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Thursday, March 22, 2007

lunch spins

well ~ don't have time to really scribble all i want down ... but, MKA got me thinking about that fateful Stage 17.

It was such an amazing day.

Few people acknowledge just how intense it was on the Col des Saisies as the Phonak team shredded the GC riders apart ... one by one. Each of Floyd's teammates ripping himself inside-out on the Saisies, only 70k into the race, shattering the peloton until but a handful of climbers were left. Riders like Miguel Perdiguero who probably wouldn't have even started the stage, but was told the plan and how he was needed ... and dug himself out to serve his captain. And who, after taking his monster turn at the front, sacrificing himself into untold amounts of pain, promptly climbed off his bike, quitting the race. Exhausted.

And then Landis attacked.


It wasn't a "tactical decision" to let Floyd go (as MKA suggested in his rantings) ... no, he flat out burned them all off his wheel. Pure, unyielding, unmatchable power.

After 17 stages of the hardest bike race in the world.

It was the best day of cycling i've ever seen.

doping gives you legs, but determination gives you glory.

- - -

whatever ~
somebody send me Redlands opening TT results!


Flandria said...

"doping gives you legs, but determination gives you glory" - nice!

yes, that was an unforgetable stage...

Todd said...

This stage will not be deleted from my Tivo for a long time...

Janelle E. said...

Amber Neben won the women's TT. Don't know the exact order, but I think top 6 went Amber N., Christine, Dotsie, Mara Abbott, Katharine Carroll, Rachel Heal.
Hope that helps. I will try to confirm....

Little_Jewford said...

but what if doping is your "determination" crutch...

I dont buy it or not IF he doped he cheated which would make it a very forgettable stage

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

there's the rub.

Anonymous said...

Little_Jewford said...

oh...speaking of dopers who gave us many glory filled moments...

who is going to be the first to get one of these:

the graphics are, well, very lionish?

Anonymous said...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Neben wins again. ouch.

Webcor have both 3 riders in the top 6?

oh man, they've got to send Heal and Abott up the road ... because I don't think Thorburn can climb with Neben up Oak Glen.

or can she?

but that's a helluva ride by the Aaron's rider. I didn't have Carroll on my radar at all.


thx and keep me posted!

Flandria said...

is that the latest? 2006? I am confused...

Anonymous said...

1st Sevin Tuft 3:29
2nd BJM @3:34

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

poor f'ing Wohlberg.

at the front ... all day long tomorrow.

double ouch.

jeninsb said...

is that 3:34 down or 5 sec. down for BJM?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i also noticed that BJM was one of the first of the top-ranked riders to go off.

small thing, but insulting nonetheless.

he should have been one of the final 5 to start.

these are the small things give an event class.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the order of the teams for a TT like this random? ie they pick a number and that's it.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

at the promoter's discretion.

for example, Neben - as returning champ - was given last start for the women (and rightly so, in my book).

you create drama in bike races with such stuff.

but it takes work and time and those promoters probably had too much of one and ran out of the other.

but, the local girl still got her TT start last (Neben from Pomona).


jeninsb said...

numerically challenged

symmetrics has a fun, fun day ahead

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Grajales in 3rd.

that boy could well win Redlands this year. he's got TT power going, and can win crits, AND has his climbing?

huge TT win for Symmetrics - but, if JitteryJ's can win the overall?

... holey-crap.

Anonymous said...

McSassy said...

My buddy J.E. ended up having a bad day and finishing 188th out of 189. Ouch!

Feel bad for him but shit happens.


dr_flea said...

At least JE is out racing his bike at Redlands vs cruising the masters local crit - give the guy some respect!!!

McSassy said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say I was giving him what respect he deserved.

IE:Bad day ='s shit happens not Dude sucks ass and doesn't belong in the race.

And you knew that!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dr.FleaBrain
What kind of an idiot would interpret McSassy's comment as not respectful?

McSassy said...


The Doc knows me quite well and also knows I like to push buttons from time to time.

This just wasn't one of those times.

Not a big deal.

On a side note to my comment. JE was sick, not just a bad day. Sucks even worse when your head says yes and everything else in your body laughs at you.