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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

poor Georgey ...

all those years trudging away at the front for L'Armstrong...

and now, when it looked like the next two days of the Tour would be the ripest, the juiciest of pickens for boyblue to shoot out for a stage win ...

he's called back to freightline the peloton so Bruyneel's Spanish Wonder and the Levinator can slurp up podium punch.

poor Georgey.

because it sure would have been nice to rinse out that bad taste of the climbing stage he won [took?] from Periero, wouldn't it? Instead, it's going to be Disco in the wind, for the next two days ... protecting the jersey that will have the biggest of asterisks next to it for generations to come.

I'd have Popo attack tomorrow ... from the gun.

I'd have him pull out all stops to make the break and put pressure on Lotto to drive pace all day long, hoping to keep that Ruski away from anything resembling a podium.

I just wonder how much morale there will be amongst the sprinters' teams to stay at the front and burn crotches for a result. Maybe they will and either Disco or Lotto will get a-sis-tance. Or maybe Disco will take up control from the start and ride tempo to keep the inevitable break within' spitting distance ... and all will run according to formula.

... or, maybe there will be some crazy ass protest and riders will wander around in amazement, bemusement, impatience.

It don't much matter ... i'll watch, all the same.

But I'd love it to remain an attackers Tour. I'd love to see more risk and mayhem out on those roads, forcing panic and determination ... and sacrifice.

Because I want this Tour to have asterisks next to it. Asterisks marking it as Turning Point. I want this to be the Tour remembered as the one that put cheaters on the run and against the norm.

starts the change of culture
- - -

Will Contador where [wear ... smarty pants] Yellow tomorrow?


Velo Bella said...


and I think he should

Velo Bella said...

when you leaving?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


see you at the ranch, lovely.

dr-nitro said...

Love the Pantani shot. Probably thinking, "damn, some of my EPO was in the Festina car."

Anonymous said...

Nome Agusta was so right, Rassmusen would lose all.

I will give it to you Nome you were spot on for this one, even though Rassmusen was the best climber and the yellow jersey owner, and I guess the best medically enhanced rider as well.


Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris should ride the Tour.

He would win not by pedaling harder and faster, but by scaring his bike to roll faster.

If that wouldn't work he would roundhouse kick all his competitors in the head.

CyclistRick said...

ahh, Pantani. We were in Italy when he died, and a lot of folks thought he was a victim of the system. Perhaps. I was really surprised when we visited the holy Catholic shrine to cycling, the church of the Madonna di Ghisallo in Magreglio, and there on the altar was a picture to pay homage to their home boy. Guess all was forgiven ;-)

Ippoc Amic said...

definitely a watershed year...GH is as clean as ???; only not as lucky...I liked Pantani's ears before he clipped them...

Little_Jewford said...

Le Equipe poll:

"can cycling be saved from dope"


70% - No

well...maybe its not to late for golf...

Anonymous said...

It's not too late for Chuck Norris!

dr-nitro said...

L'Equipe produces some rather irresponsible journalism, thus it is not surprising that it's readers say this. Plus, full on selection bias problem for those who decide to answer the poll.

This needs to be covered as a problem of professional sports. What we are seeing is a sport that is trying to clean itself up and change nearly a hundred years of culture. Cycling is doing more to stop doping. Simple fact. That needs to be recognized. More painful news will likely follow over the next year or two, probably, but what do you expect, miracles? Oh we'll invade Iraq and they will welcome us with open arms and flowers.

WarrenG said...

Pro Baseball, football, basketball, track and field, triathlon, tennis, soccer, horse-racing, nascar... "You want the truth? You (American sports fans) can't handle the truth!"

Cycling can. We're just that much different.

Anonymous said...

You think Chuck Norris would do well in the tour, imagine Bruce Lee. There is someone who could do it all naturally and would attack and attack until his bike either broke or simply levitated off the ground from his pure power and strike force.

Anonymous said...

just remember me and Nome Agusta told you all how it was going to go down, even if it went down differently then we told you, but had the same outcome

Anonymous said...

It is all about going down, like i go down on my girlfriend.

WarrenG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fuji rider said...

I would LOVE to get LeadOut (Sir Coach Camarena) point on this...


I say, no promale tour next year, only the ladies do the full tour with full support of the protour male sponsors, media etc. Top 20 ladies teams in the world or top 5 teams from each country (up to 30 teams) with set of 6 riders per team.....

let the men sit down one year from TdF....

ladies pro racing kicks ass!!!


