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Thursday, September 06, 2007

just in cases

ever wanted to know what the end of the world looked like?

ChrisB shows us it has a starbucks.

check the site for moscovite adventures.

quick thanks for the get well wishes i've received.

really appreciated.

i especially liked steve and sueA's card of goofyness.

right on.


check the NorCross site ~ the Livermore cats are altering their categories and start times a bit.

it's sort of like the pre-season games in the NFL. good time to experiment and go out there and play.

100 degrees and cross? why not. I'd be there if I could.


Anonymous said...

Ha..Ha.. I wonder how many actually ventured to the velonews site after looking at this post. TR

Anonymous said...

love you Olaf
you ego monger!

Anonymous said...

Look at that celebration! You are so on.
Was that a Tour Stage?
A Classic?
A Semi-Classic?
Man, you are the Man.

Brent said...

I remember going to moscow in 1990 and seeing the line outside Mcdonalds.

I thought that was the end of the world.

d3cycling said...

Speaking of cross where is the best place to get a tunic for a dfl like x dressing race?