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Monday, September 17, 2007

ole' college try ...

Congrats to Tyler Dibble for taking a National Title this weekend at Collegiate Track Natz.

Amanda Siegle ended the weekend in a satisfying 8th overall for the Women's Division 1 Omnium with her teammate Courtney G. in 24th.

Dibble won a fierce Points Race and ended the weekend 2nd in the Omnium. Nice. Looks like he and the ladies got some help over the weekend from Peck, O'Brien and Still as the UC Davis team went 6th in the Team Omnium. [full results]

Right on.

Also in Tracky Newz ~ Shelley Olds won the Scratch Race in the SoCal Elite Champyships over the weekend at the ADT. It was good practice for her on that steep banked gig.

She had a rough go at it in the Points Race, though. Apparently, Hooptie put her on a nice little 83" gear for the event. He was prolly just pissed at her for putting the wood to him in last Thursday's Hellyer'Drome races.

Speaking of Hooptie ... i guess he was just ripping it up with Gio in the Madison and during the Points Races. boo-ya, right on boys. They took a 2nd in the Madison, Gio was 2nd in the Keirin and 5th in the Scratch, while Hooptie was 4th in the Points Race against an 8-man Rock Racing squad.



Beth said...

way to go!

congrats also to anna erickson, who placed 6th in the omnium! she's back at school at santa barbara, but was rockin' it this summer on wednesday and thursday nights at hellyer.

Anonymous said...

I was also going to say "WAY TO GO ANNA!" as she was training w/ the motley crew on Tuesday's.

She started w/ us years ago when she was a swimmer, disappearred for a few years, and now she is back! She just came walking up one Tuesday and it was one of those "NO WAY! Where have you been?" moments.

She is relativly new to cycling in the racing sense, so look out!


Hooptie said...

Tyler has been real strong at Heyller, no surprises there, nice work!

Gio and I took 2nd in the Madison, just don't tell anyone there were only 3 teams.

maleonardphi said...

Woo Hoo! Go Ags!!

Garrett Peck - UC Davis said...

The race was best summed up by a Lees-McRae College rider after enjoying his fair share of post race refreshments..."I want to know what the deal was with that points race, it was like: ...RING...RING...RING......... Ape Sh*t !!!"

Linnea said...


The whole squad kicked ass... now if we get an even bigger group of our talented riders out there next year, who knows what we can achieve.

Congrats to Tyler and to Amanda (it's SEigle, by the way...)