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Friday, August 17, 2007

devil in the details

zig heil!

ze Jensy-Juggernaut has conquered all of ze little people and vins der time trial auf Deutschland.

this cat is uber-alles, baby.

and i only adore him more for the zoolander expression in his canary yellow queer-suit.
- - -

So there's talk of Lippy transfering to Predictor-Lotto to join up with Cadull.


two of the least charismatic riders in the peloton join forces on the team that must be considered the red-headed stepchild of Belgian cycling.


But, there just aren't all that many teams out there nowadays, are there? Unibet folds, Astana is on the edge, Disco cries themselves a river ... that's a lot of people looking for paychecks.

dopers suck.
- - -

I know i'm a total terd-biscuit ... but, there is a strong possibility i will burn some mileage and head up to the great-white-north for that Star Crossed CycloCrit.

I know i don't even have a cross bike built yet ... and i probably won't even step over one until a few days before the event ... but, that's never stopped me before.

There's a skinsuit and a bag full of testicles waiting to spew all over the cross scene up there with the beautiful people. ... I mean, a Twilight Cross race? I'm so there.

bring me the beer garden.


dr-nitro said...

Yeah, looks like Jens has a gerbil hiding up you know where in that pic.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

and i dig the treasure trail heading south from that emaciated chest.

he is like ... eurotrash badassery

Nome Agusta said...

I am in 100% agreement with your assessment of the lack of Stage presence of "Cadull" and "Lypie".

At least they have Robbie and Freddie for the personality portion of the team.

Found myself a real Cross bike this year, and with a boat load of races 5 blocks from the house, it should be fun. I love riding to the race, and with the trail I don't even have to go on the streets to do it. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Horny. He's got more personality than all those other guys combined. And he doesn't give lame ass press quotes. He predict(ors) it like he sees it. And I like his shit-eating grin too.

KPM - too lazee to log on.

funkdaddy said...

re: star-crossed - heard great stuff about it, but i refuse to give cash to an event that has anything to do with johnny sundt.

ohhh i'm so amped for cx - new bikes, new team, and a kick-ass teammate for me.

but god, seeing all you guys kicking ass all year, i'm like...wicked scared.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, Starcrossed is one of my most favorite races that I have ever done. It is fast and relentless with no recovery. You'll be at home. I might suggest you do the masters race as you will have a lot of fun after the masters race during the kids races. Those Seattlites love to heckle us Nor Calis so be aware. Practice bunny hopping as Johnny likes to make the barriers hop-able at speed. I would go but we(sac) has a race that weekend. Have fun, Rich Maile