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Monday, May 07, 2007

lonely little kitty

Locals only again ... sorry

So, only 76 men entered the prosey race at Cat's Hill this year.

any thoughts on why the number wasn't any higher? i can't remember it being less than a hundred entrants for many a year.

but this year, only 76? in perfect weather conditions with no conflicting race on the local schedule. i mean ... how many boys we got sniffin for NRC points in faraway lands?

Does anyone want to offer up theories as to why this appears to be a lower turnout year? And i heard word even the crowds were a bit smaller ... and less pepped.


jAndy donka-donk said...

$43 entry

Anonymous said...

only a $10 discount for the second race. This probably eliminated 20-25 guys from doing the pro - masters double.

Mostly money. They got greedy and lost on their bet

broxster said...

Yes - that $10 discount really stung given that it is around $10 for a second race at other events.

runjoelrun said...

The 35+ race was a joke too. Was scheduled for 20 laps, short enough already. Started late, ended early and was not even a 30 minute race! Not worth the trip down.

Women's race was tiny as well.

Hooptie said...

$50 if you registered late...and only 1K in the pot. Wildflower Tri was also going on...that probably took some of the racers and spectators away.

Phipps said...

The hill is too short.
The entry fee is too high.
Solidarity with the W4's.

Nome Agusta said...

Cats: Guess they found out what the market will bare.

Single Speed: I knew we get you sooner or later. Welcome to the World of the un-derailed. Now your bike won't suck...chain.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yeah, i guess money does talk ... especially when it's a race that most people know they don't have much chance of winning (surviving).

less than a 30min race? oh man, that's a bit crazy. but, sometimes promoters get hosed by time constraints and conditions during the day. don't know if that's the case w/ this year ... but, i can give some sympathy towards that. sometimes, a field's gotta take a time hit. 35's turn, i reckon.

$50 for a day of entry, hooptie?

jaysus. that is going on the high side. so, let's see ... if you race 50 times a year, at say 35 entry average ...$1750 in entrees?

yikes. this is a richie rich sport.

Phipps - sooner or later we're gonna make you a crit rider. don't worry, it only took DanMartin 5 years.

and solidarity, yo.

ron - i've been seduced.

dr-nitro said...

Toss in gas money, and you need a suga momma to keep up the habit. I would not have entered if I did not think that someone from down here was going up, and when I found out that person decided to stay home, I did the math and did as well, eating the entry fee. But seeing that it would have been nearly six hours of driving for less than thirty minutes, I guess I made the right choice. Plus, I was riding atop a coastal ridge, instead, enjoying the beautiful view. No entry fee for that.

Anonymous said...

I know a suga momma!

Anonymous said...

Junior race was only 7 laps, and the $43 pro race is too expensive...

dr-nitro said...

Wanted: Suga Momma

Single, intelligent (at least by degree), athletic, reasonably good looking (apparently P. Tafoya calls me poster boy) college instructor seeking deep pockets. Must like dogs (or at least my dog), and be willing to allow me to spend as much time with my bikes as I do with her.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

it's true ... nitro's not a bad looking boy.

he's just got to increase his staying power.

dr-nitro said...

Oh wait, sprinter boy, you've seen me put in some damn long pulls. Come one, you know it is true.

Anonymous said...

olaf, can you find nitro a suga momma?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oh, you're right, nitro. my bad.

good staying power,
can't finish?

bwaahahaha ... he's sooo gonna drop my ass at the next race.

dr-nitro said...

Yeah, but if I drop you ass, one of your bag boys will still be on it. This weekend, though, it looks like I will be riding with the prosies at b hill. That should both up the staying power, and finishing umph. Plus, the field won't be populated with your boys in black.

Kimberly said...

No women's 4, that just sucks big-time! I would have tried to convince everyone I knew not to go...on principle. ( a women's 4 newbie bike I care about these things..)

Anonymous said...

C'mon Jandy, you don't pay your entries anyway.

I posted on another blog over a month ago about the women (all cats) getting united on behalf of their future in Nor-Cal racing.

That was one of the weakest spectator/racer turnouts i've ever seen there. Dan still smoked it though...

Boots said...

I think I paid $45.

Got yelled at by some uppity race volunteer a-hole on a motorcycle, because I was waiting for the P12 start behind the wrong kind of barrier.

Then about 1/3rd of the way thru I promptly dotted some dood that was walking his bike to the curb on the blind corner and ended my race.

All around not the funnest day. Not sure I will be back.

Sweet Cheeks said...

i'd like some more stats on dr. nitro...not rich enough for suga', but damn sweet.