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Thursday, June 07, 2007


As some might know ... i have an evil little fetish for cyclocross.

it's not as though i'm very good at it ... yeah, i'll win a race every once in awhile and if the course is supah-roadie-rific, there'll be richter-measured pedal stomps on every grinder.

but ~ mostly, when i race cross ... it's sorta like if you ripped the zippy-thing real crazy-like on one of those toy wind-up cars ... shooting it wild into a kinetic, frenetic blur of unguided abandonment ... shrieking mad-as-hatter across the plains and only able to turn direction when it smashes headlong into something solid, spinning it dazed and random as the wheels catch rubber again and shoot off in some other misaligned direction.

i do love it.

So, the RockLobster folks have decided to let me play dirty in their argylee-skinnysuits.

i have no idea what they're thinking.

but it's cool ... i can dig pale, girly green with scottish flair. besides, Steller says kilts are totally cool and Brent has already committed to leading me out for all the sprints ... so, it's a win-win situation.

Cross ...

i can't wait. it's the training for it that probably gives me the most enjoyment. hard core efforts, pushing manic through the trails, not giving a shit about structure or time on bike-itis.

just blowing snot all the time, everytime, on my own time.

i love the wholeness it gives my body after the road season. arms stronger, hands more in-tune with the bike, stomach muscles revived and pulling the center back into it's rightful cradle. And the racing ...

Cross racing has the vibe, the venue ... it's a scene, yo. The picture-making is better and more varied, the conversations roll like trails over hills ... sometimes narrow and squinty, others wide and encompassing. Beer and chocolate cookies, sweat and stinging legs, twisting bodies that hurl down slope and up over barriers.

right on.


Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

Uh oh, TWW's gonna be pissed. I see another pShop on the horizon.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

and dirt is softer than pavement (for unexpected landings, that is)


long ass season, isn't it.

Nome Agusta said...

Gotta love kittens...only wished they stayed that way.

Brent said...

uh.. i only committed to first and second lap sprints.

ginmtb said...

Nah, Rocklobster is old skool, we're down wid dat.

He's going to be like our whore Isaias - wearing a different kit for each discipline.

Road - Safeway
Cross - Rocklobster
Sessy - Velo Bella

Hooptie said...

That Stella/Sarah video footage was classic!

jAndy donka-donk said...

I thought it was....


That is what everyone called my machine.....

lauren said...

now that's what i'm talking about!

Anonymous said...

Ask for a pocket in that lobster skinnysuit so you can stuff your First-Aid kit in.

marscat said...

Steller says kilts are totally cool


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's not what i stuff in pockets.


i need a new kilt.

i need a mtb race that fits in my stoopid roadie scum schedule.

i'm still jones'in to race the SS

i need a drink.

Anonymous said...

Where the heck is the argyle on those outfits!! I dont see any argyle in there...


maleonardphi said...

Sweet, cross season is officially on the blogs. Can't wait for the season to start. You did leave out vomiting in your description of cross racing. I feel like after every race I see someone puking and think to myself, "Self, you sure aren't working hard enough. Look at that guy, he really left it all out there."

BELLA BEAR said...

Yeah the RockLobster kit is cool and all...but the whit skinsuit really needs to make an appearance, maybe the costume race?

velogirl said...

lovin the wind-up car analogy!

I think I'm gonna skip cross after four seasons. I'm considering the low-key hill climbs this fall instead.

meh-wee-uhn said...

Single speeder in 'cross races. Problem solved.


Anonymous said...

the best thing about cross is the crossover from so many other sports. Cycling, running, water polo...

You see, Stella was not protecting her front wheel, there it was, right at swinging elbow height. tsk.


PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

gosh, Sarah is right, Stella was totally askin for it!

funkdaddy said...

does this mean you'll have TWO bikes this year?

i was getting a little tired of those excuses...

actually was bummed to not see you up front where you belong because of mechanicals

looking forward to getting worked over even more by the boys in seafoam again, not to mention the CG boys.

shyte, having teammates must be nice.