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Thursday, September 06, 2007


I'm finding less time to sit and think on stuff ... or, perhaps better said ~ i'm not making time to do so. I suppose it's partly a symptom of not being on the bike right now.

True enough, this is the longest stretch I've been out of the saddle for ... a decade? my lord, time does wing its way past.

On the bike, swimming through traffic and finally breaking surface as the climbs take me away, there is ample quiet and simplicity ~ enough to begin hearing again the many inner conversations between elements of me and you, deep-winded dialogues of why we do what we do and where we'll go from here.

There is time and freedom to experiment with different voices and storylines enough to make me giggle, swing moods, inspire ravings or tears or give room to vent frustrations and make light of it all by placing weight where it's needed, and calling fluff what it is.

... but enough blathering. bottom line, i need the quiet and the whir to compose and produce. It's time to get my ass back on the bike. It's now two weeks and a day since the surgery, my first amongst who knows how many as the years begin to sap away youth, like a tree plugged for sweetness. I don't mind aging - I've never been too attached to this life to worry about losing anything.

But there is a hint of bitter on the tongue when small tastes of what life has offered passes the lips, never to be tasted the same again.
- - -

Bikery Shorts

l'Avenir ... they've lowered the racing age to under-23 this year - and it's National Teams only. Right on.

The US is fielding a nifty squad and I hope they have some fun and maybe make a splash, or three in that pond.

Patella taps ... on cyclingnews. There's a cool bit of promotion for her squad. That's what I like seeing - teams making news for themselves. For a first year NRC squad on a tight budget, I don't think you could have asked for more from the VAC outfit. Anyway you scratch it 2007 was a success for them.

But now it's on to '08 and time to make the plunge. Knowing how fast the top riders are in the NRC is one thing, deciding you will do what it takes to beat them is another. Oh, the sacrifices of this sport. Will anyone outside it ever really know?

I don't mind getting scoffed at a bit for when i stand around and cheer madly for some anonymous cat 4 rider crossing the line. It's sort of like when I was announcing at a crit and a snooty dude called me stupid for throwing out words of dramatic description and raving rah-rahs on the mic for a no-nothing cat 5 field sprint.

But I walked up to his puckered mug with a bit of - hey man, those boys are working just as hard, striving just as much as anybody you'll see out there. And i respect that, and dig it. So, what's the problem with that?

he never got it, and never intends to, i reckon.

fuk the haters. love those who risk.

BamBam going dirty ... just got news today that Betina Hold, Canadian Cheerwine pro and newlywed to Taz Martin, will be giving CycloCross a bit of steam this winter and may even head back to Canuckistan to compete in their Natz Champyships.

that's pretty cool. And, she's gonna join us at the RockLobster party house. which is really cool.

Ya'll know what a fan I am of the Cross. It's a sport that helps set to right all those imbalances to the body a full season of road racing creates. It improves bike handling, helps increase explosive power on the bike, and ... is just plain beautiful to watch. It's elegent and fierce and primal.

Racing cross is high-speed meditation. It's putting yourself in a state of mental calm while the body rages wild beneath you. The best cross riders are glassy-smooth patches in a swirling world of chaos around them. They see clearly, decide quickly, and ... practice, practice, practice.

get out on the dirt. everyday.


Velo Bella said...

scribblens and nibblens!

Courtenay said...

nice post
really quick
bambam is sarah bamberger's nickname, not betina's...


have a great day!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i know you didn't just check me on a nickname, cour10nay.

i believe this merits a heckling post on a certain tri-geek in training.

Velo Bella said...

Michael has called Betina bambam for some time now.

Bambam and Taz

they should have put that on their wedding invites

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

I think only we call her Bam Bam.

Apparenlty Betina had the nickname "Pebbles" at some point in her past.

One of us bagboys, don't remember who, said "no way, she is way more of a BAM BAM!"

I think it was right after she pounded out a big win.

Anyway, she is Bam Bam to us....

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

Nothing like a spin on the trainer to loosen up the brain and get the thoughts flowing again.

Let the suffervals begin....

Courtenay said...



but sarah b is bambam! that makes way more sense! and everyone calls her that! at least amongst the chick racers.

so we are both/all right.

and re: hecklage. bring it!!

Anonymous said...

You needed sone time off the bike as your butt was getting shaped into a receptor for you saddle and it seemed to be going deeper and deeper up your butt, which you seemed to enjoy.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

fixate often on that part of my anatomy, do you?

well, that's cool. i'm here for you.

Robert Winder said...

Hey Olaf... here is a pic of Mex last year after her Early Bird broken elbow...

She had the right-hand shifter moved over to the left side of the bars, she had both shifters on the same side so she could shift with one hand.

Not sure how that will help with the calf though...

Get well


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

dayum ... your girl is hot.

Anonymous said...

you the man! I wish I could make a deal with the devil and give you my collarone but he's not answering his phone. hope you recover quickly and can get on your bike soon

Anonymous said...

Another mega merger i'm hearing...pls do tell us some details so we know what we're up against. Jeez its like the corporate america cycle - consolidations then there will be the break ups.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about Martina and the ValueAct Capital team! It's truly appreciated. And you can definitely look for bigger and better things in 2008! And by the heckling of Courtenay allowed, or you'll hear more from me!

A certain "Valued" Director

Jen said...

It really is great to see Martina doing so well. The first time I knew she had something special was at Cascade '05. The peloton was climbing the feed zone hill on the circuit course at a fairly high tempo. I was behind Ms. Armstrong on the outside and Martina started rolling up around us. She was bouncing all over her bike and breathing as if it was her last, complete panic. Kristin yelled at her to calm down. I just smiled and thought, damn, if that girl can stay with us while doing all of that extra wasted effort, she's gonna do alright.

X Bunny said...

that cute little bunny looks so sad!

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