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Friday, May 11, 2007

screw it

Wednesday i'd planned on getting in a quick 45minutes at lunch ~ just a nice breather after the doubled-up visits to hurtsville the previous day. Then, i'd cut from the job a few minutes early and try my best to put in a nice solid 2.5-3hr punch of enduro-spinning to try and feed the beast just once, just once, during the week.

but ... stupid work got in the way and no lunch was to be had and didn't end up pushing out of the office until almost 6 ... so, had to turn to the life's blood of my training.

- - -

i don't much mind havin' to switch plans and go with flows n' stuff when it comes to training. But, Wednesday i really, REALLY wanted to get in some endurance work ... and couldn't. I was doin' a bit of the wah-wah on myself ~ so, had to buck up and revert to the old supplements.

they're costly, but they work.

Anymore, i don't use heart rate monitors or power gauge-doohickies ... i just grab an occassional stop watch and go out there and hump the bike as best i can. To fool my body into believing it's working on endurance ... racing endurance (that ability to make it stick when that number is pinned on), i do steady state intervals just below threshold for as many minutes as the terrain and my mindset will allow. it's usually a 5-7 minute dance number on the 2-2.5 min spin o' recovery-beat.

i don't do sets anymore. and, i don't much care what the actual times of each interval are or what the rest periods end up being 'tween. basically, i just take a look at the clock, note the start time, and tell myself to not look at it again until the legs pedal squares or mr. sun drops enough on the horizon to point my ass home.

that's my secret training.

What is threshold?

oh hell, i don't know. i've read so many f'ing sexercise-fizzyolOgists' definitions of what words mean which pain amounts causing whatever levels of lacticidity in the bloodmuscles that, when it's talked about nowadays ... i just spin away covering ears with lalalalah's blinding me to any and all.

what i do know is that i can handle pain in races up to whatever level of pain i've adapted myself to in training. for me, it's all about the tolerance of hurt.

when i do enduro'vals ... i'm fooling my body into believing it's going out on some long, hard tempo miles to build up resilience for the racing efforts. it's race simulation.

and so, i notch the watch, pick the gear, and point that bitch up the gradient. the cadence is lower, into the 80's, as concentration to keep the stroke even and smooth floods my mind. the pain is asked to enter, slowly ~ like a lover, and i ride the waves as best i can ... flirting this way and that over the precipices.

too much and it's a burnout. unfulfilled.

too little and it's like rubbing the wrong spot ... yeah, you're sweating - but never really finding satisfaction.

find the spot.


Anonymous said...

I use the same principles and lately I was even thinking about getting a powermeter.

I have come to my senses - fuck that!

Ride that G-spot baby!

and stay away from the worthless dry-humping....

guess who

McSassy said...

Well ya know..........

In the past I was Mr. HR zone.

But then I decided to go SRM and I'll be hooking that bad boy up Sunday and start to really geek out.

The funny thing is for the last few weeks I pulled all the techy shtuff off the race machine and have been riding bare back and just making it last as long as I can, if ya know what I mean.

Feels good most of the time. But when riding solo I feel SLLLLOOOOOOOOOW. Every time is the same, just slow. Until I catch up to somebody then I feel speedy.

Kinda funny.

Prosey race @ Bezerkeley Hills......going to ride that bitch by feel and hope I dont well ya know..... a bit to soon.


shawndoggy said...

Sheesh dood, if you got a plan and stuck to it instead of doing all those "junk miles," maybe you'd get some results.

Anonymous said...

I read tea-leafs for guidance on how, when, and even why to train.

Today they told me to hold 7.2 Watts/Kg for 30 minutes.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

no problema ...

if i tipped it at 20kilos.

Janelle E. said...

Is there any interest in Joe Martin women's results? Carroll, Van Gilder, that order. Yes, me proud.

Velo Bella said...

sheeeyte that girl's on a roll.

you owe her a beer for that one!

X Bunny said...

darned work!

i figured out that i can handle working 5, maybe 6 hours a day, 4 days a week

anything more than that is a pita

just dreamin'

Velo Bella said...

well, at least I know who is home and logged onto the computer

time stamp....I'm leaving now...

Velo Bella said...

waahhh ... come home now! it's too late to be working on a friday, gawdammit.


meh-wee-uhn said...

Some people may call it "the spot," I call it my reset button.

You know, hit it as hard and as many times as necessary to reset the ole peanut. And so when I get back to civilization I'm a semi-decent human being.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i think i just splurted gatorade again

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

what's a powermeter?

Anonymous said...

you sound like Floyd Landis!!!!

He is going to be found innocent this week in his trial and then you two can do some riding together.

Floyd is innocent and he will be proven as the true tour de france champion very soon.

Floyd and his coaches are respectable people who would not lie.

sydney_b said...

"so, i notch the watch, pick the gear, and point that bitch up the gradient.[snip] ... find the spot."

so nicely said. I think i'm going to keep it in mind as i work to become a better TTer