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Monday, August 13, 2007

random apologies

fly bys ...

  1. Nate Parks stamped himself all over Patterson on Saturday. After hearing about his District RR manhood, i should have expected him to be swinging the meat this weekend.

    When we were going nowhere fast up that stupid headwind pass ... he would zoot from the back of the pack up to the front, doing the ice-glide prances all the way up.

    He looked effortless. I just had to sigh with a "well ... we know who's winning today."

  2. Esparto TT had ... moments of fun ~ but i mean, come'on, it was a time trial.

    Noteworthy, of course were the fastest men's and women's efforts of the day

    - MHutchinson with a blistering sub39-minute haymaker.

    - and, Christine Thorburn with almost going under 41minutes.

    those are sick fast rides.

  3. Didn't make it in time for the Scratch Race at the Hellyer'Drome's Natz Qualifiers. Only made it 10 minutes before the start of the Madison.

    scheduled partner had already grabbed a substitute, which left me running back to the car to get changed and a bike ready and Matt Martinez strong-arming somebody, ANYbody to team up with me.

    VINCE GEE was the man. He threw his hat into the ring to do an Endurance race with me. BooYah!

    We had a blast. Peterson and Palaez won it with some solid exchanges and timely sprints. With Peterson's ability to ride hard forever and Palaez's finishing kick ... good team.

    2nd place was RobEvans and GioRey. They were fighting to overtake P/P, but also had to worry about me and Gee rolling along behind them. It was a lovely bit of racing. They are getting smooth and Gio is happy with his fitness improvements. Scary team in another couple months. I hope we have more chances for these guys to practice their Madison.

gotta jet.


Anonymous said...

so close to a lap you and Gee had. P/P, were the team to beat, interesting if they head to Natz. Gio and Evans had some sloppy exchanges, amazing they didn't crash themselves.

WarrenG said...

P&P are doing masters nats, including the madison.

Nome Agusta said...

Nate is flying right now.

veloandvino said...

I want to play...

Nice job at esparto in the tt and getting back to hell.

Nate, he was a stud at District RR!

VinoKurtov said...

I thought the laying on of the wood by the 1-3rd 45's to their younger 35 counterparts at Espartoe was sweet revenge for the proximity, time-wise, to prostate issues until I saw the Chicklets time which caused a hip bath in ice water reaction.

You go girl. You go fast! Hey...wait up...


As far as Hootch, we should realize that when he returns to his home planet he's considered only fair by Tralfarmodian standards and is ridiculed for sandbagging a bunch of earthlings.

And can someone PULLEEEZE turn off those damn fans at Patterson?

veloandvino said...

hey vino tov..

I got a steady 40 job and crap loads of bill to pay..$12k dreamer days are long gone. best I can seem to muster at a NRC is a "Hi I'm Mr 35th place, can you please kick me in the head again?"
Next season will be mucho masters.

VinoKurtov said...


Planet NRC, that's what they call it in your native language?

If you rode down tube shifters when they were new and still see the top 50, know that we take great pleasure in pointing you out to our sig others and testifying to only losing by (XYZ) to that guy in (XYZ race.

Those jerseys would spiff up with some tie dye BTW. I still got my Hasbro kit if you want to use it.

Lyne said...
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