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Sunday, May 13, 2007


how can not racing your bike be so hard?


velocycling said...

Mike on the Mic!!! Awesome, Hope to hear you again at the races.

X Bunny said...

the racing is the easy part

alicat said...

You made the day so much fun. Like I said on my blog this morning, if you're looking for a career change, we've got tons of great photos to add to your resume...

Anonymous said...

Good job Mike. You da Man

dr-nitro said...

Cuz it's hard to blowhard all day, cuz. I speak from experience.

Anonymous said...


THANK YOU from all of us at VOS Racing your Mike on Mic at the Steinbeck Country Crit yesterday was, well in no other words pure Hernando.
The commentary from the beginning of the day thru out the races to the final drag out finish with Berry boy SteveR and the stud Symmetrics EricW was pure greatness.



Velo Bella said...

I'm too tired to comment

L. Christmas said...

Great job Mike and everyone who helped run that race! So much hospitality, so much fun!!