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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Felicia goin' bonkers in 'Toona town

Aaron's Cycling rider, and our own NorCal fireplug, Doc Flea is riding herself within' shouting distance of a huge result at 'Toona this year. I know Felicia was frustrated at not getting a full look at Canadian natz recently, but this week's performances might be a nice salve to put on that wound.

Lipton's Seehafer has legs and a damn strong team behind her ... so could be looked at as the favorite going into these tough couple of circuit races today and tomorrow. But, we know it all comes down to that blood bath of a road race on Saturday ~ where all hell will break loose and the GC will be yatzeed over the playing board.

Webcor got put on the outs during yesterday's stage after their impressive opening team time trial earlier in the week. But, only 3 minutes out of GC for Thorburn, Curi, and Rais is almost asking them to attack like the banshees they are and isolate Lipton's leaders. But, Armstrong will likely make any move they launch ... so it's really up to Felicia to try and match that action. She can win this race, but it may mean giving up her Climber's jersey and risk for it.

Tough girls putting on a good show.

Apparently, the men's side is trying to match the Cirque de' FranceyFollies across the pond. First they had a farmhand try and take out the break in yesterday's stage ... then Karl (ten)Menzies jumped a curb and cut the course to make it through the final corner 1st and win the stage.

All the other boys were tres pissed at that little moan-euver and protested until the cows threw up their cuds in disgust and called it all neutral.


Baby Update:
This is the week that Goldi JM is due for the second nipper to pop out the chute. BJM is sticking on the home front to help out with the birthins instead of fighting it out for the NRC lead at 'Toona. Sutherland and Baldwin will likely move ahead of him as they both will score big points.

lucky for them, 'cuz Ben's got good legs right now.

(of course, those legs will turn to jello after a couple weeks of no-sleep-itis and baby feeds.

and that's when i plan on pile-driving his ass in the Points Races. yeah baby ... you're going down pro-boy!)

Birthday Update:

Today is young MissMary's Birthday!

All the locals know who she is - so join up in saying "hey" to our unicornesNmore.


Earth Fart said...

Please do not refer to the womans vagina as a 'chute' or the gift of life that a womans beautiful vagina ushers forth as 'pop'. We do not 'pop out the chute'! Our sacred pathway is something to be celebrated and cherished by all. Thank you and may the Earth Goddess shine on you.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oh no, thank you

'earth goddess' ... that was my nickname back in 'Nam.

max said...

In fairness to Menzies, the course was really poorly marked, half of the front group turned when he did. There was just a single cone marking off the wrong turn in, and we came into that corner at about 40 mph, so it was pretty hard to tell what was going on.

Anonymous said...

Jumping curbs is legal and would be called a good move in Europe, But they are all dirty across the pond

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

jumping curbs is one thing, cutting the course to move ahead of the other riders in the sprint is another.

and i think Karl knew exactly what he was doing.

i would have.

but i like it dirty. oh yeah baby ... dirrrrty.


chatterbox said...

ov - you've been sniffing a few too many pheromones again!

Thanks for the update on the girlsy pros and other Toona action!

Happy b-day Miss Mary! Good luck with the new arrival BJM family!

jAndy donka-donk said...

"'earth goddess' ... that was my nickname back in 'Nam."

...when you Roundhouse kicked Chuck Norris in the head???

had to beat the anon's too it.....

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i didn't want to step into the whole cage fighting round housers, but ...

Kwai Chang Caine forever, baby.

Anonymous said...

I love the womens sacred pathway and I kiss it and suck on it and love it as much as possible!

Janelle E. said...

Another great day in 'toona for the Aaron's ladies. Felicia stays 2nd in GC. Top 3 in today's stage: LVG (Cheerwine), Alison Testroete (Expresscopy), and Katharine Carroll (Aaron's).

Ippoc Amic said...

go kori!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris would love to round kick you in the head but he is too busy flogging "the chute" to every woman in Kazakstan to rid the nation of evil blood dopers. There will be a nation wide "pop" in nine months hence and a nation of of round housers will populate the earth. Chuck Norris's sperm kicked the iron wall's ass.

PEANUT said...