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Saturday, February 17, 2007

where the hell am i racing?

This is one of my favorite racing weekends of the year. 2 road races and 2 crits in 3 days.

that's damn good training.

We started off hot with da'PAB taking the sprint in the geezer race at Cantua. And our own VeloBella Ryan 'lil ninja' Hostetter won it in the 3's after a full VB team time trial for 20 miles to track down a valiant EMC rider off the front.

supa' fun for da' locals. but, this race is historically gritted out against mind-numbing winds and spitting rain or hail. This year it was in the 70's and single-digit breezy.

wha' happened? ... i'll take it!


X Bunny said...

hopefully it means it'll be nice and cool at some of the hot ones this year, like kern, davis, etc

X Bunny said...

oh, i forgot, you like it hot

and you do need to work on your tan

Hick said...

Mucho Funo Yo........

But I woulda liked a bit of wind to make it a bit harder for the hangers on, but Ohhhhh Well......thats racing.

I was happy that PAB won it. Ex-teamy taking a win is never a bad thing unless I'm 2nd then its just less good, kinda.

Good times

Cant wait for the next 3


Velo Bella said...


Nome Agusta said...

It's all yours boys, I only do Can't-ua when it's fugly outside. Today was just too damn beautiful to miss getting in 107+ miles on the HOP ride and a jaunt up the Devil Mountain towards the tail end.

Anonymous said...

the wind came to valley of the sun...shattered the race and i lost my 11th on gc to finish like a million minutes down.

i hate wind.

i also hate friggin losing my legs after one day of racing...sigh.

X Bunny said...

ow ow

Ippoc Amic said...

we gonna have more fun because there are two more days left...

marscat said...

and rice krispie treats

Velo Bella said...

i'm comin across the street right now for some of those crispies