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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

quickie scratch

FlandiBasso ... strung up and lynched by their shorties

yeah, so Floyd got his pee leaked to the frenchie-press by the infamous LNDD. Somebody who knows somebody says more exo-testy showed itself upon further investigation. Still waiting for the o-fish-al results on that one, but it ain't looking like nothing but the day-job for the Mennonite.

and, the beautiful one had his wings clipped when the keystone mafioso laid target'e eye on his DNA for Fuentes comparison.

blood + doping + McGruff the crime dog = bybyebasso

... so, what do i think?

personally, i'm hoping more and more paranoia turns the Prosers away from finding injections. Grassroots ~ what we can do is create a culture of cool around NOT doping. I guess we'll have to work out that whole it's hip to wear a helmet thing first. But, after we get that nailed, we can really bite into kicking clean riding as the coolest thing since ... mullets.

But, at the international level - with today's cyclists and the many dirty bills of currency that slide through palms? ... we need to have them bastards running scared. Make it hard for them to dope. Make it damn hard and have them living in fear.
- - -

So Wrong

i don't know when i'll get to make this disco in an actual race ... but the TWW gear is my new black.

maybe CCCX? maybe fontucky?

maybe i'll just keep trying to hold my woman's wheel around the sCruz trails of abandon.
- - -

i need a silly movie tonite.

something witty and lite and full of creative wallup.


Anonymous said...

Oh i want to see that beautiful body in that fresh kit at a CCCX race! The next few CcCX races are going to be a Ft Ord i heard and not Toro park, so i will see you there! You have won many races at ft ord(circuit race, cyclocross) so you better put some lube on that new kit and slide into it and shimmer up and down and all around like lube only lets you do..............

see you on the start line!

p.s. you rule hernando! And i want the invite to you and Sabine's wedding please!


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

F'Ord, you say?

good - that Toro park looked like nothin' but suffering.

you can count on me lubed and ridiculous.

as always.

and we still haven't found a location for the wedding ... doh!

marscat said...

Blades of Glory

L. Christmas said...

Mullets WILL be cool again!

TWW kits are always the new black.

Ippoc Amic said...

see armed and sandra b. and regina k.(from jerry maguire)...

teamnolan said...

so, what movie did you see?

Velo Bella said...

royal tenenbaums

just the right stuff, baby.

Velo Bella said...

hey, that wasn't me...

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Yeah, I was going to say Blades of Glory, too. Not as good as Talladega, but still funny in that incredibly awkward way that Ferrell does so well...

Oh, and we just rented Jackass 2. Hi-laaaaaaaaaar-i-us.

Johnny Sprocket said...

Plenty of room for you at Fontuckage with me and the Griffociraptor.

Big Lebowski
Being John Malkovich

ginmtb said...

Dayamn, you almost look as good as me in that kit...