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Friday, May 04, 2007

secret training

it's true ... i have been holed up these last few Wednesday's doing serious feats of strength'ervals.

it takes an iron will, a burning passion for the sport (if you will), and a serious amount of toothbrush action before i pass out in the evenings.

... but these are the sacrifices i make

for glory.
- -

  • go to a bike race and get it handed to me on the climb by tubby mc'out O shape? got no problem wit'it.
  • beaten in the sprint by 13-year old bratz and jammers? been there, done that.
  • Get dropped by sir drunkingham after a six'er of shitbeer and flasksnorts?

    fuk that!

i been gettin' all Balboa on that shit.
- - -


Velo Bella said...

I think we got called out

Little_Jewford said...

let me know when you and mr. bella are going to show...I'm up in SC most wed. working in a lab, maybe I'll hang around.