WarrenG said...

"Vino is a dirty cheat who they ought to suspend for his lifetime..."

"You know who hides themselves, who disappears for three months and all of a sudden can fly."

"It is possible to ride the Tour without doping. And to ride and win, too. And Cadel Evans proves in my eyes that you could win it without doping."

-Tom Boonen 7/26/07

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris would use his beard to fool Bruce Lee into striking the wrong objects while Chuck round house kicks him to the head. But Bruce Lee would win the Green Jersey and the final stage levitating over his bike - and Chuck Norris would round house kick everyone to the head.

Anonymous said...

BTW You better agree or Chuck Norris will round house kick you to the head.

Anonymous said...

"Cheaters and dopers? I'll round house kick them to the head!"

Chuck Norris

nosajpalnud said...

or maybe just a lawsuit

fuckin' soap opera

Anonymous said...

If the ladies did the TOUR it would not work. Todays stage took 6 hours 30 minutes for the fastest men. That would be about 8 hours for the fastest women, and all the other women would be 9 hours and basically couldnt even handle the distance. The women are not as strong, and they could not handle the distances, look at the results, most of the men could not even deal with the brutality of it all. Women talk a big game but if they tried the same distances it would take all day for the stages. They would over work themselves with too hard a work-load and their menstrual cycles would stop and the ASO would have to go to court to defend themselves. Also there would be like 20 fans on the climbs, and those would be family members or sex predators checking out the chicks with their jerseys fully unzipped from the heat, and they would spray water all over them to have a wet sports bra contest as the women pedaled by, but that wouldnt even be at all exciting as most of the cycling chicks are flat chested anyways. Ladies pro racing does not kick ass, but if they raced in their G strings there would be some nice ass on the climbs. The only way a Lady Tour would go is if it was the Ladies of Playboy doing the riding, and some of it would not be bicycle riding, but another kind of riding. If the Tour was for women it would be a bigger mess then it is now, imagine the whining and crying and complaining from the women and there would be even more drama then there is now.

Im Pro Women

Anonymous said...

i have to agree, the women would get so worked over on a full tour

they would have to start the stages at 7 am

and some of the stages would take so long for the women to complete

i can see it now, the peloton is going along at a pace i see in some of the womens races, and it would take forever for the group to cover the distance

not going to work

Anonymous said...

I like the Playboy Playmate Football action during the half-time of the super bowl. That really worked for me and to see those giles tackle eachother in their underwear was nice. Maybe Playboy Playmate cycling could actually work for the Tour? They would have to get creative with the cycling kits for the freaks, but I am sure they could figure something out.

Anonymous said...

This is good, if we could have Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee fight it off, with Playboy Playmates cycling up hills and doing sprints for points, think of the ratings this thing could have. I think UFC cage fighting girls on bicycles is going to be the end result of Pro Ho's suggestion for a womens tour.

Nome Agusta said...

I said the Chicken would lose both jerseys, didn't expect it to be like that.
Certainly would rather have seen it happen on the bike than by stupidity and cheating.

I guess one could say that the French teams may be the only true clean teams in the tour. I don't recall any riders from a French team winning a stage.

Bruce Lee would kick Chuck Norris's ass in the tour. He is lighter and would be able to climb better. Norris = Sprinter.

funkdaddy said...

it's not over yet...Moreni is positive and Cofidis is gone.

i think Boonen will be in yellow by the time they get to Paris.

funkdaddy said... much for the french teams being clean

sorry nome

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone assume that women are any cleaner than men. Given the same incentives they might be just as likely to dope.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Lee has fast hands but Chuck Norris would round house kick everyone in the head and walk the climbs and win. then he would round house kick the podium girls in the head and eat the flowers, of course after he round house kicked them first. Plus everyone would be afraid of his beard and it's powers. After that, because of his virilty he would have sex w/ every woman racer in the tour and then round house kick them in the head for good measure.

Anonymous said...

One last thing, Bruce Lee is dead probably from a round house kick to the head.

Anonymous said...


All so very true...


dr-nitro said...

Holy Sheeite, Al Trautwig just accused Contador of being a cheat, using the same stupid logic that he performs, he must be a cheat. I can't believe this idiot gets paid to cover the Tour.

