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Saturday, July 14, 2007

the ups and downs

First and foremost ~ best thoughts out to all the young men and their families from out at Natz. You just hate to hear about that stuff happening.

let's hope it all turns out well.
- - -

had a great time at the Hellyer'Drome today. Us BagBoys were absolutely BUTTER smooth on our team pursuit.

oh yeah ...

it was sort of like 4 spaztic monkeys trying to hump each other.


SteveyReaney wasn't clipped in for his indy pursuit - but still turned a 3:47. It wasn't as fast as bigMickHellman's 3:40 ... but still a winning time for the 35s.

Me and Brian Peterson had a great little battle for the lower steps on the 35's podium, with me taking the first kilo at sub-stupidity pace and him gnawing me back with a kickass final lap. Two tons of fun.


The Hootch, Hellman, Saunders, Fahey team pursuit squad was awesome to watch. They rode conservatively and smooth in the 30s division, then strapped it on and rode full gas for the 40's. 8 seconds faster and winning both div's.

very cool.

Anyway, gotta shower and squeeze the woman.

Best wishes to all the injured youngsters. heal fast, brothers.


X Bunny said...

i heard a flowerchild did ok in the points race, too

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

What happened? I'm looking everywhere and have found zero news...

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Oh, found it. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

"4 spastic monkeys...."


Anonymous said...

Great job!! road, track, cross? mtb next, we'll see you doing duathlons soon.

nat news: Katrina Howard from NorCal's CVC team (10-12) won her second jersey of the weekend (TT Saturday and CRIT today) as did socal powerhouse Coryn Rivera (Kahala-Lagrange) win the 15-16 ladies (TT and CRIT). Next up, the road race on Tuesday for the young ladies.

Cal girls going for all three jerseys!

Our prayers our with the guys that went down in the RR. Get well guys.


Hooptie said...

Were there Nor Cal guys in the 17-18 RR crash? I dont see results for Ben B-R or JP-L...hope they are OK.

The Sage said...

Bro, hope all is well. Can you e-mail me. It's about the pic.

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

Hope those kids are ok...sad thing to have happen. Here's an article i found on it:

Sounds like fun on the track. SB needs to get a velodrome!!

Anonymous said...

Neither Ben nor JP were invovled in the crash. Andy G from Tieni Duro was released from the hospital today with a broken finger and severe injuries to his face. Rock's Justin Williams was also released today on crutches with lots of stitches in his leg.

DBC's Alex Wick sucked it up and rode the crit today with a severely strained shoulder... ace bandages supported the shoulder enough to allow him to pedal, but still wouldn't allow him to get out of the saddle. Consequently he spent as much time off the front as he could. He'll probably need new teeth from all the grimacing he did.

All the other norcal kidlets look like they won't be too much worse for the wear.


Anonymous said...

Ben was in front of the crash and JP actually was involved but landed on grass and was unhurt. JP said it was pretty darn horrific and had no desire to continue after seeing all the carnage.

He also said that the pack was 12-15 across (about 150 total) and his speedo was up over 60mph right before the crash.

But what was USA Cycling thinking having a downhill like that 1 mile after the start of a race where everyone is all pumped? I, unfortunatley, was not surprised to hear what happened. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

coryn is the most dangerous rider in california.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Sounds like everyone is in stable condition so far, so that's good. Nerves, wet, big pack and fast descents are a bad combo...

Anonymous said...

More on Andy's G's status from his Berkeley High coach:

"I spoke with Andy's mom lastnight and, unfortunately, Andy was one of the kids airlifted via helicopter to a hospital in west virginia. Apparently, there were so many kids hurt that the local ER's were all overcrowded so Andy went on a longer flight out of state. While they feared neck/spine injuries, he seems to be OK, but has a broken finger and some bad facial lacerations. He spent the night in the hospital and is flying home today. I feel really bad for him as he was riding great and would have been a contender in the criterium. However, we all need to be thankful that he is alive.

Apparently, Justin Williams flew down an embankment and severed his femoral artery in the groin and nearly bled to death on the side of the road. Again, fortunately, there was someone in a chase car that was able to apply enough pressure until he was airlifted to the hospital.

I had spoken with Andy last week after he had pre-road the course and he said he was a bit scared of the course as it was either a steep climb or a silly fast downhill. I agree that USA Cycling is largely to blame for this as the course was not appropriate - especially for a junior champ race during which every kid was probably riding beyond their limits and excited. One bad move, and over 30 kids go down....

I will see Andy either tonight or tomorrow and will let you know more than."

Andy (just graduated like our Nick) is one of our favorite NorCal kids, a great athlete, and his dad a tireless League timing volunteer.


Velo Bella said...

thanks for the update Mark, please send our best wishes to the kids.