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Friday, March 23, 2007

friday randoms

lawdy lawdy ~ i do wish i was in COM1 today behind the races. Oak Glen is going to be amazing this year.

Please, oh please Webcor ~ send off your riders in attacks. Take the gambles and give Curi or Heal or Rais or Harper or Abbott a chance at the GC by putting them up the road all day long. Neben doesn't have a strong enough team to control it.

Get Lipton and Colavita on board and let TMobile do their thing. 'Cuz you know Aarons is going to be on the offensive all day long. This will be a great stage.

Damn, wish i could see it!

And for the boys? If Grajales is within a couple minutes to the inevitable break as the final slopes begin ... i see him winning the stage. But, the break may be deciding the GC today. If it goes late enough and the field is crushed enough ...

le ouch.

- - -

inbox sillies:

from the JFray talkin' about her recent MTB racings:

So, that second race I ran out of rear brake pad 1/3 of the way through and not knowing it was worn out, I did a big ole endo as the front brake was still working and am not sure why I didn’t break anything other than both bar ends when I landed. I did hit my head, but after a few minute of trying to figure out where the cracking noise had come from decided to continue on as the winner of the series gets free entry to all of next year’s races. The conditions were so bad that even the experts were carrying their bikes up the little hilly parts we all usually ride up. I crashed about 6 more times, threw my bike in the car and took 5 hours to get home as the pass was a mess- would have stayed in auburn but had jury duty Monday morning.

... oy ~ i ain't nowhere near that tough.

- - -

From ReedO on future spoof materials:

"did you receive your free one in the mail today?"

- - -

From Neveet, to spark the fancy:

"Every exchange gets harder as the race goes on ..."

- - -

From SoCal Reg ... because i'm a crit whore:

Rider Name: Michael Hernandez
Event: Garrett Lemire
Category: Men Pro/1

- - -


Velo Bella said...

webcor = thorburn
I'd love to see them race as if it didn't

velogirl said...

my most vivid memory of oak glen is the caravan pee break. the women racers took a break so the caravan did as well. being one of the only women in the caravan, I think I was the only one that noticed there wasn't a tree in sight! and the lesson about how much coffee one can drink and then sit in a car for that many hours was ingrained for life!

Anonymous said...

2 hour crit.= cool
6 hour drive= oy (Hernandese for "quite a distance")

Brisbane Races= The lazy man's answer to bike racing this weekend.

Taz said...

My prediction for today is that Webcor does attack like crazy. They eventually get either Curi or Rais up the road with a good size group that gets wittled down to about 4-5 going into the final climb. Unfortunately, T-mobile and Colivitas hold them to 2-3 minutes. Then Neben has to attack on the final climb (which is not that steep, 4-5%) but Thorburn and other climbers easily tuck in and when the group is caught Thorburn steals the win and puts 10-15 seconds into Neben.

Bambam is going to be active though and might be in that break if she and her team times it right. The are aware that the dynamics are ripe for a break. If that happens I have to cheer for the break to stick it. ;)

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i think TMobile will be in the breaks. i think they'll be doing a lot of the initializing, actually.

but, Neben put 33 seconds into Thorburn in that uphill TT.

i really don't see her sticking with her on Oak Glen unless Neben has had to put in a huge amount of chasing.

BamBam in the break would be perfect.

i'd love to see Curi, BamBam, and Powers all off the front with Lipton and TMobile sticking their women in, too.

that would be epic. but, Neben will be smart enough to try and get in the big moves. but, will she be able to cover them all?

and will that tire her out enough so that Thorburn is able to crack her on the final slopes?

... doh! wish i was there.

trac said...

i really really really really hope that one guy is there with his video camera again. i am already looking forward to watching it.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's Damian Gonzalez ... videographer extraordinaire and, apparently, quite the Xterra hottie.


Taz said...

Where is the live report when you need it. I can just imagine the COM1 thinking that is going on right now. "This break is no good for us, kill it!", "Patience, wait to see what Neben will do", "Cover Kim, she is moving up!".

Shit, I hate these cubical walls. So boring, and lifeless. I wish I was born with a helmet and bike cleats just so there would be no other option. ;)

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Anonymous said...

thorburn has really strengthened her climbing. during the winter (base miles time, no less) she ripped up OLH in 17:14.
I agree with VB and would love to see them not only work for her, but, then again, it makes for clear tactics and there's no denying that she's thuper.

where are those land park pics?

Brent Chapman said...

did you see the cracks in the road on that prologue video?
They could swallow a rider up.

diskzero said...

Hey, but what about Orosi and Hanford?
Had enough Central Valley yet?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i'll be at both.

one last fix.

diskzero said...

Interesting that Cat. 3 gets the 88 mile option. I am guessing that means 1/2/3 will be a shorter, but grim, sufferfest.

L. Christmas said...

See you in Ojai Olaf! Did it last year.. That's my new favorite race.