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Thursday, August 30, 2007

tiddlin's before the post folks get pissed at

go ahead and sharpen the claws for the caterwallin' i'll be doing later today ... don't worry, i've still got some pain meds left over from the surgery ~ so, i can take it.
- - -

War'n Geissert won the 45 Sprint Title yesterday. Looks like he man-handled the final in short order ... still, i reckon he'll toss out a nice detailed accounting of his path of destruction through the prelim rounds and how it was won.

should be good learnings for us Track-o-philes.

I'm not a match sprinter, but i do love the ins-and-outs of how they duel. feints and mind-games and blasts of ferocity ... oh my!

Speaking of the Hellyer'Drome ... and this is just for the locals ... what's up with the listserve peeing contest going on over there? There's an ncva version and a hellyer-something'erother version ... what the frack?

I mean, i know there's some sort of factional playground war between groups over there ... but ferchrissake, i just want the info on what races will be held when - on one list. And honestly, i want nothing to do with the turf wars going on over there regarding whatever they are regarding. junkadonk, can you just solve this somehow?

and please don't anyone comment about who did what to whoever else. i don't want to know any of it. just get the damn notifications on one list so we can be done with it.

christ, what a bunch of juveniles.

(ok, might as well piss a few people off with this post, too)

Continuing the track'ins ... Annabelle Holland placed 3rd in the Sprints, too. It looks like she ran into a bit of a juggernaut over there. But it's always hard to tell when you're just looking at results. Hopefully there will be a narrative surfacing of how her rounds went.

The Men's Pursuit didn't go as well for our 35 Men as we'd hoped. Holee crap, there were some fast mo'fos out there yesterday. We saw that the HellMan scorched a 3:41 earlier in the week ... a rather impressive 3 second gap over his nearest competitor. But, the 35 winner went another 3 seconds under HellMan's time. le' ouch.

Peterson was a solid 3:47 - with Palaez only 2 seconds off that ... also posting the 2nd fastest final kilometer of the entire group at a 1:10. That's bloody quick. Peterson is a scientist and did his run consistent and to his abilities. With more training and experience, he will drop a few more seconds next year ... but that winner at 3:48 ... shyte, that's a gawdamn specialist.

Reaney had an off day and it looks like he bagged his 3rd kilo when he saw he was off the mark. Ah well, there's still jerseys in his future. And with the slight possibility that Master's Natz might make it's way westcoast next year ... i see him pulling on at least 1 of those then.

The Madison's are up tomorrow, with more timed events today and, i think, a few more mass starts and sprints today. Can't wait to see how they tumble out.

NorCal/Nev CycloCross Districts ... looks like the new promoter, Crazy-Shane, out at Livermore has stepped up to put on the show for us this year. Right on. It will be perfectly positioned at Dec 8th and his crew will have put on a good number of races out there before then to work out kinks on the course and dial it in perfectly. I'm sure the DarkPrince Maile and Uber-Carr will help them with course design, as well.

By now, word has leaked out that the FunkDaddy has pulled the plug on his season because his herniated discs are back and sucker punching him. It's a shame after the sweet rides he put in last year ... however, i will not discount seeing him come December ... just a hunch.

The CycloCross season is nigh upon us. Being injured for the first few weeks sucks for my competitive juices, but does give me ample opportunities to play field reporter. I'll be tossing out coverages on the NCNCA CycloCross site, as well as submitting poo-bah's to

I'm sure each will edit ... copiously.



Marc said...


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sorry marc, never was good at those word games.

... "single digit finger"?

Robin Horwitz said...

We've got great events in 2007, several national champions from Hellyer and probably few Masters World Champion later this year.

We've got BJM who may be on the Olympics team.

We're blowing it.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

word on the track list stuff.

big congrats to Warren.

and too bad about Funkee.

cross, it will beat a person up, i reckon...

Marc said...

Woops. Just wanted to say the HellyerVelodrome list is the standard. Rick and Warren want control of this list and I said no, thats it. Just to prove I was not into this dust up, gave it to Jandy to run, and soon Im going to transfer ownership to him. He has promised to keep it neutral, keeping squabbles between factions off. KevinW and Farid have apologized and things should be fine now. Rick, and Warren still persist in running a second list. That is it. But the Hellyervelodrome list is bigger and will have more activity. The fact that this is going on is dumb. I can not see any need for the board to control a community-minded list. The fact they feel they need to control this does not sit right.

