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Thursday, June 28, 2007

are you f'in kidding me?

I'll say it again ~

Anthony G and CALIFORNIA GIANT BERRY FARMS are huge for American cycling.

This is a model program needed to be studied by teams, promoters, and USAC bureaucrats.

tip o' the hat to the big man for buying advertisement at this year's ROAD Nationals.

huge for the sport, i tell ya.


T. Marie said...


Nome Agusta said...

I am going to have giant strawberry short cake for dessert tonight.
Might just make strawberries a staple.

dr-nitro said...

I can't believe that you linked it to a reference on best practices. I can get all academic on you and tell you the problem with that literature: measurement issues, anecdotal evidence, causality, blah blah blah.

That said, I concur on this assessment. But given the color of my jersey, I might be biased (another problem with the area (please help me from myself)).

Lyne said...

okay don't know much (anything?) about their program - so why is it a model program?

pedro said...

its about sponsorship, support, passion. i too buy cal giant strawberries now. so should you and yours if you love this sport, this way of life.

anthony gallino loves cycling and puts money where his heart is. his company gets much recognition for it, and it's up to us to pay back. for better or worse (i have lots of trouble with capitalist economies) what we spend $ on matters.

so the next time you pull out the credit card (does anyone even carry cash anymore?), think about what you are buying and why you are buying it. if there is one way left to impact the world, those who succeed and those who fail, it's through putting our money where our heart is. a sustainable future is possible if consumers only support proprietors who do what we want them to...

LIKE sponsor cyclists!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how they do it. I get those Giant berrys at a rock bottom price at Wal-Mart. Guess they make it by moving volumes.

Lyne said...

yeah I already got the economics of supporting cycling sponsors. But what does Cal Giant do better than other development teams?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hey Lyne, didn't have time to respond earlier:

it's not what they do as a development team, it's what they do as a business promoting themselves through, and to, the world of cycling.

CalGiant picks high-profile and advertising heavy opportunities to stick their money on. from what i can tell, they spend wisely in getting the most media exposure per dollar that they can for their business.

things i'm fairly convinced of:

advertising with cycling in America is very much niche' and narrow. HOWEVER, i do believe that the populations you hit in the cycling world are VERY brand loyal and act as good word of mouth advocates for a product they believe in and/or are hyped about.

spending dollars on advertising through, or to, the world of cycling is a love first, business enterprise second endeavor.

AG loves him some cycling. He and CalGiant support a LOT of cyclists and cycling events.

But, there are opportunities to make those cycling dollars pay off for your business. CalGiant uses their cyclists' images for billboards, at trade shows, in print ads, etc...

They use the resources that their cycling "sponsorship" offers them.
- - -

i see a lot of waste in American pro teams. I see a lot of wasted opportunities to promote their teams, their 'sponsors' (again, who i will call companies buying advertisement through cycling).

i see a lot of promoters waste opportunities to draw cheap to free advertisement to their events.


i think AG and CalGiant could put on a weekend seminar for USAC on how they have used cycling to promote their business.

and charge for it, of course.

... and, make a profit.

as it should be.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

i thought you were a communist

Velo Bella said...

we just like driving by the jojo billboard and yelling "jojo!!!"

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

communist? no.

socialist with ethical capitalist leanings ... big difference.


Anonymous said...

When are we going to see Hernando on a Safeway billboard?

I won't mention what I'll yell when I drive by.

Anonymous said...

Anthony is a great guy. He drove me to the ER when I hit my head in almost the same way as Dan last night.


Anonymous said...

"Anthony is a great guy. He drove me to the ER when I hit my head in almost the same way as Dan last night.

Ken "

Go CalGiant!! RARA

Velo Bella said...

thye should make a billboard of jojo with that spongebob on her head

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


oh, don't get me wrong.

the riders all a bunch of gitbags.


Anonymous said...

all of the riders?? Come on you have to like a few?

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

a winking smiley face?!

oh, the horror.

what will the raindog say....

Lyne said...

sorry didn't mean to put pressure on you for a response... and thanks for the info.

I've always been amazed how much most of the domestic pro teams suck at marketing. Agree with you on the loyalty of cyclists, which is why I don't understand why the teams do make more of an effort to introduce/market the riders themselves. Make fans care about the cyclists, and they will follow a team, go to races and might even buy some of the sponsor gear.

Good for CalGiant for using their money intelligently.