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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

performance enhancers

~ it's how i roll ~


VeloRainDog said...


from an unabashed pastry addict.

(the caffeine addict part goes without saying)

L. Christmas said...

same same. yum

Nick said...

Umm... cookies

and somehow you maintain the lovely girlish figure ;)

Flandria said...

gifted individual with super powers...:-)

Chico Cyclist said...

Ah man, that looks sooo good right bloodsugar is skyrocketing just looking at it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy, it was good to see someone with talent take it easy last evening. Ken

McSassy said...



lauren said...


this is a much better post then the recent men grabbing heads and shaking and yelling and masters running old men over.

i was beginning to feel depressed.

Chris said...

yeah, my b-sample came back positive. I got popped for an elevated espressterone and a skewed chocolate-to-cookie ratio.

X Bunny said...

you're so lucky i didn't see this before lunch

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...