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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

little bits

Nice little piece about Mara Abbot on VsNewz, just in case you haven't scooped it up yet.

one thing ~ could maybe the photog have let her know about the crooked Bell helmet? i mean, it's endearing as all get out to see that gingerbread smile and jaunty lil' skidlid notched akimbo ... but, might as well have the thing on straight for a national pub shot.

endearing, though.

Good attitude, fierce competitor, american fun and spunk. One of the heroes, i reckon.
- - -

Devolder named capitan' of the Disco squad for la Vuelta. Man, that's gonna be a intra-squad slugfest of a grand tour ... with Count Brakovich, Devolder and Danielson all looking for/needing (to larger and lesser degrees) results ...


don't think the support crew at that event is gonna have an easy time of it ... soigneurs, mechanics, masseurs may see themselves pulled gumby in different directions by those factions.

can't wait to watch. though, doubt we'll see any of the interweb'views like in the Frenchy version.
- - -

Giro d' San Francisco is this weekend.

grrr ... it's a race to dig and this boy is painted a bit blue that can't play with the other kids. I hope the Minty's get a big showing for their event.

doh, gotta scott ... need to make more time for the scribblins, dammit.


dr-nitro said...

Come, Piti, come.

Valverde, no Stuttgart for you!

Anonymous said...

Abbott is so fine

I want her to pedal on me all night long.

I know she can ride very good.

Ippoc Amic said...

swimmers are cool...

alicat said...

I really like everything she's said in interviews and hope to be lucky enought to meet or even race with her some day. My favorite quote was about racing nationals like a bike racer and not like a locamotive.

Anonymous said...

Oh she is a locomotive, believe me she is.

I like the fact she swims and wear's a bikkini.

Alden said...

Mara is one of the nicest folks you could ever hope to meet - I know her from my time running the collegiate cycling program out here in the west. Not only is she a stellar two sport athlete (hey wait, Amber Rais also came from swimming), but she also gives her time to collegiate cycling - she is a member of the Board of Trustees.

I also had the extreme pleasure of watching her (from the Com 2 official's car) demolish the rest of the Women's D2 field at collegiate nats three years ago. Back then, that was her first year as a competitive cyclist, and she was riding a janky old rustbucket (a mid-low range Bianchi). The gap just kept going up. 30 seconds...1 minute...1:30...and so on. She's just going to get even better as she sharpens her tactical skills. It'll be fun to watch.