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Thursday, June 07, 2007

return of blahblah randoms

gotta be on the flash ~
- - -


that nutcake Vandenbrouke attempted suicide and may have gotten himself close to it.


i'm all for the right to check one's self out of the game. personally, i'm just not all that beholden to it. BUT, something tells me VDB did not make his decision based in clarity and peace.

ah well.
- - -

Not QuickStepp'in fast enough to evade the coppers

The drug busts continue. We need more of it. Is this the beginning of the great purge cycling (and sport) has needed for these past few decades ... or is it the fulcrum point for tipping them into true hiding, true organized crime.

because that's what it is, right? crime.

and criminals fear getting caught. and when they do, they get desperate (see above story).
- - -

Richey McWhite euros say "correction" in equities market on order

and the 14% drop will trickle to Mr.Dow and Ms.Nasdaq when?

"Only five such warnings have been issued since 1980 - the last of which came in 2002 prior to the dotcom bubble bursting."
heart ... bleeding.
- - -

Tour of Montreal ~

the chicks are kickin' ass up in Canadian frenchy-ville. Thus far, Brooke Millar has turned to 7ths and 6ths in each of the first 4 stages, including a wacknut 3.5km time trial. Today's final stage is the longest of the week and may see a change in the overall ... but, with such a strong TMobile team, it's unlikely.

Unfortunately, there was a big crash yesterday in the 2nd stage and BamBam was listed as a DNF. Hope she's ok.
- - -

Terror as Tool

what i dig about KeithO is that he flashes a few disclaimers on rhetoric.

but he still digs hard with the penknife.

take a few minutes and lookey, if you hadn't before.


PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

well this was a fun post.

word is that bam bam is ok, just bruised and battered. you know...

trying to stop drug use in cycling is a good thing, but i sure as shit don't see a light at the end of this tunnel.

and i'm starting to associate kieth with needing to have a drink, or something....

more kitties, please.


and you better be icing that knee!

Anonymous said...

VDB can't get his own "kill shot" right.

Anonymous said...

I take Brinker's advice.

Taz said...

BamBam is down, but still in good spirits. Put a good crack in the helmet and lots of bruises and scapes. The not-so-fun stuff of cycling... She wanted to race today, even with a bruised head, but hopefully I talked some sense into her last night. I hate seeing that DNF before I get to talk to her. Scaryyy

Anonymous said...

Olberman is the man! Thanks for the tip on the market. Had the pleasure of Kathryn Curri in our club group race/ride before she went up to Montreal. Great to see her back in Burlington Vt area for a visit. She still holds some of the female TT records for our club. Philip