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Thursday, May 24, 2007

a thursday of randoms

Vernor's got a new film ...

holey-shyte, i wanna see this.

check out the trailer under the "events" tab at the Rio.

i don't wanna say that Vernor is hot, or anything ... but,

i'd totally do him.
- - -

Zabel confesses

Speaking of film and what we make of it ... when seeing Hell on Wheels, one couldn't but believe the closeness between Aldag and Zabel was real.

and so, Zabel has joined his friend as they reveal more doping in the peloton.

i'll just leave that there, for now.
- - -

mon affaire avec ... iSS'abella

again, it started back when i first moved down to this socio-schizoid battleground between whitey-mcRichfuk and hippi-con-sand-in-crotch.

She took me out to do loops on the Sea Otter grounds ... a place i'd loathed from afar for years because, to me, it just reeked of "look-who's-cool-in-biking". But i went, and since i didn't have a dirt machine, she gave me her SS to ride.

and i hated it.

mashing and grinding up stupid climbs in stupid dirt with a stupid camelback because if ... nay, WHEN i crashed i wanted that little bit of extra cushion.

and then, she started taking me out to the sCruzian hills ... on her geared bike ... and i kind of got to dig the feel of fresh dewey soil flipping up from tread. i started being less oppressed by all the fukking trees everywhere. i started to lose some of my desert-need for mile-long vistas and exposed, sun baked horizons.

more and more i've been on her SS these past months.

and now ...

last nite i pounded up Nie-scene and looped mad around VestRidge. It was the first time i'd ridden solo on a mtb in years ... able to just unleash my own pace all i wanted and stop and stare anytime it felt right.

and it was good.

and i wasn't freaked out by all these gawdamn redwoods.

and i humped that iSS'abella all nite long, baby.


Anonymous said...

zabel and aldag...really good friends, bummer about the confessions

sad but good in way that they came out about their use...maybe others will follow

Velo Bella said...

Zabel has the most to lose, and yet, he would not let his friend go through this alone.

thats high drama.

Lothar Glerbny said...

I wonder if we can get the Guild up here to show the movie?

jeninsb said...

"thats high drama."


just saw the video of the Ete confession.

wanted to cry right along with him.

Little_Jewford said...

Zable only used it once..B.S..but what the hell, I guess he sort of came clean.

So how many more green, yellow, pokadot and pink jerseys busted for dope before someone will believe that the french (and lemond?) bitching about "the peleton at two speeds" may not be far from the truth?

This all makes me want to give to the "FFF" ... the fuck floyd fund...not so much because I believe his is guilty, thats irrelevant, more because his defense is based on the premise that the UCI/WADA/whatever is on some sort of baseless witch hunt which targets a largely dope-free peleton....that and his anti-scientific campaign which rivals the likes of the "intelligent" design crowd. If Floyd had it his way the only way he could be found guilty is he was caught on tape, doping, while holding two forms of legal id, with his grandmother in the room to confirm its really him (ode to D.C.)....

Anyway...some good grassroots S.C. footage and a couple of beers should make me forget about all this crap....see you at the Rio

VeloRainDog said...

for the video footage of zabel and aldag fessin' up, you can go here and scroll down to the "related video" section.

stellar said...

damn it, i knew you'd be out riding the ss with a camelbak. if anyone asks, i don't know you!

mr.g said...

glad to hear vitamin D is in your life. Check out Soquel demo forest up top if you haven't already. That was epic a few years back before i gave it up for the less expensive road habits.

Velo Bella said...

even worse Stella, last night he rode the ss with road shoes and speedplay pedals

keralicious said...

when you camelbak without a jersey, you get the kind of tan that broads will flip over..."oooh, how can you ride up this hill with just one geeeeaarr??? must be really strong.."
i should have a pr. of old ben davis pants you can cut off, just below the knee, as you ride to 1speed hipster glory.

Jr. Curmudgeon said...

What's wrong with a camelback? All of us can't be like you Stella and never drink or eat during a 4 hour ride! Olaf, wear cutoff Carhartts for that Pat Schott look. I hear it's all the rage in Felton!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sheeet ... i'm gonna bring the spank back to singlespeed.

just wait till i put my helmet mirror on.

Steve- gonna be in Hood for the Jun2 opening. don't taunt me with your enjoyment, mofo.

Molly Cameron said...

Not Zabel! Nooo!

Don't forget about a young Vino shaving his legs in the same hotel room as those dudes.

I'm just sayin...

lauren said...

you do know, don't you?

that you're not supposed to wear undies under your Carhartts.

lauren said...

... when you ride a ss.

Grey said...

Camelbacks rule. When I was silly enough to get a pure racer CX bike with no bosses for H2O cages, I broke out the camelback for the trail rides. It's awesome to be able to ride for 5 hours and not think about where you're gonna fill your bottles.

I'm a reformed camelback hater.

+1 on the Nicene/Soquel Demo. You kids have it good down there.

The only thing I differ on is the SS. I ride my fixed gear everywhere, but on dirt gimme gears.

Little_Jewford said...

hmmmm....enjoyment?!?! I'm guessing next wed. with the Swobo crowd wouldnt fit into your hood training?? If so the post "ride" drinks are on me...

krakulak said...

riding with a camelbak is like having sex with a members only Jacket on. toughen up, drink out of the cricks