Anonymous said...

UCI's power game sucks...trying to drag down TDF...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe "Dr." Nitro is a teacher, much less one who teaches logic or knows anything about it. Hard to believe he's a Cat 2 also. Guess he must be from somewhere where not too many guys race. Chuck Norris would jump spin-kick "Dr." Nitro, then dig up Bruce Lee and his son, and eat all of them.

Anonymous said...

Even though Chuck Norris isn't a good climber, he round house kicks alpe d'huez in the head and says lay down! And Chuck Norris rides downhill going up Alpe d'huez.

There are Alps because Chuck Norris had sex with the Alp.

Nome Agusta said...

Chuck Norris is on one who is clean could round house a mountain.

Bummer about Cofidis, but isn't Moreni Italian?
Edit, the French on the French teams are clean.

Cofidis has been a major contributor to the whole problem. I recall and article several years ago that that mentioned Cofidis in the 90s was giving drugs to the riders that caused testicular cancer. Wasn't there a rider that was briefly on Cofidis just before a severe bout with testicular cancer in the late 90s? I don't remember his name...I think it rhymed with ants or something.

Anonymous said...

You guys with your stupid Chuck Norris-Bruce Lee crap. What about Jean Claude Van Dude? Jackie Chan? Nun chuks? Jet Li? The Rock? Come on fellas, get with it.
Is Chuck Norris really the father of the Alps? Cool.

dr-nitro said...

Trautwig said that he felt that he should not be able to do what he did. Who the hell is this guy, who cannot commentate his way out of a bag, assess what is possible for a cyclist. I have a pretty good idea, given that I rose to the rank of Cat 1 getting points in races with 7-11, Subaru-Montgomery, and LA Sheriffs riders during my brief period of being a Cat 2.

I teach stats and research design, because I've taken several graduate level courses in stats and research design, and published several studies using analytical skills, not innuendo, which some people apparently think is evidence. It's already a soap opera enough, with the federations and race organizations acting incredibly unprofessionally.

If exceptional performance is the evidence of cheating, then we would be watching a bunch of mediocre cyclists. And that said, Trautwig thinks that Evans is clean, however his performance has been quite exceptional. Where's the bar for exceptional performance?

Trautwig's comment was uniformed, and quite frankly, unprofessional. This is a fight that needs to be won with cold hard evidence (which includes finding that someone lied about avoiding doping controls) collected by professional organizations acting professionally.

Nome Agusta said...

I agree with Doc Nitro.
Evan's performance has been stellar considering he is a bit big to be a climber and riding along side guys that are 14 to 18 lbs lighter. That's a whole bike for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see Trauwtwig, he clearly demonstrates he knows little to nothing about bicycle racing i.e. tacticts, attacking,
countering, etc. Why he is allowed
to make stupid comments like that
I'll never know.

Also, me thinks one should have to
identify themselves if they are going to attack somebody on somebody elses blog.

Stupid anonymous idiots!

Nome Agusta said...

Oh good one, I am switching favorites.
Jet Li...he is "The One".

Eff Bruce, he couldn't even survive a little headache.

WarrenG said...

Actually, the performance of Evans and LL have not been exceptional for them. Their power numbers and lab tests don't show significant changes in ability, only small changes during the last few years.

A major reason for their higher placings in this year's Tour is because there are fewer riders around them who are either extremely talented and/or doping.

They have both ridden conservatively throughout the Tour while some others have not. These two guys preferred to save themselves as much as possible for the Pyrenean stages, particularly the one yesterday.

Guys who have ridden well above their previous ability are highly suspicious at this highest level of the sport. We also see some guys who are nowhere near as good as they were when doping was more attractive.

I think it will take a season or two for previously-doped riders to learn and make the appropriate adjustments to their training and race schedules that will help them race better than they are right now.

Anonymous said...

why are you all hating on me? at least i'm cuter than levi.


p.s. hello earth to world, there is a tour for pro women. maybe their menstrual cycles end and they all start looking like men, but at least they don't have shrivelling ball(s) and a dysfunctional dick.

WarrenG said...

