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Monday, June 11, 2007


check out the new site for BennyJ and the Maniacs.

i've forgotten to stay linked into the MissingSaddle stuff ... this will get me over there more often.

but, i think we might want to ask the GinMaster to splash Ben up a new banner. yeeks.

And, follow the link to take a look at how Andy's doing. Many $Ks of med bills are starting to roll in. Be sure to stay atune for any chance you might have to play philanthrope for a young biker couple with some hurdles in front of them.

AJM and Jojo ~ spandex royalty.


Anonymous said...

With air-medical-transport billing out at more than a new Element these days, everyone might want to know that CalStar (a non-profit organization) offers family memberships for $45 annual.
They accept what your medical insurance carrier will pay as payment in full. No co-pay. They've got aircraft and pilots all over the NCNCA domain. With a bunch of riders under my roof...what are the odds? We're members. See:


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

good info, thanks MK.

dtowle66 said...


There is an announcing gig in San Rafael that they would love to have you do. If possible, could you give me a call. 720 365 0975.

I am a huge fan, thanks for all you do for our sport!

Dave Towle

L. Christmas said...

Mike.. your San Rafael can be the perfect place to try announcing and racing at the same time... ok.. maybe not

Dave Towle... we are all a huge fan of YOU TOO!!

Anonymous said...

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