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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hi, i'm Sucky McSucksuck

some days you're the boot, some days you're the butt.

... and let's just say, yesterday there was a big ole' ass-crack running down 'tween my eyes.

Bad lines in turns, bad tactical judgments, bad timing on attacks, weak attacks, bad legs, bad speeds, and maybe the crappiest leadout since ... last weekend's crappy leadout.

shynola and waa-waaah.

morale is everything.

late in one of the races i'd gone off the front on a course that, normally, i would have railed. The Davis Crit has about 46 turns in it, just the right amount as i get all those micro-rests that allow me to keep big power on the pedals.

but yesterday? nothing. And when there's nothing, the evil thoughts creep in and bang around your head, disrupting concentration and dissuading with doubt full effort.

"you shouldn't have doubled up yesterday..."

"you're not handling this heat well..."

"this move is a stupid waste, why didn't you get someone on your wheel..."

"did i leave the oven on?"

- - -

On the way to Davis I saw Woolie in his sporty-spice car.

Come'on now ... don't you just wanna roll him up in a bit of canadian bacon and chomp?

- - -

PROMAN took it to the women's race again. It seemed every lap they were switching off on the attacks and making the field chase. May i mention it was over a hunner't on the f-enheit scale?

LaLaLloyd was the eventual solo artists (though i couldn't get a picture of her 'cuz i'm retarded) ... showing some pretty big form after winning the Elite crit last weekend. If she can carry this fitness into Cross season? holee crap.

Behind was Yukie Nakamura of Tibco and KristO Drumm of PROMAN. Lloyd could have made it much easier on herself by sitting up and waiting for those two .. but, i think she just was feeling anti-social, so kept the gas on and won it the hard way.

In the field, MetroMint did a HUGE amount of chasing all day long. It was a bit frustrating to see them not following the attacks and forced to respond by drilling it at the front, over and over again. But, I do like that they don't shirk away from their responsibilities. Lightfoot, Van Howlesalot, The Jane, and Big Eaken would take turns pounding away to chase down the PROMAN attacks.

it looked painful.

Another good Cross rider looking like she's made a jump in fitness is the fair-haired Sarah Maile. An excellent bike handler, it seems as though she might be getting that core of power that very well may put her into the top level once the "real season" starts in a few months.

Good to see.

The high today in the sCruz will be 79 degrees - Sunday's circuit race will be 90+ ...

paradise has its costs.
- - -

And in news of the awesome ...

Shelley Olds got the call yesterday from the Olympic Training Center.

Go Shelley Go!


nosajpalnud said...

i'm feeling pretty pathetic about not layin' it out at the end, especially with gas in the tank - played the poker hand way too tight when everybody was checking and should have raised.....

jAndy donka-donk said...

You forgot to post the news that friday is back on....

Marc stepped up and said I could race instead of help, so I may race now, may still help Marc...

In the few days going over my first night promoting. I went through the ideas of bring your own trough beer night, a disco night (with disco lighting), differents race formats and Marcs idea of last person standing 6-day stylee....

I have been trying really hard to stay out of the promoter world because you kinda get stuck there, but fun friday nights are calling me.....

Robert said...

Can I copy and paste this into my race report? :) OK, the E3's was about the same. Yesterday I was riding through treacle.

Before the 3's, I had contemplated staying for the geezers race but after finishing 10th (thanks to final turn chain ship and a builder boy switch in the sprint) I needed about 15 litres of IV fluids before I could speak, let alone ride my bike again.

I should drink more beer the night before.

Good news about the track though.

Velo Bella said...


The spycam photo of Woolie is awesome

Ippoc Amic said...

awesome news about Shelley...

banks said...

Cross as the "real season"? Heresy, I say, pure heresy.

chatterbox said...

yay Shelley!

Dude, you should have skipped the frying pan crittage to hang with VB. The sushi/mountain biking day sounded most excellent.

Anonymous said...

it was hot in Davis...

btw, Kobayashi was defeated by Chesnut setting a record of 66 hotdogs..Chesnut is a local boy form San Jose, CA

i know nothing to do with cycling but it was freaking competition yesterday!

X Bunny said...

anybody else remember the year they were hosing down the peloton after turn 1 and were allowing feeds?

careful--this will me you will be admitting to be at least as old as me

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

XBun got so overheated yesterday that her sentences are broken today....

BIG shout out to Shelley, that is just too too cool. It is more than a wee bit gratifying to know that the people who collect our liscence fees, etc, are paying attention to something that matters....goShelleygo!