And Trautwig's partner isn't much better. When the stuff about the chicken's wherabouts first came out Bob Roll said on the broadcast how ridiculous it was that these rider's can't go the to supermarket or post office without telling the authorities where they are, (which is an absurd lie), and he laughed about what a silly program it was. Definitely not part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Dr." Nitro,
I have more edumacation than you might think. I have limited time to train and race because of other things to do, like job, family, etc, which is probably closer to the truth of why I'm where I'm at categorically, maybe just like you. And I have positive dope tests to prove what I've said previously about others. Are you reading ANYTHING else on this blog besides what I write? Look at Warren G's entry below. Then go back a couple of days and see all the links that were provided that just MIGHT prove to you just a little tiny bit that you just MAY be wrong, just a little of course, because after all, you are SO much better than everyone at everything. Thank God (or whoever) that I never had to take a class from your royal arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Nome Augusta needs a round house kick to the head, Dr. Nitro does too, to knock that propeller off

Anonymous said...

from Cyclingnews:

Michael Rasmussen was just spotted by none other than Luciano Pavarotti at a Trader Joe's in Monte Carlo. Rasmussen was alledged to be in an all black Ramadan Burkah suit made by NASA. He was buying frozen burritos and practicing roundhouse kicks.

-Vinokourov's Dads chamois

Anonymous said...

A shame, that Razzmussen. Doesn't he know how to backnuckle?

Anonymous said...

Actually women do shrivelling ball(s) and a dysfunctional dick. Only their's is wrapped up inside their snacth, did you not take sex ed? just ask Dr Nitro and Nome about this.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris just told me he is ready to round house kick to the head some people on this forum. But that in it self will scare you so much that you might already be dead.

dr-nitro said...

Warren, I completely agree with you. When I say that Evans ride in the mountains was exceptional, I mean relative to others. Both Evans and Levi are exceptional riders. My problem is when people equate performance with performance enhancing drugs. I must have doped if that was the case.

Now, are there people who perform exceptionally that gain that performance from cheating? Sure. There is evidence of that. And, I'll say that the Chicken is a phenomenal cyclists. However, it is clear that he broke the rules. There is no evidence that Contador cheated, and by evidence, I mean dope tests, or other documented violations of the rules.

And yes, Warren, it is difficult to make large gains in relative performance quickly in the rarified air of the pro-peleton, since the selection process worked to weed out the natural talent from the rest. However, this still needs to be a fight with evidence, not innuendo. If a rider is suspect this way, then signal him for testing.

Large and quick gains in USCF races is quite possible if you have ability. Did it. Or, was a doper?

I really care about this sport. It has meant a lot to me. I don't want to see it torn asunder by irresponsible journalists, riders, organizations, or whomever making unfound accusations.

WarrenG said...

The dopers have recently learned that doping during a major race or block of races has gotten very risky-quite unlike it was less than a few years ago and for 20 years before that.

The dopers are placing more emphasis, or reliance on out-of-competition(OC) doping, to get faster and stronger before they're subjected to in-competition (IC) testing. It could be said that doping before the races is far more important than the relatively minor doping used during competitions that can sneak past IC tests.

I think OC doping tests are more important than ever, and might be the only real defense against the doping that now returns the greatest benefits to the doper.

So when a rider like the chicken uses deception to avoid the possibility of an OC test for some period (especially in the month before the Tour!) they deserve an immediate ban, because the rules state that a missed test is to be treated the same as a failed test.

As far as innuendo, Bruyneel has been dancing around in his recent interviews at the Tour. He can't say much about riders getting caught doing things he has experience with, and who work with the same "doctor" used by some of his own riders.

Why is Contador so subdued about getting a cheater out of the Tour and making his "rightful" claim on the yellow jersey? Maybe he's just afraid of the pressures that come with it, but he sure sounds and looks different from Tom Boonen's reaction.

Vino is basically gone from the Tour for the rest of his career and he's won most of the other stuff worth winning. What if Vino decides to retire and is sufficiently pissed off about all the hypocrisy that he decides to "tell all", starting with Ferrari?

drunkinsprinter said...

Olaf, you need to ban anonymous comments so everyone has to take responsibly for what they say here.

Did I mention I agree with Dr. Nitro...

WarrenG said...

Is "anonymous" different from blogger names that don't allow access to their profile and/or don't divulge their true identity?

Anonymous said...

I am Chuck Norris and i will round house kick you to the head.

Anonymous is all the women i have slept with. Then i round house kicked them to the head.

Anonymous said...

