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Thursday, February 15, 2007


of late, when sleep comes, the mind has been wandering through unfamiliar fields, colored wild with sparked, vibrant emotions and rutted deep with dark, twisting plot lines. I've chased talking cats down spiraled torchlit stairways, fought vailiant sword to sword with wild-eyed Turks, even skirted the remnants of a slimey, tentacled alien invasion.

There have been mermaids seduced and intricately geared contraptions built for mysterious scientific purposes. Songs have flowered, wilted, and been remembered ... all within folds upon folds of the echoing, journeying mind.

Days past ... the waking breath would be tinged with a thin regret ~ that sliver of loss itching and stinging as flights descended and otherworldly languages became again indecipherable.

But now ~ it's but one pleasant dream, to another.


Velo Bella said...

Ah...I know what these dreams are about.

My dreams lately have been of such visual overload, that they are almost overwhelming. Reds are redder, blues are bluer and there are a million different shades of gray.

Light tinkles and teases and heightens to a few seconds of tantalizing but momentary perfection. All of it so strong that its almost as if the images have their own orchestra.

And yesterday....smack dab in the middle of an interval the soft green hills looked just so. I had to stop (I could get away with it because I was Garmin less) and took a picture with the camphone because i had too.

Because I hadn't been.

Brent Chapman said...

ah love.

Chris said...

I dreamt an ex of mine was entirely naked and waiting for Paolo Bettini in the airport to give him a big, fan-based hug. In the dream, she looked great. In real life she looks great. Bettini was shorter in the dream.

BELLA BEAR said...

I have been having super wierd dreams too...but that may be because I spent the last five of seven nights in a hostel with stupid japanese tourists who kept turning on the lights at 3 am and talking super loud. Hostels are wierd so I defintely think that accounts for the bizarre dreams. But for 16 euro a night I can't expect the Ritz! Although I would like to!

Eclectchick said...

That was one super cool read.

The burning questions are:

What did the talking cat say?

Does Emma know you've been talking with strange cats?

trac said...

my mind's been on a midnight rampage too lately, but your dreams sound a lot more pleasant.

Last night I had a seizure and was taken to a hospital where they fed me salami and cheese sandwiches "for my condition".

Last week I forgot my race wheel at the martinez crit and was having a stress attack, because CLEARLY I couldn't race without them, so I decided to sit on the sidelines. Then the race promoter told me I needed to use a different face soap because "my zits are outof control."

Would rather be talking to cats.

Brent Chapman said...

Please somebody blog. I have had to read my blog 3 times already today!!!

Anonymous said...

a new gig for hernando.

X Bunny said...

i don't know when i last remember having a dream so i have enjoyed sharing all of yours

and it is a well known fact that salami and cheese is good for just about anything

Anonymous said...

What they said...!

Or...did Corralitos Market change mushroom suppliers?

Anonymous said...

"You Guys" "Did you see the size of that chicken" -Young Guns the Movie