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Friday, July 13, 2007

does Hellyer have wireless?

Tomorrow is the first big test of the GC riders.

The climb up the Colombiere isn't as brutal as what they'll see later in the race ... but, since the speeds will be so f'ing ridiculous, there will be separations and drama out there tomorrow.

the first big hit for all the GC chompers ~ oh man, that's gonna some good watchins.

Highlight reel as crashfest ~

i don't want to say it's been a Tour of Cat4 bike handlers this year, but fer'chrissakes ... that's a lot of unnecessary falls out there boys. I mean, it happens ~ so, you can't be too hard on these boys ... but man, if the first week is any indication -

the descending finish after the Columbiere is going to need a triage unit.
i don't know who the best descender of this crop of GC climbers is. I mean, it could be that Salvodelli is given free leash to uncork something, but i doubt it. But man, it's tough not to slip into hyperbole when talkin' up that boy's stone drops.

an artist.

i think it's because he's such a cool head, you know? always looking like he's got about 9 beats per minute and a curly haired, "just rollin along here, nothing to see ..."

it's gonna be a great stage tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I think la Falcon will get to spread his wings if Vino and Kloe's injuries are worst than we know.

will Disco dance?
will Horner and his boys dictate for Cadel?

we'll see...


Anonymous said...

In case rumors are making it back to Cali...

Turns out that the triage unit wasn't needed at Le Tour, but instead in PA. 175 junior 17/18 boys on a 50 mph descent can cause carnage... The norcal kidlets took some lumps. Something like 40 riders down, 2 life flights, and 10-12 transports. The road wasn't littered with bikes, but bike parts... shattered seatposts, folded Zipps, sheared off head tubes... the crash scene was 300 meters long.

Rumors are flying, but I can tell you this for sure: Transports for Spine's Joe Trujillo-- stitches to the left elbow, broken 2nd met in the right hand-- and DBC's Alex Wick-- massive trauma to right shoulder; Tieni Duro's Andy Goesling-- life flight with severe facial trauma but is out of danger per his DS, Alta Alpina's Heath Medieros-- road rash; Rock's Justin William's-- Life flight with a severed femoral artery. He is said to be stable now per Tieni Duro's Jason Kent who is at the trauma center with him in Pittsburgh.

For those of you that think, your thoughts for our kiddos are appreciated, for those of you that pray, we'll take those too.

Triage wasn't an exageration... the emt's were taking vitals, jotting them down on scraps of paper and sticking them in the kids bibs with transports numbers written on them... this kid goes first, etc.

figured this was the best place to kill any rumors that have made it back to Cali.

Steve Wick

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oh crap.

Steve, so sorry to hear about all that.

please keep us posted and thanks for the details.

just horrible.

Brian Peterson said...

re: PA kids

This news totally bums me out.

My thoughts out to all those injured, especially those critically. I wish them all speedy and full recoveries.