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Saturday, August 04, 2007

who'd like an ass whoopin served fresh and friendly?

why ... that would be me, sir!
- - -

fukking double fuk

so, last nite i went to Hellyer'Drome and got the colon blowed out of me by a bunch of trackie shits. At one point, i was actually choking on my own nose hairs behind bigdaddyBJM as he towed me for 10 laps to finish out a Points Race.

that pretty much sucked.

i did half the events, crawled home with the woman and peed myself to sleep in hopes of better sensations in the morning.

3am arrived with me wide awake and the honey's track bike needing a pimp-my-ride makeover ... so, it was into the garage and a letting loose of the monkey wrenches.

a few hours after that job was mangled, it was off to waste some fossils for a trip down to F'Ord that culminated in a grand total of 7.3 miles in the Road Race.


i didn't even stick around to see who did what on whom. jet pack was lubed and frictionated for homeward trajectory.

my body kind of feels like ... i've been on the testicle-slap side of the bull - mean bastard of a bull, ta'boot.

so ~ i'm gonna try and at least start the Timpani crits tomorrow . With no hills and a measurable draft, i should be able to at least finish the stupid thing.

but mostly, i'll be looking forward to hitting up with el furioso and knock back a few to celebrate his pal's good-bye single-hood BBQ and brewfest.

yeah, baby ... that's what i'm talkin' about.


PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...


that bad, huh?

triple fuk.

WarrenG said...

The elephant said to the naked man, "It's cute, but I don't see how you can breathe through that thing."

Anonymous said...

Mattis nipped Haung at the line

CyclistRick said...

Bummer. Get some sleep tonight. Perhaps we will catch you at Timpani, where Ms. Chatterbox will be in the pink train.

Your lady used that track bike you mangled to spank my old, tired legs this morning. Have a few pics of her , mostly during the team pursuit, to put up later.

alicat said...

you are truly amazing, even to attempt the friday night->sat. am assault on racing.

ladymints won today after some fantastic teamwork. oh yea!

Sufferin' P (a.k.a. peterpen) said...

Yeah, Ft. Ord geezers started out kinda fast, eh? ;) The (S)uffering (R)eliability (M)easurer said my hardest 5 minutes of the race happened 4 minutes after we rolled out.

Yer boy Pasco (?) and I did our best to get away and join the Spine/AMD pair having fun up the road, but their pals were having none of it. Still, fun day on the bike - definitely earned my ice cream!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Having that teeny tiny chat with you before the races completely brightened me up & got me all prepped to cheer for Safeway every time I got passed.

And 3rd after Huang was Minty Jared.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, like you said a few days ago, it isn't about winning, the true fun is that you get to participate!