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Monday, September 17, 2007

CCCX - go time

oh yeah folks ... this weekend is the Central Coast Cyclocross opener. Of course we give mad props to the DarkOneMaile as he opens his SactoCX series, but ...

it's Central Coast, yo!

CCCX has become the bastion of old-school, low-key, 'fuk the man' cyclocross racing. No USASuckling affiliation, no measuring bikes or worrying about if a run-up is too steep or a descent too sketchball. It's mud in the teeth, bring your own beer, leave the world behind and fight for bragging right's racing. It's leftcoast casual draped over a bare-knuckle brawl ...

~ it's NorCross, baby.

KookyKieth and RowdyRod have gotten better and better at this promoting gig. Keith starts swinging the sledge pre-dawn and Rod will know every single racers' name as they pass by the scoring tent. He'll know who's leading the series down to 12 places for each of the 3 dozen CCCX divisions and he'll cheer everyone of them buggers on as they suffer and sweat and smile at the sweetness of it all.

The CCCX hombres have endeared themselves to my heart for breaking the natural boy-itis-scope that cycling promoters can fall victim to. Nowadays CCCX is the biggest proponent of separate women's races and prize-lists - but what i'm really saying is, they just treat ALL the riders right. They've come a long way, baby.

I've got a friend's wedding to debauch myself at this weekend, otherwise I'd be there snapping pictures and reporting lies and exaggerations about the happenings.

so ... be sure to do it for me.


Grey said...

Been looking forward to this since CCCX #5 of last season.

I <3 CCCX!

lauren said...

it's like it's one week left till christmas and i'm 8 years old again.

i'm feeling all giddy and stuff.

Nome Agusta said...

Rod could give the road officials some serious lessons in results taking and picking riders.
He has to be one of the best...amazing how he does it and keeps it all straight.

Maybe it's the beer.

Hooptie said...

Lets not forget to give props to Dave Gill, the master of timely results & the genius behind

Gianni said...

My favorite series.

I'm curious about the Toro Park venue coming up.

Brent said...

Three cheers for David Gill!!

Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!

put that guy in a dress and he turns into a different animal.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yup ...

Gill is something else

Anonymous said...

Actually it is kool keith and euro rod and they do seem to be able to get the most of the venues and the racers, everytime i do their races i always seem to be having the most fun at a race and i always want more, more, more
what i like most is they added a single speed womens division and a 45 + womens division
now my 52 year young body does not have to race against the 35+ young bella's!!!
thanks olaf
you are simply the best

Anonymous said...

You are not going to be there? Rumor has it they will not start the event until you sound the start gun or at least get out of your bat van.
Was it not last year at this same venue, where you decided to chill out in your bat mobile while they started the Elite race? Then you said, " na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BAT MAN!" and decided to fly thru the field and pass every rider who started way ahead of you except for like 5. That was mean to show off like that, letting the others get a head start while you relaxed in your bat mobile, and then you go off and throw down a biff, bopp, and bang, past every rider on your way to the greatest cross ride I have ever witnessed. That ride of yours was as good of a ride as the time Frishy started purposely at the back of the field at that cross race in Watsonville and passed everyone on his way to the win.
Im thinking this race you are just saying you wont show up, and then after the whistle blows, you will suddenly slide down the bat pole and jump on your bat bike and go batty on everyone again.

Anonymous said...

Me hoping Wicks shows up.

Wicks has never been defeated at a CCCX race, yet as we all know you cant win them all.................


Anonymous said...

he likes it!