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Monday, September 10, 2007

Lion of Fairfax will soon roar

Hey folks, mark the calendar ... September 29th rings the 1st event The NCNCA Cup presented by Sycip Cycles (details on the series posted this week on the NCNCA Cross site).

Brian Bucker of Big Swinging Cycles and the Dolce Vita Team are working hard to put together a kickass event to ring in the 2007 season. Highlights are a $6K prizelist (and growing) with $2K for the Elite races in CASH, yo.

They've also got a 2008 Cannondale bike for raffle. oh, me wantee.

There's gonna be a kid's event that you won't want to miss ... right before the Elite Men's race, which should rock the scene pretty serious.

We're gonna be posting more details on the NCNCA Cyclocross site, so stay tuned - but, definitely schedule yourself for attending this one ~ it's gonna be a barnburner.

Prep races are in full swing with the Livermore folks doing their thing at Robertson Park .. and there is the big CCCX 2007 opener on the 23rd that will, undoubtedly, have as big and powerful a turnout as it did last year.

That is gonna be one helluva race.

Think we of the RockLobster are motivated to play?

That's Stella of Flanders baking us up some mojo at the year's first team shindig (notice her fighting for position with slide-man Jeff T).

With Kerlin and Stellar joined by Cheerwine pro Betina Hold and newbie Amrita O'Leary ... that's a solid women's squad to contest the NorCal scene.

For the men, Wyandt the Wolf and DJ Snead are chomping at the bit to lead us in the races and I think they've both got a good number of results awaiting them this year. yeah boss, it's gonna be good times!

Cross be upon us!


Anonymous said...

That is some great info Mike.
Cross action is really going to be good. Us San Fran boys are ready to rumble in the jungle with our skirts flying high showing lots of thigh.
The Fairfax race will be great.
Seems the Solid as a Rock Lobster crew will be pinching at the claws to go at the rest of the fields.
then CCCX the next day, for the Lobsters to have some cal giant strawberry flavored crab meat for desert.
Me thinky Wyandt the grey Wolf is going to surprise a few birdies out there and ruffle some feathers with his cyclocross talents. And Snead will show off his speed as he does the deed. It will also be nice to see you wearing your Lobster bib at a cross feast soon.
Me also thinky Stella will Carey the load for the Lobster girls.
I would like to see Henry the Crammer race the Elite men to cram down his freakish cycling skills in the fastest group of the day with the strongest elite riders. That is what deadly Nedly does in Colorado.

Cross racing is such a great thing to watch, I will be there enjoying it all!

Johnny Sprocket said...

The coolest thing about that Lion race is that they've got a prize for "Mr. Mediocre." If you read the small print, it's for the guy that comes in exactly in the middle of the results. I'm leaving that one for Griff as I'll be up the trail/road a bit.

Brent said...


Anonymous said...

how many photos of himself is defiebre going to post on his site?

Anonymous said...

Not as many as he puts of everyone else~

Nick said...

Been waiting all year....


Anonymous said...

I think he is cute, I would like to see more! I am a lover not a hater~

Anonymous said...

Kramer is frickin 52! He is racing up by being in the 35+A anyway, Ned has pro rainbows and doesn't work. How about we say go Kramer! kickin ass on guys 15 years younger. Please, the Elite action is way hotter here anyway. No one complains about Mtn. Larry.

Anonymous said...

Henry is the Man!
I want to see him kick the Elite racers butt!
He is a inspiration to me. Both him and Mtn Larry should race the Senior Elite.

lauren said...


that's going to be a fun one to watch.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket lives in Reverse World.

funkdaddy said...

One thing I was trying to point out to the casual observer during last season's BASP is that racing M35's is not racing "down". On certain weekends last year, the M35's were deeper than the Elite fields...and watching those slugfests between Strawberries and the Morgan-Stanley teams was epic! Nor-cal has about ten Masters riders who are all capable of cracking the top 5 in (or even winning) a regional Elite race.

phipps said...

Thanks for the info. I plan to try this one as my first CX race. I wonder if I can just ride my road bike with some wider tires since the ground should be hard?

Anonymous said...

Funke dominated the Elite division last year when he raced that group. He also did some 35+ races, but he dominated the Senior Elite races, he was the BASP series champ.

Anonymous said...

Id like to see Henry at least trim his nose hairs once every 52 years.

Or maybe he could braid them together for a style statement.

If he cut those nose hairs he would be able to actually get more oxygen as it would open up the crowded space in his nostrils, the Ned O. would have no chance.

Grey said...

You guys can have your shellfish and fruit (I guess it is froofy Marin after all).

Sheila Moon and her Cyclocross Boyfriends will be representing. And we're bringing BEER!!!


Anonymous said... here,
Ned for sure works,
it is a full time job. And then some.