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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Check it out, ya'll.

The AJM has the big prize list coming along nicely. That's right, for a few dollars you can enter into one of the coolest raffles you'll ever be a part of.

Details of the raffler are here, including how to purchase tickets, what the prize list is as of today, and when the drawing will take place.

As we all know, this is a benefit to help offset some of the many, many, MANY thousands of dollars Andy has knocking on his door from the crash in that crit a while back.

So, do yourself a solid and snatch up some tickets ASAP. You'll probably win something killer and you'll DEFINITELY be notching up some good karma points for that next race of your own.



Anonymous said...

Doesn't AJM's employer in MH have him covered by health insurance? or is he currently unemployed? I'd think if he had health insurance then his out-of-pocket medical expenses would be small.

Anonymous said...

Niggah Please.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

check out Moore's "Sicko" for ideas on current HMO practices.

i think AJM said his med bills are going to be in the $250K + range.

the costs out of pocket of that growing stack is pretty ridiculous.

X Bunny said...

most insurance is only going to cover 70-80% and when your bills are in the mega-thousands, 20-30% sure adds up

but many will have a cap on total yearly out-of-pocket costs for the individual

doesn't sound like AJMs had that

Brent said...

yah its pretty freaky when you consider how much insurance kicks in when your costs are so high.
Under 50K of costs seem to be ok and the "general" cost of a crash. In this case with multi 100K figures, Ill bet they will cover less than 50%..

Good new. BJM won today at cascade!

windblocker said...

I'll add AJM's site to my weekly tuesday night reminder.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

christ, Ben's on fire.

let's see how he rips that TT.

coolio, WBlocker.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being ignorant. I didn't realize his total was that high. Yes, and some employers have limited options on medical coverage.

It's probably about time I studied my own policy and options more closely as open enrollment comes around.

AJM said...

Thanks for the plug, Olaf! We're also adding new super-special prizes (think "something RAD I can't buy for any amount of money") that will be announced soon. The single biggest contributor will win one of these prizes along with all the chances to win everything else in the drawing... Pretty sweet!

And yeah, insurance does NOT cover everything. I'll be in the hole big-time from this crash. Most expensive flat tire I've ever gotten...

goldijm said...

And don't forget to add MedPay (read Medical Payments) benefits to your auto insurance policy. If you are in an auto accident, OR YOU ARE HIT BY AN AUTO WHILE RIDING YOUR BICYCLE... your standard health plan likely won't want to cover your 'auto accident' expenses. Here's where medpay comes in. most people get 1-5K in coverage, but consider a heli ride, a week in the ICU, surgery, chiro care, PT, etc... you might want more like 50K or 100K in coverage there.

I'm glad I just added that to our policy weeks prior to a stupid rear-ender. I had to go to the hospital for a few hours of monitoring to make sure the baby in my belly was ok. My health insurance won't cover it and so Medpay kicks in. Haven't seen that bill yet, but likely 1-2K.

Anonymous said...

so what IS the major prize? a date with JoJo?

AJM said...

Negative on the date with JoJo... The prize will be even better!! Besides, the hint was something rad (yes, that's there) that money can't buy. You can pay for a date with JoJo with cash, yes??

X Bunny said...

i guess jojo would have to answer that question....

ginmtb said...

I have a couple of Benjamins burning a hole in my wallet - that enough for a date with JoJo? I mean, we now know what type of girl she is, just negotiating the price... :)

I wish people would keep this raffle thing a bit more hush hush - it would improve my chance of winning something gol dang it.

Actually, the odds are pretty good. 1 in 500 if you only buy one ticket.

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