Robin Horwitz said...


Can we just at least solve this asap rather than wait?

I'm still confused with the 2 lists.

Think about the confusion this could have on the general community.

I know you meant well though.


jAndy donka-donk said...

I am working on it, seriously....

I will promise that you wont miss any info on the Hellyer list, but you will miss some on the NCVA. With the masses on the Hellyer it is hard to make a move without affecting too many people, and I only helped out for the riders that want to Race and not deal with BS...

If it was only a pissing contest there would have been a winner already. Voice of reason may have to wait for the elections to be over....

velogirl said...

elections don't solve attitudes.....elections just change the role of those involved.

btw, I'm not on two lists. should I feel slighted?

Anonymous said...

For the record - Kevin and I might not see eye to eye, but I had nothing to do with the "splitting" of the lists. I subsribe to both.

My main goal at Hellyer is the Tuesday JR's, that I've been running for 11 years.

Hey Olaf, JP LeClair from our Tuesday program did a 3:37 to qualify 1st at JR Nats then went out too fast in the final and lost in the last half lap and won the Silver (a 3:40). It was only his 3rd pursuit. He ended up w/ a Gold in the Team Pursuit - I think (?) in 4:41. Not bad for having the track closed all spring and riding the track once before Nat's. I'm very proud of him and all the JR's.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

So what i'm hearing is that there is a conflict as to who should "own" a mechanism of communication for the velodrome (in this case, a listserve).

Marc believes it should be an individual(s), while whoever started the ncva version (warren? the bod?) thinks it should be the NCVA BOD? Is that a correct encapsulation of the mess?

Personally, I think that all matters of race promotion and official track-bidness should be communicated through an NCVA channel. And, my recommendation would be for that to be either an electronic forum (ala ncnca's forum) or the actual Hellyer website. Website changes are often ponderous and a hassle for the individual(s) running them. But e-forums are easy, free, and instantaneous.

The Hellyer listserve can then be a community communication device as it looks as though Marc described it wants to be.

The point is, i think there should be a source of communication that is "official" for all track activities. Personally, I don't believe "ownership" should have anything to do with it. It SHOULD be used by the BOD, promoters of events, officials, etc ... basically, all people who actually run the events and NEED to get their info out to people.

I also believe that BOD e-communications could be on a forum, for the public to see. I recommend that all e-communication between BOD members be posted in a forum for public viewing, but with no comments available from the public so there would be no clutter on the forum. Community comments/discussion of the BOD forum could be in the Hellyer list, for example - or a separate forum for commentary could be established. But the BOD forum could be a clean, easy way for folks to learn what the BOD is talking about, planning, etc.

The BOD meeting minutes could also be posted there, etc.

whatever, that sounds confusing and a lot of work. and i need to get back to my job - so lates.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's cool Farid.

Didn't JP give it a whooping on one of those wednesdays or fridays just before jr natz? or was it just after?

anyway, from the pics i saw of junior districts ... that program looks to be strong. and, i've read BOD candidate statements that are really supportive of junior development.

looks like we're strong in that department. we just have to find the kids, i think.

i wonder if it's worth taking a look at having a NorCalMTB saturday session where we invite all the NorCalMTB kids and their coaches for a weekend of riding for free at the track?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oh - and Farid, don't act all innocent about you not causing splits and hair pulling.

that's total crap! i've seen you gather your crew around you at the track and get all jets and sharks out there.

that's cool ... i think a bit of rah-rah and groupthink is necessary to forge morale and unity in a group. but, it does create an us vs them mentality that can get people in trouble.

me? i prefer the slut-mentality.

love em all, and if anyone shows you hate, kick 'em in the balls.

Anonymous said...

18 year old JP and Ben Barsi-Rhyne, 15 year old Joel Shafer, and 14 year old Andrew Lanier JR all give regular butt whoopin's to their respective fields at Hellyer. Between the track being closed and 3 of them racing in Europe for thr Nat Team, Tour l'Abitibi, and family vacations - they have been out there on a limited basis. But then again, at their age - it's all about fun, not pressure. THEY ROCK!