"Dr." Nitro logic;
If you are beat, everyone else had natural ability to beat you with. You have no proof that they dope (Even though some of them tested positive and were banned for it.) You're just unhappy and frustrated your natural abilities are not what those who beat you have/are.
"Dr." Nitro quote;
"Bonds is doped to the gills."
Yet Bonds has never tested positive for anything, he was just accused of hanging out with the wrong trainers, Balco, etc.
Welcome freinds, to the logic of a "PHD" former Cat 1 who sees no evil.
Bad "Dr." Nitro! A much deserved roundhouse to your over sized brain and one logic point deducted from your Mensa score.

dr-nitro said...

You know, I provide credentials in response to ad hominem attacks, and this apparently makes me arrogant.

One attack, it is not clear how I got to be a cat 2, when I am a cat 1 (not former, but current). This does not make me a better person, but does provide me experience from which I can gauge what is physiologically possible in regards to racing in the states. And I know from my experience, that natural ability in the states can get you far, quickly. That said determination and dedication can help you succeed too. And, unfortunately, cheating is used by some. But again, evidence of cheaters in the states does not mean that those who perform well in the states are cheaters.

Then it is stated that I must suck at my job, when by someone who has not seen me doing my job. Well shit, I can't respond to that.

I an now accused of seeing no evil, when I keep on saying that there are cheaters out there.

My argument I am trying to make, and an argument that I am trying to validate from experience and reason, gets ignored by someone who apparently takes offense of my comment about Al Trautwig's irresponsible commentary this morning. My argument is that we must beat this problem with clear rules, that are professionally enforced, based on cold hard evidence. Evidence of cheating, not evidence based on performance.

So let me clarify some points, especially since I feel that knee jerk comments I made may not have been appropriate, or not clearly stated.

Bonds. I believe that Bonds is a steroids abuser, not based on his performance, or necessarily even based on the change of his physical appearance, but based on baseball turning a blind eye to doping, much as had cycling had done for nearly 100 years, in additional so some fairly serious, and arguably credible evidence of ties to the Blaco affair. But in the end, if the rules were not set up and enforced correctly, it is true that it is hard to call him a cheat. For much of his career, they did not test, and the testing in baseball is nowhere near the level of testing in professional cycling. So, it is correct, it is not the evidence I would like to see. But, his case is clearly not evidence to support that someone is doping in cycling.

Another I made about having a bachelor's degree. I do not necessarily equate formal degrees with intelligence. I quite frankly don't think much of many programs that grant Ph.D.s. There are also those without formal degrees that possess strong critical thinking skills, just as there are those who possess advanced degrees who don't. Because of this, I do not ask my students to call me Dr., which is part of the joke of my blog title. And I take offense to people who think that they should be treated differently, or as royalty, because they have such a degree. That said, I worked for mine, and I learned from the process, and I care about taking that knowledge and contributing to education with what I have earned. I have learned to evaluate evidence, and that is, in part, why I think that it is critical that cold hard evidence is used to fight doping (with all due apologies to Barry Bonds).

Innuendo, such as trying to interpret different reactions (sorry Warren, but I disagree with you on this point), tears apart the sport. There are other plausible explanations for different behavioral responses to the Rassumen affair, just as their are plausible explanations for performance gains. Evidence in this fight must be able to preclude other plausible explanations. Part of my argument, arguably, is that I can not watch this sport anymore if I always question exceptional performances. I am guilty of turning a blind eye in the 90s, when EPO had a literal strangle hold on the heart of the peleton. It is still a problem, but a problem that has been marginalized by better enforcement standards and out of competition testing. The culture is cracking, too. But, the best way to crack the culture, and send a clear signal that the system does not reward cheats anymore, is to fight it based on evidence, not innuendo.

This discussion is important. I will happily engage in people I disagree with, in order to get a better understanding about what I believe in. If I am wrong, then I will give thanks to those who help to clear things up to me. And even when I am attacked, I will try to sit back and evaluate my position. Usually, though, personal attacks simply reinforce my own beliefs.

Please continue this discussion about doping at races, on rides, and with people who wonder about the sport. It will help it to survive this tough period.

dr-nitro said...

Fucking typos. Oh well.

WarrenG said...

Inside information/insight can't be shared, but it often matches the public behavior that is suspicious. For those guys, test them a lot more than 4 times a year out of competition. Especially when you think they might be doing their hardest training.

