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Thursday, April 12, 2007

i need more barbed wire

WASHINGTON - Some White House staff wrote e-mail messages about official business on Republican Party accounts, and some may have been wrongly deleted, the administration said on Wednesday in an embarrassing disclosure tied to the probe into the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.The White House said it could not rule out the possibility that some official e-mails relating to the firings had been deleted and are lost. [CG]
it ... seems so appropriate. but hey ~ that kid on American Idol had a new hair-do and sang a latin song good!
- - -

For the reasons stated above, it is inappropriate for USADA to direct further testing of the B Samples. To produce reports from those B Samples, the LNDD would have to violate the WADA Code. I would order USADA to cease and desist from pursuing further testing of those samples. I would also rule that any reports from those B Samples would not be admissible as evidence in this case. The admission of evidence obtained in clear violation of the WADA Code smacks of an uneven application of the rules. To allow such conduct strips this adjudication of the appearance of fairness. [TBV quoting a concurrence and partial dissent from Christopher Campbell in the Floyd Landis arbitration]

FLandis will now have his B samples tested for artificial testosterone, even though the results will have no effect on the current arbitration. Poor fukker. If the results come up positive for artificial testosterone ... he will still get the current case thrown out because of the shitball chain of custody errors documented in the frenchy lab ... errors that should have disqualified the tests as valid to begin with.

But, if these B samples confirm artificial testosterone ... he's fucked in the public eye. He's done and he'll never compete again.

... i just don't know what else to say about that.
- - -

So I'm riding up Tunnel and I'm feeling so tired and I've convinced myself that I have mono or the flu and I'm trying to figure out ways to deduct more things on our taxes. Like maybe some church contributions or something, but then I think they probably have it written down somewhere that I don't even believe in god and I start to shiver and freeze and the wind is blowing me all over kingdom come. [LN]

“Publishing,” she said, “Now that’s pretty exciting.”

Yes, it would be, I thought , if it was true or if it was my plan. But it was a good line and people liked it and sometimes the more I said it, the more it seemed feasible. I mean the first step to anything was having a plan. Wasn’t that right? And sometimes in the middle of the night, lying on my dad’s couch I thought, why not go into publishing. Why not? And so I told myself that somewhere down the road, who knew when, or where, or how, or even, why, I would go into publishing. The plan had a lovely calming affect upon me. I stopped staring at the walls thinking how am I ever going to support myself, find enough money to live somewhere like a real adult. And then pretty soon, whenever I felt freaked out about my future, I just told myself I was going into publishing and I felt better immediately. [

... how the internets fend off collapse.
- - -


PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

thinking of stopping by TJs on the way down to stock up on supplies for the weekend.

what can we bring you??

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

TJ has a belgian style beer that i've grown fond of. big brown bottle that asks to be poured slow.

i'd take one.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

if we get there and you are asleep, should we just hook up an IV or something?

X Bunny said...

if you hear the inflator blowing up the bed, then you can come looking for the beer

if we get out butts out the door in time to stop there

marscat said...

oh my, i better keep on writing that crap...

lauren said...

it sure was windy yesterday.

yeah marscat, you better keep writing...

jAndy donka-donk said...

Flandis' "B" sample testing.....

That is freeekin awesome.....

Sure they have standards, but the cheaters don't. How do you cheat a cheat?


Time to start playing dirty. If he is clean then no worries, if he isn't then he better start worrying.....

Anonymous said...

there was a point when the riders could have taken back the sport. in my mind it all ended when armstrong publicly bullied simieoni for speaking out. floyd was part of the problem by not taking a stand for the sport. his legacy is unfortunate but somebody was going to have to pay the price for the years of denial and fraud. hopefully the lesson will be powerful enough for the next generation.

...and the same goes for Don Imus.

Hooptie said...

His other b-samples will come back negative, because he did not take his tainted blood transfusion till stage 17. Then he will say "hey, all my other tests were negative? So how could this one all of a sudden be negative?"

Although I am surprised he was afraid of the other tests, perhaps he was taking low levels of testosterone the entire time (that would not be picked up by the standard piss test)