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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Random pics o' the weekend ~






Grey said...

man, noone's commented on these all day...? wtf? great photos.

that photo of the pink/black tiemeyer, don't know the rider, but that's a sweet shot--for those who appreciate something a little abstract.

wish i could have been there saturday, but what great racing! i saw your bad madison exchanges, but frankly you held your own against some very experienced trackies.

and what else other than more hyperbole is there to say about shelley olds on top of those podiums? on a day when we've had to reflect on the shadows behind our protour heroes, it's inspiring, no?


Velo Bella said...

Thats Cari Higgins and thank you.

I was sad that the pics were languishing

but appreciated the irony nonetheless

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oops, didn't credit the pics to Sabine ... but, she never credits my pics either, so...

and now we need to have the discussions about how young Shelley adapts to all this growing notice.

pressure is just fine ... if you've the tools to deal.

she deserves chance to develop them.

Brian Peterson said...

I love the picture of Rob.

I probably lost a few thousands of a second on my 200m TT because of my number pinning, thanks Mike for helping get them straight. :-)

The pink on that Tiemeyer is the pink from some 1960's Fender guitar, picked by Cari's husband.