seems unfair to me to be lobbing the weighty accusations and associations based on a podium shot. Maybe I'm a dreamer, but I've got no suspicions without more than a sponsor and the attached photos.

Anonymous said...

Just say no!

Auffderbach said...

Anonymous said...
Just say no!

"Eeeewwwwww!" You sure that isn't
Timmy Thomas?

Little_Jewford said...

JHL said:

"If someone rides for a big construction company, does it mean they support sprawl? If they ride for a major grocery line, do they support genetically modified corn?"

well, yes, in a way. When you accept as sponsor part of your job is to promote their product...i.e. to say its "good". We make those decisions in all aspects of our lives, who we work for, what we buy and yes, who we take sponsorship money from. I'm not saying its easy (just like the choice of what products to buy or where to shop)but sponsorship dollars, and the choice if to accept them or not, comes with the same social responsibility strings everything else in life does.

Auffderbach said:
""Eeeewwwwww!" You sure that isn't
Timmy Thomas?"

amazing...when you stop doping to the gills you stop looking like a freak:

Little_Jewford said...

sorry, that url for T.T. is HERE

jAndy donka-donk said...

"When you accept as sponsor part of your job is to promote their product...i.e. to say its "good"."

I will always miss my years on BPG.....

Anonymous said...

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