PS The Nor-Cal MTB gig is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I never said I was innocent. I just had nothing to do w/ the list. I also don't start things, I finish them. Nor do I want to start a political shit storm on this site. If you only knew...... Another day my friend, we'll talk.

I do not tell my riders to race against anybody. The biggest challenge is always their inner self. We are intense, but we also try to bring people into track racing. I also have a method to help them tap into their race mind. Plus (yawn) because of some of the politics, we trust each other.

You are slut, I like sluts too.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

funny farid

Anonymous said...

The list is being brought down by the gossip queens and fairies who are flamers and trouble makers. You know exactly who you are, you are just weak folks who can not ride well out there at all, so you have nothing better to do but gossip and stir up trouble and conflict. You are babies and if I had my way I would kick your ass so hard you would not even come out to the track that I basically run.
Even olaf thinks he is so right and so on with his thoughts, but where was he many years ago when I was starting all this up. Many years ago that loser and gossip queen was not around here, and yet now he tries to influence stuff around here? What a joke.

Brian Peterson said...

Awesome for Warren.

Annabelle is tactically very, very solid. She rode very smart, very well, and she lost out on going to the Gold/Silver final by a tire width a couple of times. She had some of the most exciting sprint races I saw that day.

Pursuit... well, what can you say except there were some fast guys out there in our category, nice rides by them. Peleaz did his first one ever, and had a nice ride for sure.

Nap time.

Anonymous said...

You laughing at me or with me?



Velo Bella said...

So much for the request to not mention names and whatnot......

Velo Bella said...


that is so very sad.

Grow the sport by sharing your love and enthusiasm for it. Stop spitting in the faces of wide eyed newcomers.

jAndy donka-donk said...

I am just glad Farid's juniors have to use a super small gear.....

Marc said...

Um...that is the stuff I was keeping off the Hellyerlist. People get mad at censorship, but since the hellyerlist is for the community, race results, announcements, funny stories, board election stuff.

I think a pledge to put all board discussions on a blog is excellent. I hope you can get it done and if you dont, try on the next good idea you have.

Ps--I hope Mike Hardaway runs. it would be sad to see him go.

Anonymous said...

But Jandy, BB was in a 48x16 the other night..........


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

some anonymous said:
The list is being brought down by the gossip queens and fairies who are flamers and trouble makers. You know exactly who you are, you are just weak folks who can not ride well out there at all, so you have nothing better to do but gossip and stir up trouble and conflict. You are babies and if I had my way I would kick your ass so hard you would not even come out to the track that I basically run.
Even olaf thinks he is so right and so on with his thoughts, but where was he many years ago when I was starting all this up. Many years ago that loser and gossip queen was not around here, and yet now he tries to influence stuff around here? What a joke.

thank you for perfectly illustrating the point.

now go back to the kiddies table, it's time for grown up talk. we'll let you know when we're ready for you to come back and throw another tizzie.

"if I had my way I would kick your ass so hard you would not even come out to the track that I basically run"

jayzus ... there are people who actually think like this?

no wonder more riders don't come to the track more.

if i'd have known about this stuff before i came to the track, i wouldn't have either. luckily, I've been able to go out there and experience the beauty and fun of the sport and it bouys against such ... ridiculous behaviour.

ah well.

Velo Bella said...

I don't like the censorship.

I much prefer when assholes reveal themselves as such. (even anonymous ones)

velogirl said...

rather then censor this list (is that the right form of the word?), have two lists. one is an announcement list and the other is a chat list. the announcement list is read-only with the exception of those who are approved to post announcements about specific programs. the chat list is a free-for-all. censorship (whichever form) will just continue to create division.

Anonymous said...

If we should censor anything it should be your thoughts and words first and foremost.
Then it would be a level playing field.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

but you can, darling.

don't visit the site.

Marc said...

That is a good point.

Jandy has proposed this.

Censorship sounds really bad and Andy is moderating because I asked him to.

After the initial blow-up things have calmed. I dont think there have been any fall out messages for a week or more.

Maybe it is time to take the moderation off, once we hear Warren, Rick and Kevin will cooperate.

Seems so simple and easy.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see the track talent pool time BJM put in. He needs to keep working cuz those times won't do.

dr-nitro said...

The list is being brought down by the gossip queens and fairies who are flamers and trouble makers. You know exactly who you are

No, who are you?

