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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Friday bash

dammit, gots no time for the bloggins today ~ but, wanted to give a shout out for any in the SanJoser area to come bang the boards and watch some track racing on Friday nite.

we're pretty much gonna make a menace out of ourselves there. i'm sure i'll do a little bit of racing, but mostly i'm gonna be downin' the suds with the woman and heckling the youngsters who've been givin' me shit the last few times i been out there.

Aymster and her one and only El Sexy Boy are gonna show up ... so you know it's go-time for us horns O' plenty.

haven't partied with Dave since new year's when he broke out the mead and we went pre-historic on the world. i think i recall Gile grabbing some butt, but can't be sure.

So anyway, if you're in the neighborhood ~ racing starts around 7pm and nods off around 9:30'ish. Madison should be absolute mayhem, but there'll prolly be some good sprints and a few match races to get the juices flowing.

hope to see ya.


Anonymous said...

goddam I wish I still lived there

X Bunny said...

it doesn't stop us

Hooptie said...

Wed night @ Heller was just plain savage, biggest turnout I have seen in years. The sod has been grass, new track, new head crushers...same suffering.

Bag boy Dan M rung his mellon pretty good, I hope he is feeling better today. He will be a force to be reconed w/.