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Thursday, July 05, 2007

random quickies

only got a couple minutes, so ~

  1. Friday Night Racing tomorrow!

    yeah, baby ... looks like the show is on. Hellyer'Drome is calling. Thanks to Marc F. for sporting the promoter cap and keeping Jandy out there racing.

  2. i may be getting some relatively hooptie track wheels if the stars align. I paid for the upstairs to be painted, she pays for a set of tread. that's love.

    unfortunately, putting a set of bling-bling wheels on my shitball-circa-1992 track bike will sort of be like tossing a set of those stupid spinning rims on a rusted out Ford Fiesta.

  3. Smithers has a TdF pool, CatWon is calling out winners via some calendar system, and I'm still wondering when they're going to release the f'ing verdict about FLandis' pee test.

    I mean, it's been a gawdamn year without resolution of this crap. What a farce.

  4. When is Greg Lemond going to come out with the breaking story of his pending sex change?

    I mean, a Tour can't go past without him moving into center stage.

  5. Carrera d'San Rafael this weekend, folks!

    My picks?

    men p1/2: BJM (cuz i'm gonna force him not to lap the field 12 times on the track at Hellyer Friday)

    Wom p1/2: LaLa (cuz the rest her team will be doing the NRC crit in the morning and she's gonna go apeshit OTF while they mark everything behind).

    UltraGeezers: AMD's McKinpoof ... even with his obnoxiously hairy legs and 42% body fat, he's prolly gonna storm away from the field this time. It's home turf for the exP and having seen his mile long accelerations these past couple weeks, I don't know that anyone can match him.

  6. Sonoma Cougar Mtn circuit race whateva ... yeah, i'm doing it and want to see just how much salt i can leave on the tarmac.

oh shyte, gott jet. lates!


merckx said...

How did you get the track racing back on? When I look at the calender it still says "No Friday Night Racing this week".

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

They sent an email through the Hellyer list serve thingey.

hopefully the word will get out to all those not on that list.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

ok, i've got the wheel thing figured out...

you have a trispoke for the front, I have one that is easily converted for the rear. then we put them on a tandem and we both have a nice set of track wheels!

Ippoc Amic said...

not a calendar, just a breakdown of what the points are for each correct pick...trying to be creative...

Anonymous said...

That is really low of you to even mock Greg Lemond over his sexual abuse issues in his past. Come on, that shows no class at all, if it was a female being raped you would be all over it making yourself look good by showing support, especially if it was a young girl being raped. But with Lemond you make light of it and talk as if it has no importance at all, and you show no mercy. This shows me your true colors and that you really talk and write as if you try to impress and be cool instead of being fare and understanding. Maybe if you have a boy and he gets sexually abused you will understand Lemond's courage and class to even address this occurance in public. Lemond is one of the all time great cyclists, and there is no one in today's peloton that is even close to him in results accomplished. Yet you put him down? I am thinking you would not do the same if it was a female champion that was raped. Show some class please. I have two daughters and a little boy, and if you ever made light of them in this way, if they had been abused, I would ask my husband to forcefully make you show respect to those who have the courage to speak out about these sensative issues.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Anonymous said...

who is La La?

i agree with anon.
that soapbox is getting precariously high.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it unplausible that LeMond would have a sex change?

So wouldn't that make it even more obvious that the joke is about LeMond being a pub hound?

And isn't LeMond being a pub hound a pretty fare statement?

Jeremy T. Arnold said...

Easy Kids. That had nothing to do with abuse as far as I can READ. It was a comment on publicity.

It's obviously terrible what happened to GL as a child. But I assume this was a comment on his recent habit of calling out the current generation of cyclists in a seemingly strategic fashion over the past few years. And him and Kathy throwing everyone under the bus. The second part of that comment kind of gave that away.

It's great that the Mothers are willing to get their husbands to "forcefully make you show respect." It's always good to finish up comments with veiled threats of violence.

Beat that sensitivity into them MOM.

Now THAT'S classy. Mixed messages off of a mis-interpretation.

Alden said...

McKinley won San Rafael eons ago in the 90s when he was riding for Coors Light. Lapped the field with Gaggioli, if memory serves me right (I'd have to go back to the videotaped tv coverage I have - some dude was racing on a Softride, if that gives you any context for the era). It looked like it was Davis 4th of July hot that day.

The track will be fun tonight. Jen's cookies are all that and a bag of chips. Yes, they're that good.

Hooptie said...

Lala = Rachel Lloyd...last years winner.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked and disturbed by your heartless, cruel attack on a guy like Smackinley. So what if he's not aging as beautifully as you, you little daffodil. So what if he can't say no to that second patty of butter on a stack of hotcakes on a Saturday morning? That doesn't mean he's not a nice person. Ok sure, somebody should tell him not to stuff his chubbiness into a skinsuit anymore, but can't you forgive the guy for getting a little lost in memories of what once was? You should be ashamed of yourself you anorexic freak. Eat a hamburger already. You make me sick.

Anonymous said...

who was attacking McKinley? I don't see that anywhere.

the soapbox comment is referring to more than the GL/publicity hit. sometimes this blog becomes sickeningly self righteous.

have fun at the track y'all

PROMANgirl said...

you will here La la Lloyd (hernando named)sing the national anthem before the start of the carrera mens race. She has done this on many occasions at NORBA national races, she has a beautiful voice!

Nome Agusta said...

Ooh! Smack down at Hernando Town!
And all done my Nano Mooses.

WTF! Come out from behind the bush and get an identity. Or shut the Eff Up! Chicken Shit!

jAndy donka-donk said...

Hernaondo wears pink socks and looks like a 12 year old boy with laugh lines.....

had to get in a few punches while it was shit talk in comments section day...

Anonymous said...

I was originally offended because I thought you were insinuating that GL needed a sex change because only a woman could bitch that much. And that would be a mean thing to say about women.

But I decided that wasn't what you were saying.

Because -- look -- Greg Lemond is a publicity seeking b*tch. Not because he was molested, but because he bitches too much. About everything.

Maybe you should have said something like, "Lemond will announce his attempt to jump the Grand Canyon on July 7"

Hooptie said...

How can people hate Greg so much...but love Lance, Floyd and Tyler? Must be the same people who voted for Bush.

Viva Greg!

dr-nitro said...

Before Lemond jumps the Grand Canyon, he will discredit Evil Kinevil as a doper and a cheat.

Damn, he inspired me to ride in the 80s, and now he saddens me. Lemond, that is, not you Hernando.

Anonymous said...

Nome Agusta is a shy under 4 feet tall tuff guy who is part of the UFC. Under Four-feet Cycling league. You know it is write to be tuff time if Nome is doing some smack talking.

And I am thinking Hernando wants the sex change thing for himself, so he can finally get all the...... p----y he can handle.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

in the immortal words of Woody Allen ~ "i was the best i ever had"

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