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Friday, August 17, 2007


last nite got to watch my girl race a 70 lap Pointer ... it was very cool.

After that, i paid a dollar a lap to get my ass twisted into a knot and have to pull out. Obviously my body was sending me some unwanted signals last nite after a couple days of hard riding.

Sucks to that ... you don't get often to run a nice long 100 lap Points Race against such a fun field. BJM was throwin meat around, BPG had Hooptie, Gio, and McBride in effect, AMD had BInnes and da'Baily uncorking, the StarBerries were giant with Reaney and Millah - and with a pinch of DelVell, the Langster, Big Nelson, and curious George ... it was a gawdamn good group to play with.

ah well. when the plug is pulled, it's pulled. midway through the first sprint the claws sunk in and i knew it was game over.

i hate rest.

anyway, here's some pics to lookey at:


veloandvino said...

nice pic's my fav is reaney, that guy can fill out a skinsuit.

Hooptie said...

My eyes are still crossed this morning. The AMD guys were real impressive. Vengence tonight Hernando?

Ippoc Amic said...

Bella looks good...and nice quad definition...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

naw Hoop, i gotta rest this back n' butt for the weekend's racing.

but, i'll be back out there next week.

definitely nice quads, ippoc.

Velo Bella said...

Shelly, even if she was still sick, was so impressive out there. Where does she get all that power? It was fun to watch the guys scramble for her wheel when she would take off.

Most impressive though, was Jen's oooey gooey brownies! Yum.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You calling me fat Hootch!?!? I'm sensitive. Gonna hurt my feelings. Good luck this week.

Better try something new and start stretching old man if you want to get over that injury... Glad you came out. Even if it was short lived for ya.

No more going easy on Ben.. ;-) I've got his number next time. The man-meat is go'n on next time I see him. Pinch me I'm dreaming.

Over the J/A limit again,

Brian Peterson said...

Rest? It's only a flat road race tomorrow... Aren't track races "openers" for roadies? You know, just spinning out the legs to get them ready for the race, kind of easy stuff.

And tonight is Madison night. Pelaez and I will be out there for a final brush up before heading to T-Town. Rob and Gio too, I hope.

X Bunny said...