Robin Horwitz said...


There's already a dispute going on about the talent pool and how they conduct the "tests".

You can do a search on that on and there's quite an amount of interesting discussion on that.


Anonymous said...

The problem with the talent pool is that standards are set for olympic champion level riders.

if you are not at that level, which almost noone is, you have to suck up

They should select based on agreed upon races.

that would be fair

glennzgarage said...

OV, et al,
I was talked into volunteerin’ the track again, just in time to help with a sweet program, witness upgrades, and catch the best racing Hellyer has had in 20 years. Getting back into it, I feel part ownership accountability responsibility (pick one) for how it goes down there. And I am absolutely embarrassed for us…

I feel I want to apologize to the likes of OV, and BP, and pab(aka), and Robin, and Warren, and Lar, and Rick, and Gunnar, anybody new, and any vet out there with good intentions… to anyone who is workin’ so we can run quality programs or race in them. I’m sorry everyone's efforts are tainted by a pool of egos not seeing a common cause... and the "sdf list war" remains not so innocent. This is not what I volunteer at the track for.

More new eyes were rightfully turned to Hellyer over these last few months. I’m sick to think of what they might now have seen. What decisions have been swayed to spectate, race, volunteer, officiate, donate, sponsor, or even to grant a championship event to Hellyer?

So l’ll refresh by saying this…
I will do what I can to continue to build and sustain Hellyer in ways I’m capable. I have faith in the people I see volunteering around me. We have a stronger competent faction than we have dissention. I ask for faith we can be more professional, and for a bit-o-rally from everyone to get there.

And, oh yeah… more ice cream is not such a bad idea.

Robin Horwitz said...


You've done more for Hellyer this year than anybody else has done for Hellyer in the lifetime.

My favorite story:

During the AVC one afternoon, few riders suffered tire blowouts. Glenn took the time during the break (4-6 pm) to clean the track inch by inch.

Turns out there were some shredded teeth from a gear laying around. That would've been a huge problem for the points race coming up that night.

Glenn's always the last person to clean up and close the track after everybody's gone home.


Anonymous said...

robin knows he's been there 1 year

glenn best racing in 3 years. 20? no.

Robin Horwitz said...

Was I talking about Glenn's racing abilities?

I'm amazed. I can write anything without realizing it.


Velo Bella said...

I think its this almost predictable knockdown of any track related compliment that I find so frustrating.

Compliment Shelly, someone anonymous has to knock it down. Compliment Ben, anonymous knock it down. Compliment the racing there lately, knock down. Compliment the volunteers, knock down.

Someone(s) must be feeling awfully undervalued and unsure of themselves to perceive each compliment as a threat.

broxster said...

I think Glen is the guy who did the inside of the rental bike container. All I could say when I opened it up a couple of Sat's ago for a beginners' session was WOW!

Kudos and many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sabine you are right and all of us at the track, at times, have been wrong. Including me.

The track is so F'ing rad and we need to act like we are lucky to have this resource.


glennzgarage said...

Thanks… but nix this “glenn did” stuff. I’m one tooth on the ring. The ring is the gear. Nev did wonders just talkin’ Safeway into going down to race…. It’s about the racing. Everything will be energized by good racing. Patch our flats and let’s get the bike movin’ forward.

Velo Bella said...

We had 4 bellas to the last Saturday. Bringing 7 this Saturday. There is lots of fun to be had at the track. The Sat sessions are awesome.

Now we just have to find a way to keep their interest after they do a bunch of Saturdays....

Anonymous said...

I agree with Velo Bella that Fella

why is there always someone feeling so bitter

why cant people just be happy

we should all have sex 4 times a day, with different partners

using different types of tools and positions

this will make everyone feel good and happy

Anonymous said...

tooling velo bellas?

Marc said...

THis is so great! There are 15 candidates for the board. Such great news! Dave McCook! Wow!

Marc said...

Woops, posted this before I heard he was in the hospital and 1st things 1st hope he is ok. Still GO David and of course vote for pedro and michael.

Anonymous said...

McCook is outta the hospital but can't remember anything about the past day (concussion). Besides road rash, no broken bones or bike. It happened doing Madison exchanges behind the motor at 40 mph. Shit happens and he's cool w/ it. If he remembers he is cool w/ it. Where am I?