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Thursday, August 16, 2007

i need an aspirin

oy, too many days away from the interwebs ... it dulls the blade.

time to get some sharpening done.

Wednesday Nite Track Racing ~

I'm getting to dig doin' the Keirin, gotta admit. It makes for a slower evening when you have so many riders at the track, but ... it's a blast watching all the action. While not "officially" a pushed start from the holders, we all needed to occupy ourselves during the downtimes, so there was some heated battles between us holders as to who could shove their rider's booty the farthest.

I'm a fan of the booties.

Last nite we had 3 fields, all bursting with some good speed and numbers. Next week is the last of the Wednesday races, and I'm pretty bummed about it. But, maybe it will open up the nite for specific training sessions for riders prepping for Natz in a few weeks (what you think, Brian?).

Last nite, the C's were led by Jules Granshaw - she won 3 of the 4 events but finally attacked herself out of existence in the Points Race. Granshaw's first win was done the hard way by coming around Beth "i'm too sexy for my Quads" Newell in the Keirin final. What a race that was. Beth hasd drawn pole in her qualifier but tore the legs off the other kids and solo'd in with style.

She ran the same gambit in the finals, but was up against a very cagey and fit Granshaw who snatched 2nd wheel behind her with authority in the bumpings and swervings of the first couple laps of the final. If Beth could have had a rider who might have allowed just the slightest gap to open when the moto swooped off ... she probably would have held her 1.5 lap acceleration and won the event. But, Jules was never more than a few inches off of her wheel and put in a big kick at 100m to come around her the hard way. You'll be happy to know Newell held on for 2nd.

In the A Keirin, I drew moto in the qualifier and didn't mind at all. I really wasn't all that interested in bumping that early in the evening so just lead it out with a bunch of small accelerations to the finish line. Steve Palaez came around easily, he's just got a butter smooth transmission running right now. You can wear him down in something like a 100 lap Points Race, but if you're talking a straight up gallop to the line ... that boy's got some 6th gear.

But in the final, Palaez drew the moto and i think everyone thought that meant there was a chance to lay some whoop on his ass. The first few laps were safe, but there was definitely some action in the moto's wake. Reaney was spitting on the need for draft and rode 2nd wheel ... on the outside. So, basically - we had two motos for 4.5 laps. We had two lines riding along at under 30mph until the moto jumped off (moto should have been faster, i reckon) and then all hell broke loose. Martinez and I bumped a bit ... which is kind of like saying i bumped against an armored-HumV. But, Matt was kind enough to giggle and give me a bit of, "oh, here you go skinny lil' guy, have a spot ... so cute!"

So then, i was sitting golden 3rd wheel, but acted the complete fool and didn't jump outside to launch my sprint. What a dipshit. Instead, I got stuck down low and the swarm went right around me to the outside. I wouldn't have won the sprint, but I'd have been in the top 2 or 3. ah well ... mistakes are good learning blocks.

The Miss-n-Out was really enjoyable and has become one of my favorites. When I first started out on the track, i thought the race was retarded. But, since then my eyes have been opened as to how the race is great for training track awareness and positioning skills/timing.

The C event had Sabine trying to play the devil early, but found herself being out-deviled by that divine little succubus Newell. Newell loves to swing around the back of the pack and punch tickets. You can see it in her eyes - all squinty and smiling out of that black on black outfit of hers. But, those efforts ask a heavy price and eventually the debt must be collected. Newell was just pushed off the back when the speed was high enough on the last elimination lap so that she couldn't come any of the final 5. Still, a damn good race. Granshaw would win it in the sprint - ahead of that imported bit of Minnesota hotness, Karla Kingsley. Amanda S was also in there contesting the sprint ... making it 3 femmes out of the final 5 in the Miss'n'Out. Killer.

The B's saw a Davis rider, Blake Anton, solo for 2 laps to take the win. He punched it hard after the final elimination and held the gap with a good show of strength. Spine's John Ford keeps getting better and better on the track (winning the B final Keirin), but he wasn't able to close the distance to the Davis rider. My VOS bud, Steve "Sweet G" Gile was also in there contesting the sprint, but wasn't able to come around the Hammond or Ford in the final 100m. But, Sweet G had taken the earlier Scratch race ... so, we'll let him off on this one.

Our A race was pretty funny. Martinez was playing devil while a few riders switched off at the front to ride a more than decent tempo. Late in the event I shot out to finish off the final few riders before we'd get to our sprinting 5 ... but, like an idiot, never heard when we finally got there. I kept looking back trying to count riders, but boys would swish and swervle around back there and I thought i saw 6. Anyway, they rang the bell for one to go and i just did the best I could. Palaez came around with ease but i held off the pack for 2nd. Jim Ryan is finally getting his legs back as he made the selection and Joel Robertson is getting more and more comfortable in the mix as well. Fun race.

oh kristo ... away from the keyboards for a few days and i get all blabbity-blabberfest. Got about 400 emails to answer and shit to get done, but i'll try and up the entertainment value later today.


runjoelrun said...

That was fun last night. Twas my first and second Keirin ever. The second went a lot better than the first with the moto rider being very gracious with the lead out. Who is that guy that had the Brooklyn skinsuit last night? I know I've seen him at the track tons and he has lead some Saturday sessions as well.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's John Simmons, i believe. very, very experienced rider and looks to be getting fitter right now.

bad news for us.

Points Race was fun, too. Good riding out there ... though we did have another close one at that point when you and Steve brushed. Remember to look before you change your line.

And, you were much better about staying on your line when the bell sprint occurred - but i really wish you'd gawdamn think ahead and NOT position yourself at the front over and over again at the bell laps. Although it does help me in the sprints ;)

the improvements are really showing results, Joel. keep at it and lets have some good hard Points Race battles.

WarrenG said...

Small points, the speed of the keirin moto is set by rules. Up until a few years ago the moto would swing off near 32mph, but now it comes off slower so the riders can do more changing of position in the last 1.5 laps.

No one rider HAS to take the moto.

I wonder how many times Peter has done moto for a keirin. 400? 1000? And he'll be out there again today leading us around for our training, like he's done for others thousands of times. There should be a shrine for him somewhere.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

1st rider was taking the moto last nite unless another rider chose to take it from him/her. i think it's a safe way to do it and agree.

as for the speed of the moto ... it's not the last 1.5 laps that was the problem (actually there was no problem), it was lap 3.5 - 4.5 that was a bit dodgy.

I mean, SteveR is strong like bull, but he shouldn't be able to sit in the wind and pedal for 4 laps straight in a Keirin. Sort of defeats the purpose, yeah?

cuz, we had a comfortable double file line around the track for the entire race.

Shrine for Peter? I'm in favor. Mostly 'cuz he looks f-all dashing in that moto get-up.

WarrenG said...

We don't see it much in the USA, but in Japan, multiple lines are fairly common because the speed prior to moto pull off isn't high. But then, they endorse collusion with groups of 3 riders kind of helping each other. Ben Kersten's Diary

The ramping up of moto speed is essentially done by rules.

When the moto speed was higher it tended to be one continuous line of riders and when the moto pulled off it mostly stayed that way until the last 150m. The rider on the moto had a real advantage and there was plenty of fighting for that position. That's how Marty N won Worlds-a 450m razor (gradual acceleration to the line), hence his nickname, "The Blade".

With the slower moto we see more swarming and changing of positions during the entire final 500m.

Anonymous said...

Yeh joel, I concur with the wizard- good racing out there. You are definitely starting to get the tactics down. You were racing smart while still being proactive -very good to see. Now if I could just learn a few rules/tactics.

You mean we are not supposed to jump after the sprints in the points race? There was a moto in the Kerin? I thought that was Roman. Woops my bad. I'll figure it out eventually.

Sorry if I created a problem for joel/the field when I went up track.


Good racing last night - I got a great workout and I hope you guys did too!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yeah, Simmons tried that BladeRunner tech last nite and almost pulled it off ... against a pretty damn strong B field.

SteveR - great workout. and you definitely got all the points for the sprints ... after the sprints.

my lawd, you put me in the locker a few times with those.


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with jumping after the points sprints?


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

nothing, as long as you score on the next sprint.

basically, last nite was episode after episode of "There goes Steve ... chase Steve down ... sprint past Steve for the points!"

wash, rinse, repeat.

i'm tired.

Anonymous said...

I do not get any points! ;-)

Roman/moto at the track tonight?

no mike ussually (thurs.), but his spunk would help. His sprint is actually getting top notch, but do not tell him.

alright, I am going out for a 150 mile ride before the track tonight..


Anonymous said...

Got it


Anonymous said...

Marc Franklin has motored for the Kerins when Peter hasn't showed up a couple times.

Anonymous said...

hey its sandy, here is the website i was talking about...... the website is here

Steve's Chamois said...

Stop fuggin chasing me then!

shawn hatfield said...

I had a great time doing my first and second Keirin ever last night. That race is a perfect example of "easy to learn but difficult to master". In both races I spent a lot of time trying to come from really far back. Weee!

It was great watching Michael H. and Steve P. in the Keirin. You guys are inspiring to watch.

the old bag said...

I'm a fan of bootys, too...

...just sayin'

runjoelrun said...

Actually this time I didn't change my line until Steve came up track. I thought I reacted pretty reasonably at that point... went up track myself.

I think Mike saw a commotion and reasonably figured I was being bad again.

runjoelrun said...

Actually I wouldn't have moved for Steve if I hadn't seen those head butts he was laying out in the Keirin....

Anonymous said...

You mentioned four riders from the miss n out in the A group five up sprint who was the fifth?

runjoelrun said...

Group A Miss n Out
1) Steve Pelaez
2) Michael Hernandez
3) Jim Ryan
4) Joel Robertson
5) Andrew Nevitt
6) John Simmons

Anonymous said...

Olaf Vanderhoot said:

1st rider was taking the moto last nite unless another rider chose to take it from him/her. i think it's a safe way to do it and agree.

i think it's a "safe way" to do it and agree.

Geeeez...anything for a plug, eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh, so it was your teammate you failed to mention... why is that?