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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


yesterday went out with el mechanico and krakulak for a cross ride through the sCruzian Wild'ers.

it was a drizzly dreamer day that saw us crawling along the coastline for awhile, checking out seagulls and sandy bottoms, before pointing the tread skyward and climbing to god's country. we went up for a good long while, scraping the pie plate gearings, until we came across a few firefolk, prescribing some burn on the edgy grasslands in hopes of protecting the rest of it.

surreal is the word to describe pedaling your bike a few feet away from hot-crackling flames and mad-cackling women wielding man-sized torches. here we were, 3 skinny geeks in spandex, huffing and grunting up the road, only to come across a couple of smiling blond-haired beauties with big flame throwers in hand, spreading fiery destruction with a casual flick of the wrist.

it got me so horny.

anyway, we rode past their "work zone" and had to stop for a few moments to take in the scene ~ a light, kissing drizzle of moisture blanketed everything ... as the licking flames shot up and down and danced like barely tamed tigers held at bay by the thinnest wisp of a whip.

very fukking cool.


Trying to figure out how much i can hurt myself this week. I'll admit it, Sunday's jackhammer circuit up in Sacto has my shoulder aching a bit. There's still a decent spurt of muscle repair that needs to occur. And, the main reason i want to get this stupid f'ing plate out of me is because the hook on the bottom side actually aggravates soft tissue something fierce. I'll risk taking the thing out early just to have my shoulder back. The bone is fine.

But that's just some whining there ... the real question this week is how much my body can take on in workload. I've got Stellar and Supa'Tash scheduled for hill'ervals Wednesday after work ... and i was thinking of giving them a taste of secret training, but instead i think they need to keep working on what we've been working on these past couple weeks. And with Pilarcitos on Sunday, that frees up Thursday to be a nice killzone run workout for Stellar. mwuhaahahaha.

But for myself, I'm a wee bit torn as to how i want to treat the next month. What i really need is to continue to build base, to take my time in getting the body re-aligned and strong again. I can still feel weakness in my core and in my left calf. On the otherhand ...

i want to be sharp and fierce for some cross racing.

what a luxury to have this as the only dilemma of the day.

sunlight, baby!


Rye said...

it was beautiful, would love to see it in April or June.

Steve Griffiths said...

You think about training plans? You mean... you're mortal? I thought you just went fast just because that's what you do. I'm confused.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sheeet, griff ... there's method to madness every once in awhile.


but when the racing comes?

it's all barbaric yawp. you know that.

Brent said...

sandy fire bottoms got you randy...
not surprised as i know a bowl of chips does the same thing.

Those rides are the best.

Do you get to keep the steel plate they take out?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

it's my next headtube badge

Brent said...

I thought you might say a hood ornament for Sputnik

Ella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sorry Ella, but it looked damn sure like you knew what you were doing out there when you cut the course.

and, i don't ever comment anonymously - how else would you have found me?

nope, if you're serious that you did it on accident, well then - bully for you and heaps of sorry for your pain.

but, it looked mighty different as i watched you take that cut. and when i told you you weren't the last place rider any longer after the cut, you didn't seem to mind too much.

whatever, go drink a beer and be better at the next race ... oh, and have fun.

styler said...

wow, its like a daytime soap in the norcross world right now....give us more...give us more.

Anonymous said...

Tried to leave on Velogirls blog, but I'm a Anom...

As an outside observer, non crosser, non norcaler and someone that just likes reading you folkes's blog for the entertainment value I gots to say - I love me some scandal too. It makes for some fun reading ..... but cycling is a small world and cross an even smaller one, so I say lets not be cliqueish (sp?) and as Rodney King said (I think.... or was it MLK?) "Can't we all just get along?".

I don't know any of you folks, but think you are all probably pretty cool and Ella seems cool too, so I say let by gones be by gones and crack open that brew that she mentioned and you all probably have more in common than you think.


nosajpalnud said...

back in action - cool and sweet ride

check out

you'll laugh at the latest post mocking our fearless leader

Rye said...

the Fire Ride was still way cooler then rider end fighting... yummm controled burns...

WarrenG said...

Yeah, cross is a small community, mostly of people who know and support each other, and will be racing each other for awhile. That's why it doubly insulting when somebody cheats.

And it's not cheating some anonymous people in a 100-rider field of people you mostly don't know, it's cheating others (and yourself) in an intimate gathering of like-minded fringe-dwellers.

I've seen OV cut the course once, but that was at a track race and even though his grass skills were impressive he still lost some places.

On Saturday there will be a plethora of newbie zebras trying to score the early races-cheaters beware!

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who cuts a course should be banned from the series... simple ! But I don't race cross so who am I to say...


niki said...

Okay, I can't sit back and watch this train wreck any longer. Even got me a blogger account so I can speak my mind on this blog.

I am tripping out on how cliqueish all of you velo babbles, velo chicks, vanderpoops, gnomes etc are.

I don't know any of you and not sure I want too, but after reading all of your self righteousness for a few months now, I am on Team Ella. Of course she's going to defend herself when some idiot tells her she cheated and needs a gawdamn slap.

Grow up already. It's not grade school!

Go Ella! You rock in my mind. Don't let these fools bring you down!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Velo Bella said...

I bet this is what happens when myspace and blog collide

Ella said...

thanks for being on Team Ella, Niki, even though it seems my self-defending post was deleted by the blog owner.

Blog owner, I heard it was you that gave me a neutral feed at Candlestick a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to thank you for that. :)

I hope we can put all of this stupid crap behind us. As far as I'm concerned, it's water under the bridge.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

all cool, ella. though i didn't delete any of your posts.

good race at mclaren.