We can't just sit back and wait for riders to fail a normal doping test.

I don't think the current tests catch even a tenth of the current dopers and former dopers. There are so many ways around getting caught that it's almost luck or chance that catches someone. An unlabeled bag of blood being transported by special means gets mixed up with another one... And did Moreni and Sinkiewitz only start using a T-patch a week ago? Otherwise T-Mobile's testing would have caught him, right?

Those positive testosterone tests... Riders can use a patch day after day and test normal for T/E, but I think when they do a race like the Tour their body's delicate balance of hormones is strained and the daily patch for an hour or two might lead to a failed test, if the rider is even tested.

IF the Tour and UCI are serious about getting the doping to a minimum it would be a simple thing to start testing 10-15 random riders after each race instead of just 1 or 2. How about 4 times as many tests in competition and out of competition as they do now? I don't think they want to do that because they don't want to see what will happen if they do.

dr-nitro said...

The T-Mobile anti-doping regimen does not test for the things that UCI tests do. They establish blood profiles and volume to fill the gaps of UCI testing, and to establish a physiological profile. If that goes out of whack, it is an indication of doping. So, Sinkewitz may have been using the T-patch for training, thinking that he would not get caught with the OC testing. He did.

Their system also helps to crack the old culture. It sends a signal to riders who want to race clean that teams are looking for that. Talk to s Slipstream rider, they'll tell you that their program protects them. The more the teams do this, the more clean riders there will be in the pro peleton.

However, no system cannot stop someone from trying to cheat. A good system, though, will decrease the likelihood that cheaters will get away with it. Certainly, more testing will help. And targeted testing will as well. The UCI OC tests are not random, in the pure sense. They were targeting the Chicken due to suspect behavior coupled with suspect performance. They now need to fix the three strikes rule. Additionally, I expect that T-Mobile would not have let Chicken race if he was on their team and missed several OC tests. Shame on Rabobank.

Anonymous said...

anonymous tips is how Vino got busted you fool.

if there is no anonminity then this forum would seriuosly suck because the only people who would be writing are Nitro and Nome. Nome is a trouble maker, and Nitro needs a serious life, if he trained and rode and raced as much as he responds to this babble, he would not need to cry about losing so much and he would not point out all the bad things that life has to offer.


Olaf is so whipped it is a shame, but the flower in his helmet brings it all back down to earth.

Shelley B.

dr-nitro said...

Vino got busted by a post stage dope test.

The Chicken got busted by a public tip.

If an anonymous tip leads to finding evidence of cheating, then that is great.

For the most part, people posting anonymous here seem to engage in discussions of kung fu fighting topics or personal attacks. But that is just me crying.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to your education, categories, and the sense you sometimes make, the kung-fu type stuff is what makes this blog so much fun. You have to have a bit of humor every once in a while, it's the spirit of this whole blog.
Have you ever met Michael? He has a great sense of humor, so it isn't surprising to see smart-ass or humorous comments on his blog, in fact his comments are usually the most ridiculous.
You keep saying how you are constantly personally attacked, I think you're missing that it is your arguments, sometimes solid, sometimes not so solid, that are being discussed, not you yourself. And you do come off as kind of arrogant at times, it appears to be that you feel, that because of your education or category that you might have a better critical thinking mind than all those below you. But as the Barry Bonds comment pointed out, you may be just like the rest of us, once in a while you are wrong too. So lighten up a little, I'm sure if the guy thinks there is doping in the lower ranks, he might have a good reason. You should fairly consider that, just as you expect us to consider your without fact opinions. Roundhouses to the head for all!

drunkinsprinter said...

Dear WarrenG

You are right, its not much better, but at least it gives a history of what the blogger name has said. Anonymous could be 100 different people, where a blog name is one, even if you don't know who it is.

I'll update my profile soon...

dr-nitro said...

