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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

mo' geydom

i reckon it was too much gawdamn impressionable reading material early on ...

The fierce, cold honor of Herbert's Fremen.
Musashi's singlemindedness.
the intricate delicacies of Austin's empathetic world.

whatever ~ the bottom line is ...

i love the mini-dramas created in a moment of bike racing.

- - -

We can plot and sacrifice,
strive and plummet,
redeem, compromise, defy.

We can scratch, claw, dig deep trenches ...
and laugh about it all after the line.

Or ~
it can fester,
in a belly,
of twisted concrete,

- - -

The inhuman strengths of will shown by some,
those who dedicate and forego and push on ~

We love them. We cheer them.
We will them to greater heights,
and rush to heave them up after mighty falls.

Because, in them, we see,
that gem begun in us,
flourished, finished, fantastic.

- - -

So do it clean. Do it honorably.
And fight until your teeth bleed,

with friendly, open spirit.


Ippoc Amic said...

till your teeth bleed?

what about hemoraging till there is nothing more to bleed...there is always more...we hope...

banks said...

Straight up work of art Olaf. You're making me think about the simplest elements of a bike race, which are also the most important and totally within an individual's control.

jeninsb said...

lovely way to start the day.