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Friday, June 29, 2007

it's what i'm here for

... to kick up that dork factor.

gonna give props to the locals, yo!


Velo Bella said...

encyclopedic? Dont they know you make that stuff up as you go?

dr-nitro said...

So, there are 3 races going on in the bay area on that Saturday.

Jeremy T. Arnold said...

Word to Marin.

SR was the first pro race I ever went to as a youngster back in '87 I think. Tom Schuler was rocking the Stars and Stripes for 7-11 and won it over the newly imported Roberto Gaggioli who was with Pepsi or something from what I remember.

I also got to meet Eric Heiden whose quads were as big as me. Crazy. Still have the signed hat he gave me though.

Marianne Berglund won the Women's event. I was only about 11 or something but I remember liking Marianne Berglund a lot. Sweeeeeden!

I also vividly remember watching Horner just toy with the entire field when he was with Saturn the day before he took the SFGP a few years back. If I recall, he set up the Belarussian Concussion for the SR win but he had to have spent a good 75 of the 90 minutes off the front and then ate hay on the last corner. Then the SFGP was even more impressive the following day. Sometimes I miss Horner a little.

Anyway, great memories of a great event. Wish I could be there on 4th Street. Oh well. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Wait...Richard Fries is a Ninja?

Anonymous said...

Three races..Cougar (old ladies chasing young dic$). Jesse Rafael (cool dude), and Large Dog race (Coyote). Cougar offers NRC points so great opportunity to move up the standings.

PROMANgirl said...

The Carrera crew have done a great job promoting this race here in marin, it will be a good scene, lots of good eat places and brewery. Bonus OV!

Anonymous said...

The word is finally out. Now all Michael's true fans, his old buddies from the VOS Team, will have to compete for Michael's skills as THE best race announcer by the time our race rolls around next year. Well, remember us old Buddy, as you head for the big time, don't forget about all us "little guys" out here, don't forget where you got your start. We'll miss you.
Thanks, Bernie

pedro said...

hey olaf... i wanna hear my name called, whether its attacking or getting dropped.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Two words: call ups.