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Thursday, August 16, 2007


all i wanna do right now is get out on the bike and ride.

training, racing, sight-seeing ... whatever.

just get me out on the bike.

It's getting closer to the Big Basin epics. I can feel it. Hopefully the navigator will be kicking Stellar n' Krakulak's door soon and i'll get an invite out to the wilds.

6 hour cross rides are where it's at.

i can't wait.

But first, I've got some CalCup action to finish out with my BagBoyz. Dunnigan is this weekend, with a Suisun Crit chaser.

I'll just say i'm motivated. This month will likely be my last races in the 35's for a year, or two. It's looking more and more like i'll be able to focus on prosey road events next season, so i want to give these last races with my Safeway Geezers full-fukking gas.

Gawd i'm gonna miss that black.


Troy Walters said...

What's the word Michael? Who are you riding for next year?????

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hey Troy, long time no see! hope all is well up in the high country.

those AA juniors beating up on everyone?

as for next year, i don't know yet. it's too much work to try and find a group to ride with right now. so, we're focusing on finishing out the season as best we can. i know jeffe is super-bummed that he is injury'd out of these last couple months. it's about killing him.

but, we'll rebound and have some fun next year. you never know what life will toss you.

Baublehead said...

P1/2 is where its at. 5 laps of Copper is more fun that 3.

dopers suck said...

Olaf, you need something to scribble about? Did you hear the news about Giambi?

Jr. Curmudgeon said...

Count me in for a little West Ridge pain!

Anonymous said...

see ya at Dunnigan

geezer races won't be quite the same without ya


Anonymous said...

listen to this Olaf and be sure and have your volume tuned up

you can listen as well velo bella

i know you both groove to this beat

Anonymous said...

Hey the guy singing has the same hair cut as Olaf! I think it is Olaf in this video singing!

He is my boogie man for sure! That is if Velo Bella will share a little or maybe a 3 some of fun?


Anonymous said...

I took a listen to that link as well, and that is Olaf, I have seen him dance when he plays his piano, and thats him.

Anonymous said...

take a look at this one too, this proves it is Olaf singing and dancing(sort of) in these vid's, its Olaf and he is using a fake name fronting his bad.

Anonymous said...

"as for next year, i don't know yet. it's too much work to try and find a group to ride with right now."

You say this after saying that it is looking more and more like proseys for you next year? Come on. You are holding out. At least tell us how many teams you are chosing from... Cal Giant, Lombardi back to Spine? You know you and Dan are doing a package deal. Spill the freaking beans!

Your readers want (deserve) to know!

Anonymous said...

Olaf is going to sign with AMD

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

bauble - last time i did 5 laps at Copper, my ass bled for days. i think that was the year Meirheghe won it. then got his pee popped at Sea Otter a couple weeks later.


doper's suck - giambi? on steroids?

... now you're gonna tell me Bonds did, too.

Cudge - you know it!

JD - i'll still hit a bunch of 35s crits, though. too much fun to be missed out on. but, i just need to mix things up for next year so i'm gonna do some new races, travel to some different places ... you know, re-charge the batteries a bit.

Sarah - sign me up!

anons - i would rock that 70's disco suit so hard.

next year? the reason i say i'm gonna be able to do more prosey-action is because my buds aren't demanding I stick 35s. Here's a little secret, if Pasco kept Safeway running next year and still wanted to focus on 35's - i'd be racing it for him.

as for teams, thanks for the interest - but i haven't really talked with anybody. a couple of squads shot an email to me, but i think it's too early for anything happening right now.

cycling is in a weird state these days. it almost makes you want to just throw on t-shirts and race in high-tops.

but ... i'm a retro-grouch.

And ... lord knows i love me some Larry Nolan - but, there's no way i "sign" with AMD. They're like ... the cool kids' table at lunch.

and i was never near that table.

WarrenG said...

OV mentions all the fun races next year, but not a mention of a race with a bell every 5 laps???

And BJM won't be there every week because he'll be playing indoors with the big kids.

Last night... Of all the top guys that have raced at Hellyer in a field like that...It ended up looking like an open training session. Larry was even giving BJM his lap splits, ya know, so he wouldn't blow up and look silly.

Anonymous said...

Olaf is going to sign for SLIPSTREAM!
dont let him fool ya.