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Friday, June 29, 2007

knee done gave out

big Rick Hunter had his knee es'plode over at the southern edge of Colorado.

holee-shyte ... i know what it's like to ride 'round them parts. and now, when i finally take a look just what a frickin' ass kickin that dude did to himself ???

no bloody way.

unsupported ~ here's a map, there's the trail ... see you in a few THOUSAND miles.


you'd have to pay me a good chunk of change to even consider doing something like that.

and then, i'd say 'yer f'ing crazy.'
- - -

way to dig, Rick. can't wait to hear some stories.
you won't be buying yourself beers for a good long while.


lauren said...

that stuff is about finding your inner rat.


Grey said...

Maximum Respect to Rick.

Patrick said...

Rick is simply the man. I was able to ride with him a bit on Wednesday, on his way down Marshall Pass, heading out towards Cochetopa Pass on the way to Del Norte. I posted a few pix here: