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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm all for getting kids into bikery.

i mean, come'on ... there's nothing cuter then a wee bugger slippin around on a wheeler and sprinkling grins left and right down the singletrack.

- - -

but, maybe more than that ...

maybe more than that ... i'm into seeing adults find that life has more to offer then banging for a paycheck or filing time away in a cold, closed circuit cabinet of "what happened in my life."

Kids have wonder and imagination and newness to their world and so i can't get too worked up for them when they crack open a giggle of glee at the sweet tastes of new-found pleasures. All of life can be a new-found pleasure to a young one ... or, so it should be.

But the adult, the yous and mes ~ the ones jaded by the same day playing over and over again in their head ... those are the folks i want to see shaken, see their expectations rattled and spun 'round and 'round until a dizzy, giddy elation stirs in their belly, erupting from their center ~ forcing them to look fresh and new and orient themselves with wonder at the splendor of ... possibility.

That's what i like seeing on the bike.


sydney_b said...

adorable. Reminds me of my niece, who I got the pleasure of teaching how to ride her bike this summer. Such a treat.

Dr. X said...

oh, yeah! closed circuit whatever, luv that! had one of those giddy bike times just yesterday, hills of backwoods Hayward felt like oregon, everything was wet w/badass clouds all around. Lots of climbing but little lactic acid and not a single raindrop hit me. what a descent to the west with peekaboo views of multiple bridges & cities inhabited by our robotic relatives driving the economy & neglecting their kids and/or inner kids.

Auffderbach said...

Here here!

I remember when all three of mine lost the training wheels. What sheer joy on their part. A whole new world opened up to them and they couldn't wait to ride farther and farther.
We would all ride down to the beach
and chill, then home again...good family time in my book.
Finally, they all did at least one century before their 16th birthday and now one of them is unstoppable!
Interesting, I'm almost 55 now and I still get giddy on the bike. Last
week was the first time riding in a
month and I felt like a schoolkid!
I'm already thinking about next year and that's where my mind is at
every night before falling asleep.
Well, almost every night!

Maybe that's why I only look 45.

Brij Lunine said...

THANKS for this OV,

Inspires on a number of levels. We'll see if the wee one wants to get dirty after school today. This video sure will stoke 'em.


jen said...

who are these adults you speak of?

life ain't all that bad.
life ain't all that bad.
even if henry rollins is your dad.
life ain't all that bad.
life ain't all that bad.
buck up litter camper, don't be sad.
(lyrics shamelessly stolen)

Roadie Scum said...

Nonsense...all of it!

I like the seriousness of the road racing season, the "I am not here to have fun, I am here to hurt you and make angry faces" environment.

I love the slamming of the fist on the bar because I missed that $20 preem.

Fun is for losers and dirt tools who do cyclocross or mountain bike races. That's not bike racing...grow up, get in line, and contribute to the machine!

Anonymous said...

Cute vid, but the Camelbak is a bit over the top. When I'm out bikin' with my wee one, I make him EARN his water.

Johnny Sprocket said...

Awesome. Kid has great turnover.

Anonymous said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

This will give you a new perspective of what can be done on
a wheel

cycloscott said...

Check out the Norcal Xtreme video about 2/3 of the way down the page. (better to DL it though, it's 27MB)

Then after you get all giddy from the munchkin action, check out the Colorado video page, especially anything from Fruita (ie. Holy Cross)

Kathie Reid said...

What great timing...depending on the outcome of a job interview I just returned home from, I could be faced with a major life decision in a week or so. It's likely to include two choices: one that lacks financial security yet is filled with the excitement of riding without training wheels for the first time, or another that will include financial security, but has the potential to lock me right back into the daily grind. Hmmmmmmmmm...I'll definitely be looking back at this clip before making my decision. Thanks!

aymsterh said...

WOW - How did you get a video of Sabine at that age???

Anonymous said...

with all the talk about kids on bikes when are you going to start mentoring juniors?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

guess i'm just lazy and selfish.