I don't have a problem with the Kung Fu fighting stuff, it was simply a comment. I do have a problem with personal attacks. And while some might disagree, I like to think that have a sense of humor, and joke around on this blog and mine a fair amount, even with this serious topic of doping. But apparently someone has read mine and thinks that I am a whiner who cannot ride my bike. Well, that shit is just fun sucking, in my arrogant opinion.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

For those who haven't been around this blog for as long as it's been pooping out material ... you'll notice that i don't delete comments, no matter how cool, silly, derogatory, etc...

someone mentioned this being a 'forum' and, i hope that it's considered as such. yeah, i write posts on the front page, but - personally, i think the best material comes out of the comments, arguments, discussions, and smacktalk threading around each.

i don't mind when folks post anonymously ... i guess because i don't have any real personal investment in any of this, you know? it's just interweb creativity ... and nothing we write captures who any of us really are ... our complexities, beauty, pettiness ... our lives.

it's just a way to ... suck time.

and i think it's a great way to spend it. because CREATING something ... anything, is a worthwhile way to spend time in this life.

and the discussions created here are ... just that.


but i'm a complete geek ~ so what the fuck do i know.

thanks for the looks and taps,

dr-nitro said...

Argh, it must be my arrogance that compels me to continue this reply, but whateva. But again, I did not state my education or category to brag. It was a response to someone saying that "I hope DrNito is not a real Dr.", and and "I can't believe he is a Cat 2..." which one could not judge from reading blog comments anyway. The person did not respond to my issue that just because someone goes from sucking to winning that they are dopers (who changed the time frame from a year, to two months, to saying that he has evidence of positive tests). But that is the problem with attacks. Defending them often time makes you look arrogant because.

Time to get back to smack talking that damn flower helmeted panzie that runs this blog.

jAndy donka-donk said...

"Yet Bonds has never tested positive for anything"

Sorry anon.... you tiger now...

Alistair Trautwigs Chamois said...

I think he's a pansy helmeted flower.

Frankie Andreu THINKS Chuck Norris is clean as reported on 'Versus'

Chuck Norris just Fed-Exed a roundhouse kick to Frankies head for having any doubts

Chuck Norris is creating a 6 inch tall, 1kg Chuck Norris using his own DNA to compete in the 2008 tour. He was quoted as saying "The beekers are bigger in Texas"

El Condorito is as clean as a pigs cock

dr-nitro said...

Pigs are clean.

Alistair Trautwigs Chamois said...

Well first off Doc.
its a simile. For example we all know it doesnt REALLY rain cats and dogs - now that ones a metaphor.

Ive seen pig styes, not like in their eye but their filthy little pens. They smell like the porta-potties after Hernando drops THEE pre race DOODY. ie, not good.

Im guessing their genitals arent much cleaner. If you go back and look - I clearly said "cock". Now I dont know if they covered that or not over at PBS. Maybe "Rich Dad Poor Dad" knows?

Anyway lets all hope El Condorito loses. The forces of good and evil are reaching a crescendo right before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris created Dr Nitro w/ a sneeze.

Then round house kicked him to the head.

dr-nitro said...

My comment about your simile was meant to be sardonic.

Ahh, ahh, achoo!

Alistair Trautwigs Chamois said...

whoopsie daisy, im back. Cant keep away from that pornography.

Ok, well now I must know the truth do you think they ARE clean or AREN'NNT? You are a tricky one. Sardonic, yet with a body of evidence to support you and your pig friends.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

bruyneel would be in a world of (pig) shit if Contador tested positive right now.

operacion puerco

dr-nitro said...

Porn sites, that explains the potty mouth. And maybe at one of those porn sites you saw the video of Contador with your gal, and that is where are the vitriol is coming from.

Seriously, sorry to those who think I'm too serious, I'm sticking to the cold hard evidence stance. There is nothing--bags of blood, positive tests, missed tests--that leads me to believe that the kid is dirty. Show me his soiled shorts, and I'll grill him like I grilled chicken for dinner last night.

dr-nitro said...

all the vitriol. I really need to proof my comments.

Alistair Trautwigs Chamois said...

Contador with me old lady. Now that gets the rusty old pipe twitchin'. URL please! helloooo.

You kinky old bat. A fusion of my passions. Bless your heart, my imagination HAS been in a rut.

Re: my potty mouth. I am a chamois after all. You know what they say - birds of a feather.. .. Chickens, Condors you get the picsh.

Now I appreciate your American innocent until proven guilty approach - but a little French intuition , with a sprinkle of slander and libel gets the villains on the run.

Re: Vitriol. This is a misunderstanding. I like you, dont change. Not for me, not for any number of anonymous', not for Chuck Norris or any of his friends. Or his African American sidekick on that show. Not even for Master Alistair Trautwig.

Master Alistair says its time to go.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris likes sardonic Dr Nitro (round house kick to your head.)